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Vector MOD APK is an arcade style game inspired by the iconic sport. A new opportunity has opened up especially for you. It's a tyrannical planet, and you're being held captive by an evil entity. On the other hand, the desire for freedom is the driving force that pushes you to get rid of these constraints. The game's plot describes the most realistic and dramatic way of discovering your true ideal of life.

Vector Download Overview

Vector MOD APK is an action game for Android devices of the survival genre, where you have to defend against the bad guys who are trying to attack to steal human life. Your task is to destroy all those enemies so that they do not reach any more and infect any of the inhabitants of it.

vector mod apk

The game takes place in a distant future, where humanity has inhabited the entire Galaxy. A superfast track has been built to connect all the constellations in the vast galaxy. Vector Online is fast-paced and features multiple game modes, including single-player campaigns, combat races, and online multiplayer battles. You will play as Ark Hunter - a pilot of a prototype vector supership and your role is to protect the intergalactic racetrack at all costs. You will use your ship's arsenal to defeat other pilots and protect the galaxy from this threat.

Vector Mobile's gameplay

Vector Vietnamese possesses gameplay that is not too simple or easy to understand, but it will bring you many hours of fun. Don't fall behind with everything that's going on around us! Prepare a steady mind and a strong body to fight immediately. The game offers three separate battle modes. With over 40 ascending levels you can find out what's great going on. Step by step, from simple to difficult, you will emerge from a place that feels like hell, where you can only see the light from afar and your aspirations are unreachable.

tai vector cho android

Even the most discerning players must fall in love with the clever controls, which recreate the sport that looks stiff on the outside while being incredibly flexible on the inside. When you see how realistic each movement is, you'll have to gasp in surprise. Download Vector for Android uses the famous Cascadeur animation toolbox to achieve such a level of complexity.

Features in Vector free download

The main feature of this game is that it has many levels, and each group has its own difficulty, so you will be constantly challenged as you progress further into the game. You will never get bored because there are always new challenges in each level. There are three different modes to play the game; Test of Time, Challenge of Life and Challenge of Survival. Each method has additional features, and without a doubt, one method is more demanding than the other two. However, once you get used to playing a mode, you will realize it.

Game mode

The game has two modes: endless and time trial. You start with three lives, but each time you play, the vector full apk gives you an extra life - your goal is to try to get the highest score! In the time trial mode you have a certain amount of time to collect as many coins as you can - however, each time you play the vector it gets harder because the train starts moving faster! Vector Total apk is one of the best games in this genre - very easy to learn but hard to master.

The virtual world is full of mystery and fun

Vector, the first open world game built for virtual reality, offers an incredible variety of gameplay possibilities. Explore a vast world unfolding around you as you move freely through a space with over 100 miles of trails and mountains to explore on foot. Perform quests in co-op or simply go it alone. There's always something to do and somewhere to explore in this huge playground built just for VR.

vector tai xuong mien phi

It is famous not only for its distinct gameplay but also for its complex landscape. Everything seems to attract players from the beginning, with dungeons, soaring mountain peaks and even extremely mysterious square boxes. The power of freedom pushes you to escape the terrible invader Big Brother by running tunnels and passages.

Due to the varied terrain, you will have to go through many different highways and locations in a short amount of time. Don't be shocked if cases like this happen! However, not everyone is born with this ability. You will need to practice regularly and learn from internet friends from all over the world. They are both your allies and enemies

Vast battlefield

The campaign has a total of 19 main missions in nine chapters, where players encounter countless enemies on key battlefields while wielding a variety of weapons, including machine guns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. fire and grenades to defeat waves of enemies.

vector phien ban moi nhat

Players also face larger enemies in each level, who will need a combination of tactics to defeat them successfully. Each mission can be played on four different difficulty settings, which vary depending on the amount of experience gained from killing enemies. As players progress in the game, their performance is recorded in a leaderboard for each difficulty setting allowed.


This is a great game for parkour fans. Because the operation system of Vector MOD APK is completely based on it. Hence, this is your top choice if you want to try and show off some amazing abilities like acrobatics. The unusual uniqueness of the gameplay soon attracted many gamers, especially young gamers, to join and actively practice.

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