Cooking Fever Mod APK 21.0.1 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

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Download Cooking Fever APK to enjoy serving hot snacks while improving your cooking skills. Cooking Fever helps you become a better chef with its customers.

Description of Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a great time management game. This game puts players' cooking time and service skills to test. Cooking Fever APK is an interesting simulation game that requires players to prepare delicious snack meals for a long queue of customers who are voraciously hungry in a restaurant.

Although this game is a cooking game, you don't necessarily have to focus on exceptional cooking skills. Rather you should focus on customer relations and optimum time management in serving your customers.

Cooking Fever APK has an addictive gameplay. Once you start playing the game, it might seem difficult to stop playing.

Cooking Fever tai xuong mien phi

Ample ingredients, an array of food items, and an assortment of culinary tools are at your disposal, streamlining the cooking experience. However, prudent management is essential to avert wastage and prevent excessive use. As you launch the game, you initially step into the role of a humble hamburger vendor. Yet, as you progress, the opportunity unfolds to craft an array of dishes for your patrons, spanning from delectable pizzas to irresistible desserts and beyond.

With Cooking Fever online apk, you will own a restaurant, interact with customers, make delicious meals and serve customers from several places in the world. If you know or have played an idle Coffee Corp game, you will understand the awesome gameplay of Cooking Fever app game.

This game brings many awesome experiences to you, from good customer relationships/service to cooking great meals and meeting up time.

tai Cooking Fever cho android

Nodcurrent developed and published this awesome game with over 100 million downloads and users worldwide. Anyone can play the game. It is simple and easy to play. Cooking Fever is rated for three years old and above, as long as they can handle mobile devices perfectly.

Download and play this game with millions of players worldwide.

Addictive Gameplay

This game revolves around a Chef who is on a journey of creating a culinary empire through her hardwork and success. The Cooking Fever game environment is in a restaurant whereby you will serve customers her snacks and chilled juice according to their preference.

Players will play as Michelle to help her achieve her goals. As you play, you will get the chance to add to your recipe and build your restaurant. You will play the role of Chef Michelle, serving several dishes as requested by the customers.

Cooking Fever phien ban moi nhat

You will choose between two unique fast food locations, an Asian restaurant or an Oyster bar. There are lots of interesting dishes with several ingredients to serve your customers. You must be creative while serving them to make the food satisfactory and appreciated.

In this game, you will find many tools in the kitchen to work with, like gas cookers, toasters, coffee makers, popcorn machines, etc. Each level has different customers waiting for you, and if you meet your customers requirements, they will pay you, and if not, they will reject your food and discard them, which can be detrimental to your work progress.

When you download Cooking Fever APK, you will enjoy access to to upgrade your cooking empire and skills. Download Cooking Fever App Now !

Features of Cooking Fever APK

Here are some exciting features of cooking fever;

Great User Interface

Cooking Fever Interface is easy to navigate and play that even a 3-year-old can play. When you download and open the game on your device, It takes you through basic guidelines to understand the game.

Cooking Fever  apk

Once done, you are good to go in serving your customers. This game is straightforward with its easy user interface.

New Location To Explore Your Culinary Skills

Cooking Fever has many restaurant locations to explore, and as you proceed in the game, you get the chance to different locations like;

  • Alpine Mountain Restaurant

This restaurant takes you to your dream destination, where you will open a business. You will enjoy a unique delicacy from smokey BBQ and experience Italian buffet style on the mountain top.

  • Paradise Island Restaurant

Where you will have the opportunity to travel to a beautiful island and set up an ice cream bar with a paradise cocktail. You will spend time in the restaurant baking waffles and providing your customers with Asian Street Food.

cooking fever apk free download
  • City Restaurants

Here you will have all fast food locations . You will also sell all kinds of confectionery in your bakery. Aside from selling this confectionery, you will learn about animal food, Indian food, and Japanese and put up a breakfast cafe for morning coffee.

Exciting Levels

This game has over 1000 levels to play and enjoy as you progress and move into unique restaurant locations, you will have the chance to explore these levels.

Upgrade your kitchen utensils with

Cooking fever APK has for all its users. With this money, you can upgrade several appliances and also decorate your restaurant to attract customers.

cooking fever for android

The helps more cooking skills and features to retain customers.

Awesome Graphics and Sound

Cooking Fever APK has captivating 3D content. The customer and chef are looking all realistic. In addition, the sound effect is cool and smooth.

Enjoy In-game Rewards

On the Cooking Fever APK, you will enjoy good rewards which you earn as you level up.


Join millions of gamers to enjoy the addictive gameplay of this game. Download Cooking Fever APK android now! 


Join us in exploring the depth of Arcade gaming as we go from the classic appeal of Cooking Fever APK to the cutting-edge excitement of Tekken 7 APK, showcasing the best of both worlds.

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