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Information of Subway Surfers

Name Subway Surfers
Google Play Link Google Play Link
Developer SYBO Games
Category Arcade
MOD Unlimited coins
Last version 3.12.2
Compatible with Android 4.4+


  • Unlimited Coins/Keys

Download Subway surfer’s mod apk and enjoy this fantastic endless running game. Avoid obstacles, use power-ups, grab gold coins and run as far as possible.

Brief description of Subway surfer’s apk

Subway surfer’s apk is an endless running game where you take control of a street boy, Jake, who is up to no good by painting graffiti on the side of a train. Unfortunately for him, the police are alerted, and the chase begins. This is the beginning of the famous subway surfers’ game. From there, the game became one of the most famous and played endless running games because it has a fascinating storyline, multiple exciting power-ups, and many upgrades.

Playing this game is not complicated as you run through the train tracks, constantly advancing and avoiding obstacles. Some obstacles are moving trains and other annoying objects that will slow you down or cause you to trip and fall into the hands of the ferocious policeman.

tải subway surfers mod apk

The game is constantly being upgraded, but it was initially released on the 20th of September, 2012, and SYBO games published this app. It is rated 7+, meaning everyone ages seven and above can enjoy playing this game as it contains mild fantasy violence and little or no blood or gore themes. The game has seamless gameplay and easy controls that everyone can use. During play, you swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll, and swipe the screen left or right to turn to each side, and these movements are used to dodge obstacles and keep advancing in the game. Once you are used to it, you will keep on running with ease.

Some power-ups are made available in the game to make your gaming experience easier. These special abilities are basically supported items that aid your performance and increase as you advance in the game. Playing this game initially, you will think it is easy, but as you progress in the game and the farther you run, the harder it gets because the gameplay gets faster, and there are more obstacles you must avoid.

subway surfers apk

Subway surfer’s apk is a fun, endless running game where you enjoy the thrill of being chased by an angry policeman. You will enjoy playing this game by collecting gold, activating special abilities, and using different characters. The subway surfers apk download 33100 is available on all platforms on your smartphone devices.

Fun gameplay and concept

Subway surfer’s apk is an action-filled arcade game, a never-ending running game with gameplay, so there isn't an end. You have to keep beating the high score previously set in other rounds, and this is done by reaching farther distances than you did last time.

The gameplay is very understandable. It is a single-player game where you take control of Jake or his friends, tricky & fresh, and help them escape from the angry policeman and his dog. Other fun characters can be, either by advancing in the game or purchasing from the shop with the gold coins, you have retrieved during play.

subway surfers miễn phí

Playing this game, you run along railroad tracks and constantly advance while avoiding dangerous barriers. It starts at a good pace, but as you keep playing, the game's speed increases, and there are more obstacles to dodge. The good thing is that the more you run, the more gold coin you grab, and they can be used to purchase items and upgrades in the store to develop your character.

As previously stated, different support items appear during your run that will aid your performance and make the game easier for you.

 Some of these abilities include jetpack, flying up in the sky, and collecting gold coins placed higher above the ground. There is also a coin magnet ability that attracts coins directly to your runner, regardless of where they are. Another exciting power-up is a hoverboard, and this is particularly a very remarkable object to use. It is a board that your rider moves on top and glides through the train tracks, which makes moving much smoother. Note that there are more support items, and each support item protects your character from collisions and keeps you running. The effect of these abilities can also be upgraded in the stores with the use of gold coins.

Apart from these support items, there are other valuable items like keys that can be used to continue your run when caught or hit by an obstacle. It continues your run from where you stopped. Mysterious treasure chests also give players random rewards such as coins, keys, or support items. Some radios can be used in the shop.

subway surfers mod apk

The game also has stunning graphics. The layout design is on a beautiful 3D platform that is very bright and colorful. The illustration of the characters is always very appealing to players' eyes. Apart from the good graphics, the game is also known for its sound system. The game has very catchy background music and good sound effects, which makes playing the game interesting.

Sub Subway surfer’s apk is an entertaining game with intriguing gameplay that will keep players interested as long as they play it. You can download other that will give you different benefits, such as more coins and keys. Download the subway surfers.

The game features to look out for on Subway surfer’s apk

You can look out for different game features on Subway surfer’s apk. Some of the features include:

  • Stunning graphics and a perfect sound system
  • The game has breathtaking landscapes of cities all around the world
hotstar new version
  • There are support items and special abilities that make your gameplay easier
  • Arcade like system where your goal is to beat your high score

There are even more features that you can explore when you start playing this game


Subway surfer’s apk is a fascinating game with many upgrades and abilities, so players will always be kept engaged. It has endless gameplay, so you can always enjoy playing this game. The game also has beautiful designs and vivid graphics.

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