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Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK and enjoy playing as a shark and grow him until he is the biggest fish in the sea. Explore the ocean and hunt your prey.

Description of Hungry Shark Evolution APK

Different games are released every day. There are games where your objective is to shoot and kill your enemies, games where you keep running to beat your high score, and then there is this Hungry Shark Evolution APK, where your main objective is to grow a shark and eat everything it can.

This application is a game where you witness a baby shark evolve into the biggest fish in the sea. You control the shark, and while navigating the sea, you consume everything in your path.

download hungry dragon for android

Hungry Shark Evolution APK is an exhilarating game that has gained rapid popularity. Thanks to its engaging gameplay, it has garnered a substantial player base, with millions actively playing and a growing number daily downloads.

It bears the characteristics of a simulation, where you role-play as a fish in the underwater world, paired with adventure elements as you explore the vast blue sea and discover a whole new realm.

This game is available for download on Android and iOS platforms, attracting a broad spectrum of players since its release on the 22nd of February 2013 by Ubisoft Entertainment.

Rated 16+ on the Google Play store, it is intended for players above the age of 16, due to the graphic depiction of violence and blood, which may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

The gameplay is intuitive, boasting straightforward controls that are easy to grasp. Players navigate by utilizing on-screen operations to search for prey and employ a speed boost by tapping the screen. Its simplicity and easy learning curve have contributed to its wide appeal, with players finding it captivating.

download hungry dragon  apk

If you are a fan of adventure simulation games, this one promises to enthral you. Offering enjoyable gameplay and a broad landscape to explore, it brings a fresh perspective to adventure games with a rich underwater world teeming with different fishes and foes, ensuring a non-repetitive gaming experience.

To leverage new features for an enhanced gaming experience, it's recommended to download the Hungry Shark Evolution Latest Version 40.

Fun gameplay and concept

In this game, players focus on nurturing sharks, hunting prey, and ascending to the position of the dominant predator in the marine ecosystem.

Players aim to hunt and consume prey to grow and evolve, keeping a watchful eye on the health bar that indicates the remaining life. The gameplay is uncomplicated, revolving around on-screen touch controls to seek and move toward prey.

Initiating the Gold Rush feature after consuming a substantial amount of prey grants your shark immunity and increased speed, translating everything it consumes into coins, including larger fishes.

Starting as a small shark feasting on smaller fishes and crabs, players must be cautious of larger predators while growing and evolving. As you progress, your shark enlarges, enabling you to challenge and devour previously threatening opponents.

hungry dragon apk latest version

Your journey escalates from being a humble shark to achieving legendary statuses with species like the electro shark and Megalodon, all while enhancing their abilities.

In this dynamic ecosystem, you encounter a variety of marine life, each with unique behaviors, providing both allies and adversaries in your underwater adventure.

During your explorations, avoid dangerous obstacles and creatures, including floating missiles and stingrays, which can rapidly decrease your health points through inflicted damages.

Collecting clamshells found primarily on cliffs unlocks quests and yields coins, adding an exploration element to the gameplay.

The game showcases appealing graphics with detailed illustrations and vibrant color schemes, complemented by an immersive sound design to enhance the gaming experience.

For an adventurous journey through a rich marine world with exciting features, download Hungry Shark Evolution APK 4400.

Game features to look out for

  • Easy controls: Enjoy straightforward and intuitive controls that facilitate a convenient gaming experience.

hungry dragon apk

  • Variety of sharks: Encounter different sharks with upgradeable skills, unlocking larger and more powerful sharks as you progress.
  • Expansive game world: Dive into a large underwater landscape with diverse areas to explore and discover.
  • Powerful gears: Equip gears granting special powers, aiding in battles against formidable shark opponents.
  • Raise and train baby sharks: Foster relationships with baby sharks, training them for improved performance in battles.


Hungry Shark Evolution APK stands as an enthralling game, holding players’ interest with a rich variety of sharks and numerous upgrade opportunities, offering a fulfilling gaming experience.

If you enjoy the challenges of Hungry Dragon, you'll surely love the fresh experiences that Hungry Shark Primal APK offers.

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