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You are too bored when playing many games that are transformed into heroes carrying the responsibility of saving people, then come to the game Zombies Tsunami APK - where you will be leading a zombie horde. Lovely attack the city of people, expand your group of zombies as much as you can.

The inspiration of the game Zombie Tsunami

With endless inspiration from the zombie theme, many game manufacturers have released games with zombies, creepy zombies. Players will transform into the leader to defeat those zombies to bring peaceful life to the people.

Then the game Zombie Tsunami, producer Mobigame S.A.R.L, reappears with lovely, cute zombies that bring a different fun from the scary look of the zombie look in the original.

zombie tsunami  full pet

Join Zombie Tsunami APK now to lead a fun, muddy but equally naughty zombie crew, wreaking havoc when attacking people's cities, destroying cars on the street to collect many interesting items .

Attractive highlights of the game Zombie Tsunami APK

When players join Zombie Tsunami, they will play the role of villains to conquer different challenges according to each level.

With simple gameplay, the game is very suitable for girls, boys or adults to relax in their free time.

When playing Zombie Tsunami APK game, you not only have to work hard to survive with the task of eating meat and turning many victims on the road into zombies, but you also need to be flexible, react quickly to obstacles and areas. chasm is the crack in the road accurately and quickly.

zombie tsunami apk

Start as a zombie, then you can upgrade, open many levels, the number of zombies you own will increase. On the track, try to eat as many residents to increase your ability to survive the pitfalls as bombs, bullets and flying planes and helicopters in the sky. When you gather an army of zombies in a large enough number, you can even push cars, tanks or planes to collect more of your army. But remember to be very skillful before the obstacles also on the track to win to the end.

zombie tsunami  full tất cả

And yet, during the game, feature boxes will appear, helping you to transform into a random zombie like ninja with a sharp sword that can saw bombs, cut cars on the road or erate tsunamis. Take   zombies up high, just go where they are to wipe out the bombs and the obstacles there. Each feature box will have its own destructive characteristics, so make good use of those brief transformation seconds to increase income for your undead army to become stronger and go further.

Zombie Tsunami gives you more than 300 different levels to experience. Download the game now and enjoy the game and many other attractive free Zombie Tsunami  apk versions for android.

game zombie tsunami

Not only impressing players with the simple and unique gameplay, Zombie Tsunami APK also takes care of extremely impressive graphic and sound design.

Different from the original image of zombies, which are disgusting zombies, Zombie Tsunami brings an extremely funny and humorous zombie world. Creating zombies is not scary but also extremely cute. You can also use the coins that mihf collects to create more unique shapes for your zombie battalion.

zombie tsunami

Besides the unique sound, each operation and action of zombies when moving are distinguished by their own sounds. All blend to create excitement, attracting players in each level ladder.

Zombie Tsunami version apk

With the introduction of many new versions, new features also appear to better serve, bring attractive experiences, and more relaxing moments for players.


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  • Egg
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Referring to the name Zombie, everyone will probably have feelings because it's scary, but the game Zombie Tsunami APK is not scary, on the contrary, it is extremely cute. Designed with a simple gameplay but requires players to be subtle, ingenious, agile and good at improvising in unexpected situations. Download now Zombie Tsunami to your computer to experience the exciting challenges of this game right now.

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