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Download Zapya APK and enjoy quick file transfer to other devices. A great and reliable file transfer app, you can share files online or offline.

Description of Zapya APK

Zapya APK is an amazing file-sharing application that allows users to share files or documents faster by linking devices. You cannot experience trouble using this application to send files. The file transfer speed of zapya is faster than that of Bluetooth.

You can share different types of files to many devices and platforms on zapya APK effectively. This application is similar to the popular xender app. However, zapya is faster with simple and intuitive touch controls.

The connection of Zapya APK while sending a file is easy, it is either you select the files or use the QR codes to send files; whichever way you choose, sending the file is straightforward. Users can create groups or join one while sending. However, both the receiver and sender on this app must have the Zapya APK on their phone.

zapya  apk

In most of the sharing apps used worldwide, users encounter problems with connection or network. On zapya latest version, all these problems are resolved, and you will have a smooth sharing experience with this app. Zapya APK is capable of connecting all phone platforms: iOS, android, and windows, quickly and faster. However, you must be near these devices while sharing a file.

Furthermore, zapya APK is a good backup application that helps users to easily back up mobile data or information from one device to the other, thereby reducing file loss.

DewMobile Inc. developed and created this application with an easy user interface. Zapya has over 100 million downloads and users worldwide, entrusting their file transfer process and data protection to Zapya APK. This app is rated 4.5 from honest reviews and comments of users. You can't do wrong with using the Zapya APK. If you have trouble sharing or receiving files on Zapya APK, you should delete the zapya old version and download the latest version with updated features and a fast file transfer e. Join millions of users and enjoy this safe and reliable file share application.

Features of Zapya APK

Here are some exciting features of Zapya;

Share times online or offline

Zapya APK allows its users to send large or small files to other devices either online or offline; that is, you can send files to your friends while connected to an internet connection or not.

zapya free download

In contrast to other file-sharing apps where you must turn on the data connection or turn it off before you can share a file, there is nothing like this on zapya APK. This application is well-programmed to send files online or offline.

Store important files easily

Here is another feature Zapya APK offers its users. This app helps you store files and data efficiently. You can easily access music, video, or files on the Zapya app with great accessibility.

Cross-platform sharing

Zapya APK can transfer files to other devices conveniently. You can transfer files to your PC, iOS, and android mobile without complications. Although the connection with the PC is slightly different, it is easy to carry out.

Fast-share files

Once you download and install the zapya APK on your device, you will share and receive files faster without interruptions or completion. In a few seconds, your files are shared successfully.

zapya apk latest version

If you are sharing between two phones, two share icons are in the middle of the screen displaying send and receive. Each person will click on the icon depending on the action to carry out on the device. If connected successfully, the file enters as fast as possible.

Search files and documents

Zapya APK allows users to search for files on their devices easily. Once you open the application, different files are grouped into sections, either music, video, or document; hence you can easily click on them to send files or search for them. Searching for files on zapya is straightforward.

Backup files easily

Here is a distinctive feature of the zapya APK. Asides from sending and receiving files, you can back up your files from one device to another. In this case, the receiver phone becomes where the files are stored. This way, you will not lose data and important files. You can't miss out on this feature of zapya APK if you have lots of important documents.

Two-e file transfer

Once you download Zapya APK, you can send and receive files through the two-e feature. QR code or the offline e. QR codes are the most popular file transfer e because it saves time. However, you can send data in the offline e without complications. This feature allows users to work with their choice.

Addition key features

  • Auto transfer files, photos, and videos
download zapya for android
  • Easy to install and use
  • Transfer music, videos, or contacts between devices


Zapya APK is a must-have app to enjoy seamless, fast file transfer to all other devices. Download Zapya APK now and join millions of users to enjoy its features.

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