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Using the utilities that this app brings will definitely help you feel safe when not being watched by parties that steal user information.

About DuckDuckGo

Currently, the need to surf the web, search for information, study and work online has become the trend of the times, when people and families all need a network or Wifi anytime, anywhere. Online jobs have also sprouted from here like mushrooms with a lot of important data and information that needs to be stored and transmitted everywhere. Working online also brings many conveniences to users such as not having to go far to work, accessing at any time, capturing information in the fastest way,...

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Although many advantages are so, hidden deep inside the network transmission lines hide a lot of negative risks. Those are hackers, cybercriminals waiting on each information flow. They have extremely sophisticated tricks and methods to steal information, gain unauthorized access to your data sources, log in to social networks, read emails, ... extremely dangerous. They will bring a lot of trouble to you, the information is wrong or misused or even blackmailed to get the data back.

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Understanding the importance of this problem, the publisher has launched an extremely great application. That is DuckDuckGo apk. An app to access the net, look up all kinds of information in the safest way, protect users from negative external influences and many other great utilities that we will discover right now.

Secure access

When you download the latest version of DuckDuckGo, you can safely use the app to search for information. The App will absolutely secure your access, information such as date and time on the web, usage information on the web, steps to operate on the website, ... are protected in the most certain way, helping Internet access experience adds peace of mind, mental comfort and efficiency without having to worry too much.

Create a password for the web

While using, there will be some websites you need to visit often and there are important information that you do not want outsiders to open your phone and use it freely and see that information. DuckDuckGo download will help you protect that information. By creating one or several password numbers that you can optionally set.

You can manually write high difficulty password lines by combining special characters and symbols. Passwords help you avoid annoying peering, increase the initiative for users. The application will also send you a notification when there are attempts to log in with the wrong password.

DuckDuckGo apk

While it is highly convenient, ensuring you remember your passwords will save you from the trouble of going through identity and ownership verifications to retrieve them. While retrieving a forgotten password is a time-consuming process, rest assured that DuckDuckGo online will facilitate the process as much as possible.

Access history

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Through your web searches, DuckDuckGo mobile can remember the websites you have visited and search keywords into a storage section within the application. When you want to log in again but forget the site name, or simply lazy to search and type it again, you can go to the history section. The pages you've looked up will appear here. You just need to click on the link, the application will immediately take you to that website. It's extremely convenient!

Block notifications

When logging in to social networking sites or informational websites, they may send you annoying information, annoying notifications that can slow down your phone, make for a bad experience. bad to use.

At DuckDuckGo mobile, you can turn on and off website notifications at all times, permanently turn off or turn off for a certain period of time all in this convenient application. Sort out the necessary and unnecessary notifications to make the use more responsive.

And there are countless other utilities waiting for you to discover when downloading DuckDuckGo android. An extremely interesting application with dozens of extremely useful functions that will be updated in the near future, you will definitely like it!


With the features that DuckDuckGo free owns, this application can also compete with the big Google and is still on the rise, promising an open future and gaining the trust of users.

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