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Improve your carrom aim with bitAIM app. Download bitAIM APK now and get precise predictions of both in-direct and direct shot and projectile path.

bitAIM App Overview

bitAIM app is fundamentally an Ai tool that offers incredibly object support to enable extreme precision, predictions of all types of shots of carrom coins. In addition, it also lets you know the path they’ll take after collision. The bitAIM app utilizes your screen image with the help of intelligent image recognition technology for future simulation before you even play your shots. If you want to become a Grandmaster in carrom, then this app will make you a professional player in a matter of days.

bitAIM APK Full Details

You have aim-assist in shooting games, then you have aim-assist in snooker games. However, bitAIM APK is a lot more than just an aim-assist. It enhances your visualization process for carrom games and improves your skills beyond belief. bitAIM APK is not a game itself but rather a tool that improves your real-life carrom aim. So, what is it? Is it a bunch of guidelines? No. bitAIM APK is truly a cutting-edge tool and image recognition technology that lets you use your phone’s camera to upload the board into the app. Once you are done, the app predicts all the possible paths after collision and the final display of the board. It actually sounds too good to be true.

bitaim free download

In the simplest terms, bitAIM APK provides you with the best possible course of action. This enables you to quickly get more scores and discs on your side of the board. If you love carrom, then think of this app as a way for you to see into the near future after a shot. It’s more than accurate, bitAIM APK is incredibly precise.

Given the results of the app, it is possibly the best carrom aim improvement tool you can buy from anywhere. However, it should not be used in professional competitions.

bitAIM APK Feature Highlights

bitAIM APK is the most renowned aim improvement tool currently available in the play store. Let’s have a look at some of the feature highlights from this amazing app:

  • Highly Efficient Artificial Intelligence (Ai) – bitAIM app comes with its mythical built-in artificial intelligence that is already familiar with all the paths. In addition, more data is fed to the Ai on the daily. Therefore, it is able to precisely predict the path of the discs on your carrom board.
  • Multiple Strokes – There are so many carrom shots that you can take, it is hard to count them. Before offering the best course of action, bitAIM APK lets you go through all the possible shots you can take. Therefore, you can build a strategy rather than completely relying on the app.
  • Easy to Understand – Even though bitAIM is a high-tech tool. It is easy to get used to it in only a few uses. The UI is designed to make it simple and easy to navigate between features. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending time to study the app.
bitaim latest version
  • Shots Recordings – The app does more than giving you precise predictions. As you check the app for predictions, you can record the shots and save these images to get the real measurements of the size and striker hit length. This let’s you retain a memory of possible paths and select the force you want to shoot with.
  • No Advertisements – The APK version of the app has all ads removed. Therefore, you can focus more on improving your game rather than worrying about ads.

Without a doubt, bitAIM is a dominating application. It uses artificial intelligence in such an innovative way that it’s almost like a breakthrough. Ai is normally used to make tasks for humans easier or automate tasks. However, bitAIM has a different approach and used Ai to help humans improve skills and develop a better aim only through a mere mobile device.

Download bitAIM Latest Version – Accurate Image Recognition Technology

When you download bitAIM latest version, you own a highly intelligent piece of Image Recognition Technology. The app is intended for practice only based on how precise the predictions are. You can even search the play store and see if you can find a competitor. So far, bitAIM is at the top of its game.

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bitAIM Free with Ads Removed

The bitAIM APK file available on our website is free to download and use. There are no restrictions. In addition, we understand that in a serious game, ads can be annoying. Therefore, we have also taken care of that and removed all the annoying ads that would cluster up. Now you can enjoy the app and improve your skills in peace.

Should You Use bitAIM Mobile?

bitAIM is like any other aim-assist tool you can use to improve your aim. Think of it as a training lab. It’s meant to help you practice and improve your skills. Nevertheless, if you use it in any competition, you will be immediately disqualified. The bitAIM mobile app predicts the outcome and that gives you an edge over your opponent.

bitaim  apk

Final Thoughts - Download bitAIM for Android

bitAIM for android is a completely free aim assistance tool that you can use for free. It is fair to assume that it only helps you predict projectile paths of the carrom discs. Whereas, a lot of users have mentioned that this has improved their overall aim and prediction accuracy. You can use this tool to improve your skills and even become a master at the game. Think of it as avoiding countless hours of trial and error, or joining any academy. You will always already know which shot will lead to what outcome.

However, bitAIM is specifically designed for practicing and improving your carrom game. You can also use this with your friends. That is to say, it is strictly advised that you do not use this for professional competitions.

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