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Vita3K, the first PSVita emulator for Android phones. From now on you can play PSVita-era games like God of War right on your mobile.

About Vita3K

Super emulator for you to play PSVita games right on your smartphone!

Potential from Vita3K

To clarify first, emulators are not an incentive for illegal actions in the gaming industry. Emulators are made to give players on ern platforms the opportunity to experience long-standing legendary games from previous platforms. It is also a way to relive what has gradually faded into the past because many systems have completely lost their way on the market, bringing with them many disappearances of games specific to that generation. Emulation is generally to relive legendary experiences that you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy, then that system has receded.

Emulation has been around for a few years and mostly focuses on retro game consoles. Perhaps the emulator for a fairly new system will be heavy, requiring much more advanced technology, so not too many developers dare to enter.

vita3k apk for android

There are however a few exceptions. Typically, the Vita3K emulator, which helps users play PSVita games right on their mobile devices, which was previously thought only in imagination.

The first impression with Vita3K is that you can through this application to play a lot of PSVita games on smartphones with screen speeds that can reach 30fps – 60fps, typically God of War, Persona 4 or Shovel Knight . This huge number proves the non-greasy performance of this application.

Currently Vita3K is still being developed and perfected, the number of PSVita games that can be played cannot be called too rich, but with this progress, it is certain that soon you will be able to play most games again. The once famous PSVita right on your mobile just downloads Vita3K and games from third parties to use.

Outstanding features of Vita3K APK

Vita3K is an open source emulator used to play games on the PSVita console. Initially, Vita3K Emulator was only compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux, but now, through the development process, the provider has added a new version for Android mobile, which is the evaluation we are currently doing. talk about today.

Vita3K latest version

Currently, only a few commercial games are playable in Vita3K such as Persona 4 Goden, Freedom Wars, Hatsune Miku Project Diva X, Tales of Innocent R, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Attack on Titan 2, Bunny Must Die, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Chaos Ring 1, 2, 3, Deception IV, Dungeon Hunter, God of War: Future Past, God of War Collection…

Plus a few homebrew games are also supported, like HomeBrew Katawa Shuro, Homebrew Happy Land, Vitaquake, VitaDoom, Tactic Miner. The number of compatible games is constantly being updated and increased in the future, promising a lot of positive potential from the application.

High quality rendering

PSVita at the time of its popularity, was famous as a system for high quality graphics and images, including famous complex animations such as in God of War and Persona 4. So to make a complete emulator. Being able to carry PSVita games to the mobile device platform is not easy.

vita3k free

However Vita3K Emulator has done this. Most real users appreciate the quality of image rendering from the application. The image also achieves high stability during gameplay. It just takes time to expand compatibility for more PSVita games. As for the quality, you probably don't need to worry!

Other supports for the game experience
In addition to image quality, good sound, stability, maintaining the originality of the game, Vita3K APK also stands out in supporting many extra features, increasing convenience for the game process.

Specifically, Vita3K has the ability to browse game files currently in the SD card and internal memory, including compressed files. As soon as you open the application, you will have a set of game files from the two sources displayed on the Vita3K screen to wait for the experience (if compatible).

During the game, Vita3K supports an on-screen virtual keyboard, as well as a Bluetooth/MOGA controller that brings a lot of convenience to the experience. The virtual keys on the screen can also be repositioned to suit your own preferences. Vita3K on mobile also has a screen capture button, and a fast-forward and slow-down button (with a speed from x.025 times to x16 times). Depending on your play style and needs, you can take advantage of all these features.

Vita3K  apk

For game progress archiving, Vita3K supports state saving, including Dropbox (requires John Datasync), so you don't have to worry about losing your previous journey at all times.

Download Vita3K APK for Android

Vita3K is the first PSVita gaming emulator available on mobile. Currently the application is still in the process of developing and updating more, so there are still many things that are not really perfect. However, this is still a great progress in the emulator application market when successfully emulating a fairly ern system and turning the mobile device into a genuine PSVita gaming device.

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