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Vector 2 opens, in a distant kingdom in the future human is nearing extinction. You will transform into a character who is pursued by an organization. Where you find out are thousands of experiments going on to change the destiny of humanity. With his top acrobatic skills. You have to hide with security, drones, hundreds of challenges are waiting for you ahead

Introduction to Vector 2

Nekki is a hugely popular mobile game maker, with the motto: We create emotions and their products bring excitement that I believe only Nekki can create. If anyone has ever played through the legendary Vector game series, they will definitely be surprised because Vector 2 Apk this time. Vector 2 Download is a perfectly enjoyable thing.

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There will be hundreds of new challenges in a familiar series. Your job is to run, jump, do somersaults and complete your level. Is that all? Let's find out right here.

The gameplay of Vector 2 Mobile

Basically, part 2 is no different from its predecessor.Vector 2 Online You just need to swipe up to make the character jump. Swipe left to make the character run faster, swipe down to flip. It sounds simple, but when the enemies chase and the space of the game is somewhat narrow. Things will be a lot more dramatic.

Each level, the map will be adjusted more complex, the enemy is stronger, more cunning. That means, you now have to be much stronger and more agile. The ultimate goal, is to survive to pass the level. In return, the buffet system in Vector 2 Mobile is very smooth. You will feel overwhelmed when the movement will support you to complete the task like an action game with extremely high-scale movements.

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At the end of the game, whether you lose or complete, you will receive a commensurate amount of resources. This resource can be used to purchase additional equipment, power-ups, or simply to purchase an summoner spell. Make it easier for you in the next levels.

Dramatic difficulty

The difficulty in this game is presented to the player. Each map has a different obstacle position. Each character's enemies are diverse. When they are extremely fast flying Drones, when they are dozens of fierce guards. Combining all of that together, we accidentally created an extremely interesting game about Parkour when Download Vector 2 APK Free.

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Regarding obstacles, there is static, there is movement. Static here even has mines and traps, the most difficult thing is to overcome the extremely dangerously arranged laser nets. All you have to do is touch and everything is gone. In addition, the objects are also extremely different sizes. If you are not proficient, it is completely possible to miss steps and climb. That's what makes the game so interesting

Diverse item shop

The item shop is the newest thing you'll see in this game. They have a lot to explore. You can buy shoes to run faster, gloves to climb higher, armor to increase health, hats and hats and other equipment to increase your stats. In general, the more you run, the more resources you have, the easier things will be to upgrade. And most importantly, they are beautiful. Definitely give it a try when Download Vector 2 For Android

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In addition, additional items are also very welcome. For example, the Magnetic Manipulator Prototype, is a spell that sucks all the surrounding items back to you. With   Adrenaline Surge you will get 40 tokens in 6 seconds which is extremely economical, Ultimate Chip Detector will give you an extra 25% chance to find Data Chips in the lab. And countless other things that will make your race in Vector 2 Apk so much more interesting.

The upgrade feature is extremely interesting

Not only buying expensive equipment, one of the things you definitely can't miss. That is the upgrade of Vector 2 Apk in a scientific way. We can't just keep buying new things. Instead, your spear, hat, hat, gloves, and shoes can also be upgraded. A fully upgraded old item is definitely better than a new one bought at the store


Hopefully, through this article, you have understood more about Vector 2.  A game that has been improved in both quality and quantity is extremely worthy that you should not miss. Now, what are you waiting for without Download Vector 2 Latest Version to your computer?

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