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Join My Talking Tom Friends to experience virtual reality pet care My Talking Tom Friends game application is free to download on the Play Store. With cute cat images, it has never been hot. Pet care has never been so simple and interesting. My Talking Tom game is compatible with all operating systems of mobile phones and desktop computers

Introducing game My Talking Tom Friends

In the game My Talking Tom, players just need to download the application and use it without registering any account procedures. Game My Talking Tom has all versions for iOS, Android and even Windowphone operating systems, so it's very easy to download. Game for all ages, simple but full of attraction

How to play the game My Talking Tom

The context of the game is a house with full amenities of the cute cat Tom, the player will have to get acquainted with that cat and take care.

my talking tom apk

With many ways to play such as feeding the cat to grow your cat and activate many new functions. Bathing the cat, the cat will be moved to the bathroom, the player must bathe the cat, dry the coat, wash the feet, wash the ears, choose the appropriate soap and play with Tom while he showers.

Players can buy their pet cat the most shimmering outfits, including shirts, pants, hats, glasses, bags ... full of great accessories so that Tom can become the coolest cat and person. Players can exchange pictures of the cat with friends through the facebook application

In the game there is a display of the player's level. Each time you do a mission, the player will receive stars to increase the level gradually. Each time you level up My Talking Tom will give players more experience, bonuses, open inventory of costumes, food, room decoration tools, open mini games corresponding to the level for players to have more. Unexpected experience

My Talking Tom also has a function for the cat to visit friends and other players (players can only use this feature when you reach level 3). To be able to visit the houses and cats of other players, users can log into Facebook to connect friends to the "visit random players" room to visit random friends, this game mode requires players spend 5 gold each time they visit other players' houses. When visiting friends' houses, players need to find a random gift box (located somewhere next to Tom's cat), choose a gift box to receive gold from those gift boxes, so a task has been completed, too simple. simple right?

my talking tom apk

In addition, in the game My Talking Tom also supports sound, users can adjust the sound, select the sound mode and teach the lovely cat Tom to speak according to what the player teaches, it's really lovely, isn't it?

Players can go to the Food store to buy more food and water for their pet cat. The effect of magic water for the cat Tom is

Fat Burner: used when the player's cat Tom is "obese".

Energy Potion: help Tom Cat can avoid drowsiness, recharge and can play games right away.

Max Potion:  has the effect of increasing Tom's mana by 100% when using this magical water

Hungry Potion: has the effect of making Tom feel hungry right away

Players can buy more coins with cash or get free coins by logging into Facebook, playing mini games, completing tasks, receiving letters from My Talking Tom and subscribing to My Talking Tom channel on Youtube.

my talking tom mod

For cat Tom to go to the toilet, the player just needs to take the cat to the toilet, the cat will go by itself, if there is a need. When the cat Tom goes to sleep, the player just needs to turn off the light and the cat will go to sleep


The game is easy to play and very fun for all ages, the game is always at the top of the most downloaded games in the Play Store. What are you waiting for, download now My Talking Tom to your device and experience it with your friends

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