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In the strategy game My Hotspot Story APK app, you are to manage a prosperous kitchen. It features every characteristic of a legitimate company, from the cooking area to the food court. As a hotpot eatery proprietor, you'll create various hotpot recipes and set regular buying orders. Handle clients, hire and instruct staff, buy supplies for the business, start a network of outlets, etc. Creating distinctive cuisine and ensuring client satisfaction should be your main priorities. However, it would be best to consider their interests and demands while keeping a close watch on your spending limit.

Description of My Hotpot Story APK

My Hotpot Story APK is an idle eatery strategy game you can play alone or with other players. You can download the game for yourself if the task gets overwhelming. Make sure any candidates you get on board comprehend what it takes to perform alongside you hand in hand in the restaurant before hiring them. You will serve as the brand owner and look after the patrons who enter the eatery to dine.

It is up to you to determine the items you should use in a customer's meals whenever they walk inside and explain to you about their ideal meal. You are supposed to assist them in obtaining their perfect meal and to assist them in getting additional each moment they become hungry. You will begin working in a place which is not your own. Still, with time you can establish yourself and create the policies and guidelines you believe would benefit them.

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You will run into unexpected folks when you convince customers to consume their ideal meal. When you inform them, and who knows, maybe they'll come to try it. It would be best if you individually inquired about their food preferences for the upcoming 6 months after they are seated in your establishment. While a few consumers prefer eating ordinary cuisine, others prefer unusual meals.

You should organize a coaching program wherein your customers gather to dine and learn how to cook it precisely without utilizing too many condiments, instead of having them just come in to consume your meal and sip a juice. Thus, you won't have to spend cash eating your fantasy meal at an eatery.

Journey from the memorable lanes of My Hotpot Story to the enticing paths of Dice Dreams APK, where casual gameplay meets sheer joy.


For every customer at the hotpot eatery, you are the CEO. Nevertheless, anyone will be among your initial customers, and you'll have to persuade them that you provide the finest meals. Then, you make them ideal through consistent performance, so they'll eventually have the body they merit. Finally, ensure they consume well and render the proper areas big enough for individuals to realize them.

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In addition to ensuring everyone eats everything they want, you need to be capable of maintaining your restaurant nearly every day. To be equipped to achieve this, you only need cash. First, you must get positive customer feedback, including drinks or other things, to complete tasks that determine whether you are eligible for the reward. After that, you spend it on culinary and eatery equipment. Then, with this money, you can start brand-new eateries.

Features of My Hotpot Story APK

Launch Your Company from the Ground Up

Did you ever consider opening your own eatery? You have the opportunity to achieve this in My Hotspot Story for Android. Starting from zero, you'll have almost no money and just aspirations. You should practice discipline and exercise caution with your finances in the initial stages. Make investments in food, cookware, and furnishings. You can begin growing your company after you've built up a loyal clientele.

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Each action you take on the process will affect the business. For instance, you must designate the ideal place, employ personnel, and arrange the eating space. Additionally, you need to create a meal plan and track down vendors of food products. Remember that your client's preferences will vary over time, and you must be ready to adjust. This can necessitate further expenditures, such as the latest kitchenware or larger eating space.

Become a mogul

To succeed, you must keep your head in the game and put in a lot of effort. My Hotspot Story APK app is a complex challenge that requires all your managerial abilities. However, if you stick through it, success will come to you. By starting other businesses, growing your meals, and offering top-notch service quality, you can rise to the position of a mogul.

To secure lengthy development, monitor your activities and make wise decisions. You can accomplish everything you devote your time to if you put in the effort and are committed.


In the My Hotpot Story APK game, the marks are the most crucial aspect to consider critically. You can earn such marks from the customers' reviews of the meals by having them return frequently and offering you bonus rewards. After they have eaten well, you must gather the marks and add them to the various items you have already purchased. It immediately becomes an effective mark you will spend to enhance your business when it hits a certain level.

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My Hotpot Story APK android is available for free download. It is designed to look like a lifelike eatery you might visit regularly. The kitchen's efficient operation is one of the establishment's primary selling points. Additionally, the My Hotpot Story free download's aesthetics are appealing.

Make Exclusive Spaces

Clients can choose to eat in exclusive quarters if they choose. They'll feel exceptional and receive Premium service as a result of this. In addition, they will return frequently and tell everyone about your establishment.

Beautiful Restaurant

Even if the activity can be played quickly, you still need to make the restaurant feel pleasant. Your workers will be inspired to perform better and deliver superior care. Make sure your restaurant is always spotless and well-organized.


You'll spend time playing the fantastic restaurant roleplaying game My Hotspot Story for android. It delivers exceptional gaming performance and is nicely developed. Then, use the advice to enable you to open a profitable restaurant.

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To acquire endless resources, download Hotpot Story latest version. You can use this to create the business dynasty of your fantasies.

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