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Have you ever thought, in a remote land starting from zero? From a poor farm to an urban area, a bustling and prosperous city. Farm City apk is a game that will give you those things, although it is difficult and hard, but it is a whole career, or remember that and one day the results will come to you. First thing you need to do is pick up your phone and download Farm City apk now.

Detailed introduction about Farm City

Come to a new land, create a new life for yourself with vast rice fields or ripe fruit orchards and tender dairy cows, and not yet even sheep with fur. smooth. Everything happens in a peaceful and gentle way, which is clearly shown through the game Farm City apk, an interesting farm game right on mobile phones.

farm city apk

The game was launched in early 2020 by Zego Studio, a relatively famous mobile game maker, especially after the overwhelming success of this game. Owned with more than 10 million downloads on google play this game has really brought Zego Studio glorious achievements that have never been available.

Coming to Farm City apk you will never want to stop, with diverse design styles and bright colors that speak to the charm of this game. The gameplay is gentle, everything is as peaceful as your hometown.

Farm construction and development

When participating in the game, your goal is how to develop your farm as quickly as possible, how? Grow food crops or raise dairy cows, then collect the food and bring it to the processing plants to sell to passengers or customers far away.

farm city mod apk

In addition, in Farm City online, players can also earn money from large and small orders to earn more, when they have enough money, players can expand their farm, build more buildings and houses. processing machines to be able to serve their own development.

Become a hard-working boss with vast fields, huge livestock stables and have a huge amount of money hoarding for your next projects. Have you thought about your dream, a prosperous city in your hands and you will become a billionaire millions of people love.

A wide variety of plants and animals

Farm City mobile is not only diverse in constructions or processing plants, but also in varieties of seedlings and livestock. Provide players with many different varieties of plants such as rice, corn, white radish, even fruit trees such as apples, oranges, peppers and many other varieties are waiting for you.

farm city online

And yet, there are also livestock that bring in output every hour such as dairy cows, chickens, ducks even colorful fish. The strength of the pets is that it will bring you abundant sources of income and also products such as milk, eggs ... Players can use those products to be able to complete orders to earn more money. certain income.

The thing to notice in Farm City apk is that players pay attention to the timing of your crops and livestock. They will give output every few hours. Don't forget to feed them, they will die after a period of starvation.

Sound and graphics

Farm City apk is a place to synthesize all the inherent bright colors that bring to players, creating gentle peace until the player's hostages. Along with a sharp image quality, many effects take place smoothly to ensure that players will be captivated at first sight.

farm city download

In addition, the sound of the game is also a plus point for the producer, with a gentle and funny background music that makes players always happy and excited to play. In addition, players can see the fun sounds in each movement along with the sound of the factories in the clearest and most realistic way.


If you are looking for entertainment, you hate the noise, then come to the game Farm City Mod apk. With the farming farming gameplay, the player will be transformed into a hardworking farmer, surrounded by peace, guaranteed to bring you certain satisfaction. What do you think? Download Farm City latest version today to enjoy the life many people want.

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