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Unleash adventure in Minecraft APK! New mobs, upgraded features, and pro tips await. Craft your ultimate experience. Dive in!

Minecraft APK: A Novelty in the Realm of Minecraft

Embark upon the novel marvel within the Minecraft cosmos - the much-anticipated APK iteration! This is not merely an adjustment to the familiar terrain of Minecraft; it embodies a comprehensive metamorphosis, infusing novel elements that invigorate the Minecraft fraternity. Whether you are an indomitable miner, seasoned in the art of survival, or a visionary architect, this update harbors unique treasures for every aficionado.

An Insight into Minecraft Free Edition

This iteration, Minecraft, heralds a formidable progression in the facets of play, visual splendor, and player engagement. This gratuitous enhancement brings forth a spectrum of innovative attributes, poised to elevate the essence of your gaming odyssey. The debut of the charming Armadillo creature within the Savannah biome, coupled with captivating new avenues in crafting, ensures that your moments in this virtual expanse are replete with exhilaration and wonder.

Minecraft 1 17 41 for android

What's new in Minecraft update

Introduction of New Mobs

  • Breeze: A new hostile creature found in Trial Chambers, with unique behaviors and the ability to attack using air-based projectiles.
  • Armadillo: A neutral mob found in savannas that can roll up when threatened. It drops Armadillo Scutes, which can be used to craft wolf armor.

New Features and Improvements

  • Wolf Armor: Craftable using Armadillo Scutes, providing protection to wolves similar to diamond horse armor.
  • Copper and Tuff Blocks: These new resources are available for home improvement and crafting. They have unique properties like oxidation over time.
  • Enhanced Textures and Graphics: The update improves the textures of some blocks, like copper doors, and enhances overall graphics for a more immersive experience.

Trial Chambers

  • A new adventure area with a mix of resources and dangers.
  • Hosts the Breeze and other mobs, created by a trial spawner.

Crafting and Redstone Enhancements

  • The update simplifies and speeds up the crafting process, particularly with the use of Redstone.

Introduces new crafting items and possibilities

User Interface and Gameplay Enhancements

  • 4K Resolution Support: For Xbox Series consoles, enhancing visual fidelity.
  • HUD Command: A new command to hide and reset HUD elements.
  • Realms Stories: A new social hub feature for Minecraft Realms, enhancing community interaction.
  • Gameplay Fixes: Various fixes to gameplay, including crash fixes and fall damage adjustments.
  • Updated Edit World Screen: A redesigned experience for editing worlds.

minecraft 1.17.40 for android

Cross-Platform Play

  • Continued support for cross-platform play, allowing for seamless multiplayer experiences across different devices.

Technical Updates

  • Additions to the Molang scripting language.
  • Updates in the Add-Ons and Script Engine for better customization and gameplay experiences.

Environmental Changes

  • Introduction of dynamic weather conditions and improved environmental sounds.
  • Enhanced animations and lighting effects for a more realistic experience.

Features of Minecraft For Android

  • Armadillo Mob: Meet the newest inhabitant of the Savannah biome - the Armadillo! This mob isn't just about looks; it adds a new dynamic to the game.
  • Wolf Armor Crafting: Use Armadillo Scutes to craft armor for your wolf, giving it as much protection as diamond horse armor.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sounds: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning Minecraft world with improved textures and dynamic lighting.
  • Optimized Gameplay: Experience smoother gameplay with fewer bugs and performance enhancements.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Connect with friends across various platforms and continue your adventures together.

Best Tips while Playing Minecraft Mobile

  • Explore the Savannah: Don’t miss the chance to interact with the new Armadillo mob.
  • Craft Strategically: Utilize the new crafting options to enhance your defensive capabilities.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye out for performance updates to enjoy a smoother gaming experience.
  • Connect and Conquer: Use the cross-platform feature to team up with friends for a more enriched experience.
minecraft 1.17.40 for android

Pros and Cons of Minecraft Latest Version


  • Innovative new features like Armadillo mobs and wolf armor.
  • Enhanced graphics and audio for a more immersive experience.
  • Improved gameplay with bug fixes and optimizations.


  • Learning curve for new features might be steep for beginners.
  • Potential for minor bugs in new updates that could affect gameplay.

Architectural Aesthetics and User Interaction in Minecraft

The architectural construct of Minecraft stands as a monumental tribute to Mojang's dedication to evolutionary progress. The interface, instinctual in its design, facilitates effortless navigation for both neophytes and veterans of the game. Enhanced visuals and acoustic improvements have markedly augmented the user immersion, rendering each sojourn in this digital realm more captivating and lifelike.


The Minecraft APK transcends mere updates; it forges a novel epoch in the chronicles of Minecraft. Harmoniously fusing the enduring allure of the original game with groundbreaking innovations, it ensures its revered status among an intergenerational audience. Whether one is drawn to the thrill of exploration, the joy of construction, or the camaraderie of communal play, Minecraft unfurls a panorama of possibilities ripe for discovery.

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Other Versions
Version Size Requirements Last Updated
Minecraft 630.69 Mb Android 5.0 28/01/2022
Minecraft Trial 343.87 Mb Android 5.0 28/04/2022
Minecraft 1.17.30 APK 113 M Android 5.0 + 28/08/2023
Minecraft 1.18.2 132 M Android 5.0 + 28/08/2023
Minecraft 1.20.1 APK 190 MB Android 5.0 + 28/08/2023
Minecraft 1.21.0 APK 145 MB Android 5.0 + 28/08/2023
Minecraft 1.18.30 201 MB Android 5.0 + 14/09/2023
Minecraft 150 M Android 5.0 + 18/09/2023
Minecraft 180 M Android 5.0 + 20/09/2023
Minecraft 225 MB Android 5.0 + 26/09/2023
Minecraft 609 MB Android 6.0 27/09/2023
Minecraft 1.20.31 232 MB Android 6.0 05/10/2023
Minecraft 1.19.0 152 MB Android 6.0 05/10/2023
Minecraft 1.20.32 468 MB Android 6.0 06/10/2023
Minecraft 207 MB Android 5.0 + 09/10/2023
Minecraft 1.20.30 230 MB Android 5.0+ 09/10/2023
Minecraft 1.16.40 95 MB Android 6.0 11/10/2023
Minecraft 1.19.73 180 MB Android 6.0 11/10/2023
Minecraft 468 MB Android 5.0+ 14/10/2023
Minecraft 1.19.51 198 MB Android 6.0+ 16/10/2023
Minecraft 1.20 201 MB Android 6.0+ 17/10/2023
Minecraft 1.17.40 176 MB Android 6.0+ 18/10/2023
Minecraft 1.20.40 186 MB Android 6.0+ 18/10/2023
Minecraft 201 MB Android 6.0+ 27/10/2023
Minecraft 1.20.50 206 MB Android 6.0+ 31/10/2023
Minecraft 1.20.41 720 MB Android 6.0+ 03/11/2023
Minecraft 198 MB Android 6.0+ 13/11/2023
Minecraft 214 MB Android 6.0+ 17/11/2023
Minecraft 1.21.50 725 MB Android 6.0+ 04/12/2023
Minecraft 1.17.41 128 MB Android 6.0+ 04/12/2023
Minecraft 212 MB Android 6.0+ 05/12/2023
Minecraft 1.19.20 187 MB Android 6.0+ 11/12/2023
Minecraft 212 MB Android 6.0+ 12/12/2023
Minecraft 1.20.51 653 MB Android 6.0+ 17/12/2023
Minecraft 1.20.60 737 MB Android 6.0 21/12/2023
Minecraft 1.20.62 750 MB Android 6.0 16/02/2024
minecraft 850 MB Android 6.0 17/02/2024
Minecraft 233 MB Android 6.0 26/02/2024
Minecraft Android 6.0 04/03/2024
Minecraft 1.20.71 721 MB Android 6.0 13/03/2024
Minecraft 1.20.72 750 MB Android 6.0+ 20/03/2024
Minecraft 725 MB Android 6.0 25/03/2024
Minecraft 1.20.73 725 MB Android 6.0 02/04/2024
Minecraft 1.20.80 801 MB Android 7.0 24/04/2024
Minecraft 1.20.81 802 MB Android 6.0 30/04/2024
Minecraft 972 MB Android 8.0 14/06/2024
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