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Manok Na Pula Mod APK (Max Level) is a mobile game where you train chickens to fight against other chickens in a cockfighting style gameplay. The game includes several modes such as a campaign, online matches, and ostrich matches.

About Manok Na Pula APK

Manok Na Pula APK is a thrilling mobile game that brings the age-old tradition of cockfighting to the palm of your hand. With this APK version, you can immerse yourself in the world of competitive chicken battles without risking real money. In this review, we will delve into what makes Manok Na Pula APK stand out among its peers.

Overview of Manok Na Pula Free

Manok Na Pula has garnered immense popularity as a mobile gaming sensation. It has continuously evolved to provide an enhanced gaming experience. The game offers an exceptional 3D graphic interface, allowing players to engage in intense chicken battles with unique skills. Additionally, there is a modified version known as Manok Na Pula APK, offering players the ability to build their own towns, engage in clan wars, and create their armies.

Features Manok Na Pula For Android

Manok Na Pula for Android boasts a plethora of captivating features that will keep you glued to your mobile screen. Let's delve into the world of this exhilarating game and explore what sets it apart:

  • Realistic Cockfighting Simulation: Manok Na Pula offers a truly immersive experience with its lifelike cockfighting battles. You'll feel like you're in the ring, strategizing every move.

Manok Na Pula phien ban moi nhat

  • Diverse Chicken Characters: With a vast array of chicken warriors at your disposal, you can assemble a team that suits your fighting style. From the comical to the fierce, these characters bring variety to the game.
  • Chicken Enhancement: Take your chickens to the next level by enhancing their attributes. Upgrade their damage, defense, and skills, ensuring they're always ready for epic battles.
  • Egg Hatching Adventure: The magic powder-driven egg hatching system adds an element of excitement. Witness new chicken warriors emerging from their shells, each with its own unique abilities.
  • Online Battle Thrills: Challenge players from around the globe in exhilarating online battles. Test your chicken's mettle against formidable opponents and earn valuable rewards.
  • Unique Challenge System: Manok Na Pula introduces a diverse challenge system that keeps the gameplay fresh and challenging. Sharpen your strategic skills and creativity as you conquer various challenges.
  • Captivating Locations: Engage in battles in various captivating locations, from traditional cockfighting rings to otherworldly arenas. Each setting offers a unique experience.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Success in Manok Na Pula requires more than just brute force. Timing and strategy play pivotal roles in determining victory.
  • Continuous Updates: The developers regularly update the game, adding new features and improving existing ones to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience.

Best Tips while Playing Manok Na Pula Mobile

To dominate in the world of Manok Na Pula, consider these expert tips for effective gameplay:

  • Strategic Chicken Selection: Carefully choose your chicken warriors for battles. Each chicken has unique strengths and weaknesses, so building a balanced team is crucial.

Manok Na Pula  apk

  • Regular Enhancement: Invest in upgrading your chickens consistently. Maximize their potential by improving their stats, and watch them become formidable fighters.
  • Online Battle Tactics: When facing off against global opponents, pay attention to their chicken's abilities and weaknesses. Timing your attacks and defense is vital for victory.
  • Egg Hatching Mastery: Use magic powder judiciously to hatch eggs. Be patient and strategic, as the right chicken can make a significant difference in your battles.
  • Complete Challenges: Don't overlook the diverse challenge system. Completing challenges not only earns you rewards but also hones your skills for tougher battles.

Pros and Cons of Manok Na Pula Latest Version


  • Immersive Cockfighting Experience: Manok Na Pula immerses players in the thrilling world of cockfighting, allowing them to strategize, collect unique chicken warriors, and engage in intense battles. The game's immersive experience captivates fans of the sport.
  • Diverse Chicken Characters: One of the standout features is the wide variety of chicken characters available. From the fierce Manok ni Taguro to the mysterious Manok na Itim, each chicken brings a unique set of skills and characteristics to the arena, adding depth and excitement to battles.
  • Cultural Integration: Manok Na Pula seamlessly integrates Filipino culture and folklore into its gameplay, creating a sense of authenticity and uniqueness. Players can appreciate the rich heritage of the Philippines while enjoying the game.
  • Engaging Multiplayer Gameplay: Manok Na Pula offers engaging multiplayer battles, allowing players to test their skills against real opponents from around the world. The opportunity to challenge others and prove your chicken's prowess adds a competitive edge to the game.


  • Limited Appeal: While Manok Na Pula's cockfighting theme is a major draw for fans of the sport, it may have limited appeal to those unfamiliar with or uninterested in cockfighting. The game's focus on this niche sport may not resonate with all players.
  • Learning Curve for Newcomers: Although the controls are user-friendly, newcomers to cockfighting may find it challenging to grasp the intricacies of the game's strategy and chicken selection. A more comprehensive tutorial or guidance system could improve the onboarding experience.

Manok Na Pula tai xuong mien phi

  • Resource Management: Progressing in the game often requires resource management and strategic decisions. Some players may find this aspect of the game enjoyable, while others might see it as a potential drawback if they prefer straightforward gameplay.

Design and User Experience

The Manok Na Pula APK boasts a user-friendly interface with vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay. The design elements are visually appealing, and the controls are intuitive, ensuring an enjoyable user experience.


Manok Na Pula APK is a captivating mobile game that brings the thrill of cockfighting to your fingertips. With its realistic simulation, diverse chicken characters, and online battles, it offers hours of entertainment for gaming enthusiasts. Download the latest version and embark on an exciting cockfighting adventure today!

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