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Information of Modern Warships

Name Modern Warships
Google Play Link Google Play Link
Developer Artstorm FZE
Category Action
MOD Unlimited Ammo
Last version
Compatible with Android 4.4+


  • Unlimited Ammo

In Modern Warships, you will become the captain of a modern warship and participate in player-versus-player (PVP) battles. This allows you to fiercely test your leadership skills in naval battles against other players from around the world.

About Modern Warships

It's no wonder that the naval theme has been explored in a variety of genres, from tactical to general maps to role-playing, but specializes in PVP and fighting other players on the same battlefield. .

Extremely realistic, there aren't many games like Modern Warships. Modern Warships allows you to become the captain of a warship and participate in fierce battles with players (captains). You choose your own battle tactics, drop items to focus your forces, show leadership, mobility and flexibility depending on the battle situation.

modern warships apk

When playing the game, join 4 other people to form a 5-person team to fight other teams. Each match has a certain time limit, end the match when the team is alive or has a higher score that is the winner.

Note that in battle, ships, no matter how modern, need a certain amount of time to recover. You have to combine many types of ships, many weapons so that you stop waiting for recovery in the process, use another one instead.

High simulation in Modern Warships

Call Modern Warships  is a game genre built on naval battles. Each battleship in Modern Warships is scaled and based on their real-life versions. Extremely detailed, delicate and realistic graphics. The way these warships move, the rate of fire, how they launch fire attacks and throw weapons at the enemy are also described.

Simulation matches reality, so Modern Warships  did a great job in terms of simulation, from small details to larger parts. Counting the number of warships alone, the game has more than 30 types. Warships from transport ships to field ships, battleships (such as IJN Yamato) to submarines, corvettes, destroyers, aircraft carriers, ... can compete freely to develop talents and your leadership strategy.

tai modern warships cho android

When choosing a ship type for combat or when selecting components to improve the ship's performance, you should carefully study the descriptions. For example, the battleship IJN Yamato has a maximum speed of 12.1 knots, it is quite small, but in return, the durability reaches 38,000 more than other warships on the list.

Depending on the strategy and game mode, each player has the right choice for him. Or like the USS Hurricane PC 3, although it has a simple ship that allows players to equip up to 3 weapons, this is also one of the ships with the highest speed of 19 4 points.

When you reach a certain level and hold the majestic aircraft carrier in your hand, you can decide to use the money to buy more heavy fighters to be ready to go to war.

game modern warships

You can use instant combat weapons and massive battleships, in Modern Warships we also have helicopters, deck fighters, cruisers. Each type has its own characteristics and combat abilities.

The better you know them, the better you can master the game. In addition to a good battleship, you also need a strong weapon to fight. Modern warship offers more than 200 different weapons from missiles, guns, planes to missile combat.

System Update in Modern Warships

In Modern Warships  there are two things you can improve in Modern Warships: First, you increase the performance of your battleship by improving the characteristics, the battle part of the ship by upgrading a part. You can earn money to buy these parts through big and small battles in the game.

tai modern warships phien ban moi nhat

The second direction is to improve new weapons. No matter what weapon you have in your hand, you have it modernized and adapted to the new situation. The combination of these two updated systems with tactical command is a combination of training, situational flexibility, and exploitation.

Make full use of the ability and combat power of each weapon in your hand, it will launch the war in your hand and be able to destroy other captains to become the winner in the battlefield.


Above is all information about Modern Warships, this application uses the most advanced graphics technology to bring you epic war scenes but no less eye-catching. Let's download and enjoy exciting entertainment moments!

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