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Stumble Guys APK is the modified version of the popular obstacle course game! Features include unlimited money, unlocked characters, and no ads.

An in-depth description of Stumble Guys APK

Stumble Guys APK is one of the first games that was developed and released by Kitka games. Although Kitka games were new to the gaming world as this was their first release, it became an instant hit as millions of people loved this game due to its exciting gameplay and the fact that it’s a multiplayer royale.

You can enjoy playing this game with your friends, family, or anyone around the world as it supports connectivity. Playing this game is something that users can enjoy playing during their leisure time to kill boredom and have fun with friends.

stumble guys  apk

Although this game is constantly being upgraded with new features and improvements, it was initially released on the 24th of September, 2020, and Kitka games offered it. It is rated 3+, meaning that most people can enjoy playing this game as it is a casual recreational game one can enjoy playing with different people and has no forms of violence. With its seamless gameplay and controls that are easy to use, players usually have no problem playing this game. To play this game, you use the on-screen operations to perform activities like moving your character, jumping, and communicating.

If you're fond of relaxed multiplayer gaming and seek an unparalleled battle royale adventure, this game is bound to catch your attention. With its enthralling gameplay and varied environments, I'm sure it's the perfect fit for you. The expansive player base promises continuous entertainment and zero monotony.

stumble guys phien ban moi nhat

To enjoy a better gaming experience, it is advised to download the Stumble Guys APK 165000, as all the skins are, and you can equip them on your character.

Fun gameplay and concept

The game's design is straightforward. Instead of diving into a detailed narrative or missions, players are primarily tasked with reaching the conclusion and relishing the experience.

In the vein of a traditional racing game, the aim is to hit the finish line. Yet, this game presents a twist: a battle royale setting where thirty-two contenders are all vying for a finishing spot. Throughout their race, they'll face a multitude of obstacles and hurdles meant to challenge their prowess.

stumble guys tai xuong mien phi

It's a highly competitive game. From the initial thirty-two racers, only half – sixteen participants – will secure a spot across the finish line and be hailed as victors. The other half who can't make the cut will be ousted, receiving lesser prizes and no points for their ranking. Once the first sixteen racers breach the finish line, the game concludes. There's no singular champion or second-place finisher, only two groups: those who succeeded and those who fell short.

The map system in this game is extensive, and each map has different challenges players will face. Players have to dodge these obstacles and traps carefully, and if you are hit by an obstruction or fall for a trap, you are returned to the beginning line and start all over again.

This game also has a lot of different skins and customization items that users can use to edit their stumble guys.

You use the money you receive after winning races to purchase different items and outfits. Although the appearances don’t necessarily affect your gameplay, it appeals to the eye when your character is dressed up uniquely.

stumble guys apk free download

Download Stumble Guys APK 27100 and enjoy having full access to all the skins. As on this version, everything is.

The visual system in this game is perfect as it has vivid illustrations of their characters, the stumble guys are tiny cute figures, and they look adorable. The game is based on a 3D platform and has beautiful landscapes. The sound system is also good, with excellent sound effects.

Stumble guys APK 201000 is an entertaining game that anyone will enjoy playing. With its fun gameplay, anyone will love it.

Stumble Guys APK Features

Stumble Guys APK is rich with exciting features to keep players engaged as they play. Some of them include:

  • Fierce competition:

This game is very competitive as it is a multiplayer Royale where thirty-two players participate, and each man is trying to cross the line. With only 16 people allowed to cross the line, the game is intense, and players must watch out for dangerous obstacles and tricky traps that will slow them down. Note that once you’re hit, you start from the beginning all over again.

tai stumble guys cho android
  • Different skins and items:

One thing that this game is famous for is the multiple numbers of different skins and items that it made available. Customize your stumble guys to your taste and equip them with new hats, hair, shirts, and anything that will give them a unique appearance. These skins and items do not affect your gameplay but only change the appearance of your characters.

  • Easy controls:

The control and operation system in this game has been termed as straightforward and easy to understand. The game isn’t complex, and all you have to focus on is moving toward the finish line and avoiding all the obstacles that come your way. There are virtual buttons on the screen that players use to perform actions such as running, jumping, and also communicating.

  • Different levels:

Players are always left with something to do as this game has many different levels they can enjoy playing. Each level has its unique environment, and each location has various obstacles and new traps. There is no how you won’t be left engaged. As you advance in the game, the levels get more challenging and complex.

stumble guys  apk
  • Graphic and sound system:

As previously stated, Stumble Guys APK has an excellent visual system with good illustrations of the characters. With the comical drawings and cute pixel-like appearances of the stumble guys, it is appealing to the eyes of anyone that plays this game. The landscapes are also well detailed, and new environments appear at every new level. The game also has a perfect sound system with good sound effects.


Stumble Guys APK is an exciting game that has very intriguing gameplay. Enjoy the fierce competition and different levels that keep you interested as long as you play. The design of the game is also beautiful.

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Other Versions
Version Size Requirements Last Updated
Stumble Guys 0.58 201.32 MB Android 5.0 + 06/10/2023
Stumble Guys 0.59 201.32 MB Android 5.0 13/10/2023
Stumble Guys 0.60 APK 300 MB Android 5.0+ 02/11/2023
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