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The most popular game on PC now has a mobile version. With an entertaining adventure role-playing game, but combined with a bit of horror elements, it offers unlimited entertainment moments. Moreover, the game also needs a lot of skill, agility and judgment to be able to survive.

Introduction of the game Limbo apk

A success on the PC platform is now available on mobile phones. The game is loved by many people. Limbo apk belongs to the genre of adventure combined with horror was launched on February 11, 2015 by Playdead a new publisher in the mobile game market.

limbo  apk

Limbo apk is Playdead's first mobile game product and is also a game loved by many people. Although the game has been out for a long time, it still leaves a lot of memories for players, even gamers play it over and over again without getting bored.

Although the game is very short, it is intelligently designed to make players curious with deadly traps and difficult road challenges. So even though it's short, it can take a long time for players to combine their ingenuity to decipher the details in the game.

Currently to be able to own this game you will have to spend some money to buy this game. But don't worry, here you will not have to pay any cost, everything is free. With the special version Limbo APKTodo is downloaded directly here simply without consuming any resources.


Limbo apk is a touching and dangerous story that stretches on the journey to find the lost sister, in fact there is no lost sister, just the boy is suffering from a mental disorder. Just because of the lack of family affection turned an innocent boy into such.

limbo phien ban moi nhat

Rain or shine, day or night. Darkness always surrounds Limbo, with his journey to find his lost sister and have to go through thorny roads and deadly traps along with creepy monsters and people who want to harm him. Despite knowing the great difficulties and challenges, Limbo's determination is always strong and does not want to surrender to fate. He is determined to go through all of it to find his sister and get out of this dark and dead land that has no end.

Style play

Limbo download has no instructions or dialogue, simply a journey with an endless road and deadly traps with a series of bad people.

In the game, players will play the role of a boy named Limbo overcoming tough challenges. Incarnate Limbo, control the boy to run, jump, find solutions, even push objects and swing extremely dangerous ropes.

tai limbo cho android

Limbo apk does not divide each screen at all, it is all just a journey through, going through trails, abandoned houses or swimming through streams that have been filled with dangerous traps. .

The game requires players to use thinking, ingenuity as well as skills to handle certain situations. In particular, there are pitfalls that require you to calculate and handle quickly, so be alert to judge the behavior in the most intelligent way.

Sound and graphics

With two main colors, black and white mixed with fanciful horror, Limbo apk gives players a bit of fear accompanied by an unspeakable fear. Especially, even though there are only 2 main colors, the sophisticatedly designed horror gameplay will give players an unending curiosity.

limbo tai xuong mien phi

About the sound of Limbo apk, there is only the sound of the dark forest, accompanied by screams, running water, insects, especially no background music. But in return, the sounds are meticulously designed in the most realistic way to match the graphics and gameplay of this game.


If you are looking for a challenging entertaining role-playing game with a bit of horror, then Limbo apk is perfect for you. With an attractive storyline accompanied by a reincarnation puzzle game, it is a special version at APKTodo for free. What are you waiting for, download limbo for free today to find the bright path with Limbo, escape the creepy dark forests.

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