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Information of Crafting and Building

Name Crafting and Building
Google Play Link Google Play Link
Developer GeneRe
Category Adventure
MOD No Ads
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Compatible with Android 5.1+



Crafting and Building is a creative and building game used on Android released by GeneRal available on CH Play, App Store, Appvn and won the number of downloads up to over 10,000,000 times and is gradually increasing thanks to searches and hunts of gamers.

Crafting and Building APK Full Description

You should first come up with a design idea, as well as draw yourself a very abstract, detailed and clear design. We can design works in a classic or modern style depending on our preferences, or a combination of both.

crafting and building cho android

You can start building from small constructions such as a level 4 house, a warehouse to a fence… gradually go into finishing small to large projects and then become a palace or a magnificent castle. , magnificent. Once we have completed the background we will begin to embellish, decorate and beautify your masterpiece with accessories, furniture, interior and exterior of the house to match the trend of the house. that house. From the selection of grasses in the yard, potted plants, rocks, window frames… to make the house look more splendid.

You'll use square bricks to start, and we should go visit our friends' buildings. Firstly to learn more experience or something new. Second, you can help them build and in return you will be paid for this job. This is awesome and only available in Crafting and Building

You will have to constantly search for work and materials to serve your construction process.

When you are tired, you should stop working and start walking, exploring with your pet such as a dog, a cat or other pets such as a hamster or a beautiful white horse. the deadline to forget all your fatigue and then go back to work.

crafting and building mien phi

Game app for all ages, love to create and build their own dream world. Vietnamese Crafting and Building is free to download at Play Store and App Store, for electronic devices and iOS and Android operating systems.

Outstanding features of Crafting and Building

The game with pixel graphics, although not as magnificent as the games with massive 3D graphics, but Game Crafting and Building has created a wave of public opinion about its own features, it has an infinite appeal. together strong and interested by many young people.

A game app  suitable for the whole family from children 3 years old and up to adults can be enthralled with this rich gameplay.

crafting and building apk

You can choose to play with friends to be able to accompany you to conquer adventurous, mysterious adventures to find secret caves…

Realize all your ideas from building houses, kitchens… all as long as it's your creativity.

Once you've created your own space, you'll have to build neighborhood relationships, and you'll set up meetings with your neighbors in case they're still available to help you if needed.

If you like to transform into a handsome, tall and muscular young man or a beautiful and lovely lady, Crafting and Building can do that for you.

Not only work, but you also have a mode to play with pets or walk around neighborhood 8 and chat with people in a friendly way to create sympathy with them.

The game application is completely free to download and use, but not because it is free, but the quality is poor, the quality and gameplay is considered to be excellent.

Game Crafting and Building is not limited to ideas, initiatives and experiences that you have, so you are free to go wild.

crafting and building mod apk

The game has been translated into Vietnamese, so it is very simple for all users to download and use it.

With the game Crafting and Building, users will be playing online with other players, creating together and racing their construction skills.


Why, we let our ideas be limited in our thinking, without trying once boldly bring it out into the world with Crafting and Building to build enduring monumental architectures. same time!

Try downloading the Crafting and Building version to your electronic device and use your own hands to create your work, and experience it with creative enthusiasts like you.

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