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Heavenly Bodies APK is a video game developed by 2pt Interactive. It is a physics-based space exploration game that allows players to control two cosmonauts.

About Heavenly Bodies Game

Heavenly Bodies stands out as a puzzle game built on physics, courtesy of its developers at 2pt Interactive Pty Ltd. Released on September 7, 2021, it's compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and PlayStation 4 platforms.

The premise of Heavenly Bodies revolves around two astronauts striving to repair their spacecraft amidst the challenges of zero-gravity. With players taking control of these astronauts, gameplay emphasizes using their limbs to interact with their surroundings. To navigate the diverse levels set across space environments like space stations and asteroid belts, players tackle a myriad of puzzles.

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A hallmark of the game is its authentic physics system, perfectly replicating zero-gravity's impact on both characters and objects. Mastery over the intricate controls, requiring deliberate coordination, is vital.

Critic feedback on Heavenly Bodies has generally leaned positive, especially praising its innovative mechanics, engrossing setting, and intricate puzzles.

Guidance – Heavenly Bodies for Android

A celebrated title in the space genre, Heavenly Bodies is now playable on Android. For a better gameplay experience, consider these suggestions:

  • Comprehending the Mechanics: The crux of the game is managing a spacecraft and crew. Activities span from resource collection and planetary exploration to technological advancements and tackling threats. Getting a grasp on gameplay nuances is pivotal.
  • Ship Enhancements: As the game progresses, you'll garner resources. Utilize them to fortify your ship with superior engines, formidable weapons, and robust shields.
  • Crew Supervision: Crew members boast distinct capabilities. Proper delegation, be it to research or engineering, is essential for optimized performance. Remember to keep tabs on their well-being and motivation.
  • Resource Equilibrium: Critical resources like oxygen, food, and fuel necessitate efficient management. Ensure a steady supply.
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  • Staying Vigilant: Outer space is replete with unforeseen challenges. Always stay alert and prepared.

Heavenly Bodies Features Free

Introduced in 2021, Heavenly Bodies is a game anchored in physics, faithfully depicting space dynamics. Its distinctive features include:

  • Physics-Driven Mechanics: The game authentically emulates spatial dynamics, including gravitational forces and object interactions.
  • Zero-Gravity Gameplay: The added dimension of zero-gravity manipulation adds layers of complexity.
  • Collaborative Gameplay: Local co-op support facilitates dual-player puzzle-solving.
  • Free Play: Apart from the campaign, a sandbox mode lets players play around with in-game physics.
  • Character Personalization: Players have the freedom to modify character aesthetics.
  • Vintage Graphics: A nod to yesteryears, its graphics pay homage to late 20th-century video games.

Heavenly Bodies: Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Innovative Mechanics: Controlling astronauts in space offers a fresh gameplay perspective.
  • Aesthetic Brilliance: Vintage design aesthetics, reminiscent of classic sci-fi, is visually enchanting.
  • Dual Player Mode: Playing alongside another offers a unique co-operative experience.
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  • Ever-Changing Levels: Randomized level generation ensures constant novelty.


  • Challenging Mastery: Some players might find the intricate controls daunting.
  • Potential Monotony: Core gameplay might seem recurring after extended play.
  • Narrative Absence: The game lacks a compelling storyline to engage players.
  • Content Limitations: Its brief nature might leave players yearning for more.

Design and User Experience

Visual Aesthetics: Heavenly Bodies doesn't shy away from flaunting its artistic prowess. The game's visual language exudes sophistication, blending modern design techniques with a touch of retro nostalgia. The color palette, consisting of muted blues, deep blacks, and shimmering stars, resonates perfectly with the ambience of outer space, offering players a visual treat every time they navigate through the vast cosmos.

Responsive Controls: One of the most celebrated aspects of Heavenly Bodies is its intuitive control system. While presenting a challenge intrinsic to its gameplay, the controls are meticulously designed to ensure responsiveness. Every button press, every joystick nudge feels fluid and purposeful, translating to a seamless gaming experience.

Environmental Design: Each game level in Heavenly Bodies is a testament to meticulous design. Whether players find themselves in a sprawling space station or a treacherous asteroid field, the environments are rich in detail. Shadows play off metallic surfaces; the light refracts in zero-gravity, and every corner might hold a new puzzle or challenge. The spatial design not only adds layers to the gameplay but also reinforces the eerie, silent beauty of space.

Sound Integration: Beyond just the visual, the game harmoniously integrates sound to elevate the user experience. The muted thumps in zero gravity, the distant hum of the spaceship, and the occasional radio chatter serve to enhance the game's realism. Coupled with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, players are not just playing a game; they're living a space odyssey.

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User Feedback and Iteration: The developers of Heavenly Bodies have shown commitment to refining the game experience, taking into account player feedback. Post-launch patches have seen tweaks in the gameplay mechanics, optimizations in UI, and even enhancements in level designs, all aimed at ensuring that players get the most immersive and refined gaming experience.

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Heavenly Bodies promises an exhilarating challenge for space enthusiasts. With intuitive controls and mechanics, players can immerse themselves in the vast expanses of space. Navigating through zero-gravity and managing equipment forms the core challenge.

Boasting stellar graphics and sound design, players find themselves lost in its immersive universe. A multiplayer facet adds a communal touch to gameplay.

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