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Hayday Mod APK is a farming simulation game that provides players with a fun and rewarding gameplay experience. The game has colorful graphics and charming characters.

Introducing the Hay Day Farm Game

In the Hay Day APK, players take on the role of a farmer, constructing a perfect garden according to their own creative vision. With this game, players can freely design their farm, breed livestock and poultry in their own unique way. Within the game, players can choose various crops to plant.

hay day android

On their farm, players can independently raise and sell products from their garden or purchase them from other players.

Players can expand their farm's land and upgrade their farm to a new level. They can purchase machinery to produce items like bread, cloth, and timber.

Players can decorate their farm with various trees, flowers, stone statues, and ponds. They can trade items by ship, airplane, or truck to earn coins and experience points that help them level up quickly. As they reach higher levels, more machinery and plants become available for the farm.

How to Play Hay Day

Players must complete daily tasks to collect stars and money.

Players can team up with friends to enhance their Hay Day farm game experience. They can join or create their own Neighborhood, playing with a group of friends with a maximum of 30 players. Don't forget to exchange tips and help each other out to create the most exciting farms.

hay day apk

Farming and breeding have never been so appealing. Although this unique farm doesn't experience rainfall, crops still grow healthy and green. Don't forget to replant seeds after harvest to multiply your stockpile, which then becomes raw material for other products. Expand your farm's land and increase space for animal pens!

Additionally, you can feed the animals so they produce various products. Players can use these products to prepare food or trade them with NPCs and other players.

Building a Farm

Farming has never been so straightforward. Players simply buy plots of land, sow seeds, and each type of seed will have a specific harvest time, with countless seeds for players to experience planting and harvesting.

  • Freely move and place machinery in your preferred style.

hay day  apk

  • Expand your farm through productions like a bread oven, livestock feed processing machines, and cloth weaving machines.

Harvest & Plant Crops

There's an abundance of flowers and fruits, but planting and harvesting are very simple. Harvest and replant seeds to increase the number of items in stock.

Play with a Group of Friends

In this game, players can interact with friends by:

Building a community as per their imagination, welcoming visitors to a vibrant farm. Trading crops and goods with in-game neighbors. Conducting transactions to complete buying rounds to earn extra money. Developing the farm with machines like bread ovens, feed processors for livestock, and cloth weavers. Completing weekly events with neighbors to earn rewards that help in upgrading the farm. Trading Post for Items

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You can trade various crops, resources, and goods using trucks and ships, or sell items in the Shop to your friends.

Arguably, Hay Day APK simulates rural life with buying, selling, planting, and self-sustaining for life.

Farm Design

Players can design and decorate their farm with many unique decorative items according to their creativity. With the customization function exclusive to Hay Day, players can redesign the farmhouse, trucks, and roadside stores to make their gardens even more special.

Players can buy farm decorations from the store, like panda statues, birthday cakes, musical instruments like the xylophone, tuba, cello, and many other unique decorative items found only in Hay Day.

Moreover, players can adorn their farms with unique and special items, like flower bushes to attract butterflies. The more decorative items, the more distinguished and beautiful the player's farm becomes.


Create a farm that showcases your style and inspires friends with similar interests.

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