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A horror game but extremely fun that is being loved by many people, Haunted Dorm apk brings hours of entertainment, simple operation 2D graphics along with smooth experiences that leave a lasting impression. unforgettable feeling for players.

Details of the game Haunted Dorm

A great thing for fans of horror games. When it comes to the horror genre, players will probably think of startling haunting scenes, but not here for Haunted Dorm apk. A horror game, but with a completely new gameplay, addictive 2D graphics, worth entertaining for hours.

haunted dorm phien ban moi nhat

Haunted Dorm apk was released by Mihuan on February 28, 2022, although it has not been long, this game has drawn millions of downloads per week. In the game you will get lost in a haunted dorm, you will instinctively hide in the bedroom, set up traps and wait for the ghost to come.

Simple funny game, players just need to stay in the room, create their own economy, the unimaginable tools in the room are also the weapons for you to survive, upgrade all the things around and win. .


Joining Haunted Dorm apk players will have to survive the attacks of the devil. At the start, the player will have to immediately close the door and go to sleep. During the time you sleep, there will be a amount of gold produced, what you need to do at that time is to collect and buy defensive tools from the entrance to the place where you sleep. Players can also use that money to upgrade support tools, upgrade beds, stats ...

haunted dorm tai xuong mien phi

Upgrading the bed will increase the value of gold coins you get in dreams. Remember the money will have a limit so you will have to make a reasonable calculation when buying defensive weapons or upgrading the doors properly, the ghost will kill you.

System of monsters and characters

There are many different levels and monsters with different strengths depending on the level of play you choose. Moreover, each player with you caught ghost will increase the level so you will have to upgrade the weapons to fight them.

In Haunted Dorm you will be able to open certain characters and there are many characters for you to choose from. There are both male and female characters and are designed with different images to bring enjoyment to players without being bored.

Features of the game

  • Attractive new gameplay unlike any other game on the market
tai haunted dorm cho android
  • Don't get bored with teammates
  • The precious luck in the game creates attraction
  • Let's win together
  • Use rational computational intelligence
  • Various game es
  • Cute 2D graphics
  • Belonging to the horror genre but not afraid
  • Highly entertaining, giving players exciting moments for up to hours
  • No 3rd party advertising
  • Friendly interface, simple and easy operation
  • Safe for mobile devices
haunted dorm  apk
  • Special version from APKTodo


A horror game that meets high entertainment needs will be the choice for those who want to reduce stress and reduce pressure, then Haunted Dorm Vietnameseization will be the perfect choice for you. With a gameplay like no other game has been created to give you a new and unique feeling that is not boring. What are you thinking? Download Haunted Dorm for android and enjoy today.

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