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Download Monster Legends APK today and start your adventure! You can breed and train the most powerful monsters to battle your way to the top.

Description of Monster Legend

Monster Legend is a great simulation game that engages players with a fascinating role-playing strategic game. Players have the chance to become the best Monster trainer in this game. If you have created a suitable habitat for your monsters and feed them well, they will pay you back by engaging in battlefront; therefore, the better you raise them, the better they perform during wars.

You will be engaged in different activities as you play, like constructing befitting buildings, training the monsters, feeding them, and engaging them in epic wars with other monsters. These activities will keep you busy, making you addicted to the game.

monster legends apk

This game has become famous and frequently played worldwide. When you engage your monsters in a war, you will earn more money or gems, which are used for breeding them. The Monster Legend APK version offers you solutions to money used in upgrading your resources and improving your monsters. Join millions of people to download Monster Legend APK.

As the player of Monster Legends, you will take up many tasks and engage in different game es. If you once played or saw dragon city, you will understand the unique concept of Monster Legend APK. However, unlike Dragon City, this game is more developed with many number Monsters from various species. Also, these skills will increase your tactics in fighting your way during the game.

monster legends apk

Social Point developed and published this game with addictive gameplay with over 50 million downloads and players worldwide. A 7-year-old and above can play this game effectively.

There is no offensive graphics content in the game. Join millions of players worldwide to play this game.

Unique and Addictive Gameplay

Players will play as a master who creates a habitat of its own and breeds monsters. The game environment is in a city where you have defeated them but decided to build your own city where you breed and train awesome monsters that will serve you on the war front.

As the player, you have to make strategic plans in any situation you find yourself in, collect more monsters, train, and build them for battles, making them champions when it's time to engage in wars. It will always be between you and your opponents. You must do everything in your best to launch attacks, giving you maximum leverage over your opponents.

While progressing in the game, you have to change monsters to discover the Monster with the most power. When you do this, you will provide the right find and resources to the most powerful creatures.

monsters legends

Once you download Monster Legend APK you can navigate to several settings on the homepage. You will know the number of resources you have to take care of the monsters. You can engage in several game es in this game, like the 3vs3 battle.

Monster Legend is a simple but strategic game. All you have to do is level up all your monsters, equip them with relics and dunes to upgrade their skills, and engage in wars. Download Monster Legend latest version to enjoy these games to the fullest.

Features of Monster Legends

Engage in team wars

Developers of Monster Legends have taken this game to another interesting level. When you download this game, you will join team wars to experience multiplayer game e. With this feature, you will fight opponents in battles while you strategize to win against your opponents. The team battles show how well you trained the monsters.

Collection of Different Monsters

Monsters Legend features over 300 different monsters from different breeds and unique powers in the game. This feature makes the collection of monsters easy. You can select monsters from different species or cliches. Apart from the many monsters in the game, new monsters are added to this game weekly. You will find varieties of monsters to pick your favorite from.

monster legends apk

Also, as you breed these monsters, you can mate two different breeds of monsters to create new species of monsters giving you a wide range of Monsters to pick from.

Create Monster Paradise

Usually, when you open the game, you are provided with monster paradise. However, you can bond your monster's paradise by dividing it into sections as you want, like a breeding room, farm, training ground, etc.

Join the online community

Originally, the Monster Legend game is engaging. Now the developers have added a twist to this with the online community where you will meet great gamers like you.

monster legends  apk 2022

You will meet with Monster masters with strategic moves. Join the online community freely on Monsters Legend online APK.

Force win with 3 stars

This is an upgraded and ified feature of the Monsters Legend game. If you win on the battlefront, this game forces you to win with the 3 stars, and when you do this, you will receive rewards and spin the lucky spin availablee.

Graphics and Sounds

Monsters Legend has a beautiful 3D world. In addition to this, the sound effect is peaceful and reliable.


Monster Legend is a unique game with addictive gameplay of raising monsters. Download the Monsters Legend APK to enjoy features and gold gems.

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