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Download Last Fortress: Underground game for a thrilling session of zombies, survival, and HD death scenes. Are you up to the challenge?

Last Fortress: Underground 

Last Fortress: Underground was released by the famous game company IM30 Life. It is a thrilling life and home simulation game in a hostile world of zombies, limited resources, and treacherous men. In such difficult times, victory seems elusive. 

You are tasked to survive, take back the world, and push the zombie race into extinction. Having a team or community of skilled, like-minded individuals would be best. They should be able to pull their weight and achieve the goal. You and your team will plan operations at your secured underground base. 

As your shelter improves, it will attract many survivors to it. Since the predator is never far from the prey, a steady stream of the undead will follow. You can decide to accept newcomers and the potential risk they bring with them.  

Last Fortress: Underground, unlike most survival games, is still exciting to play, even using the mod version. It is highly interactive, with engaging graphics and sound. 

About the Game

Good games are known for their high ratings and download volumes over a short period. Last Fortress: Underground fits this bill. It was designed and published by a well-known developing house, LIFE IS A GAME LIMITED. It is rated highly as a game of strategy, survival in a post-apocalyptic world, and a single-player second-person view.

As a famous play among lovers of survival and home management games, it has acquired an impressive record since its release on November 4th, 2020. It is recommended for players of 16+ years due to the game's high violence, mature language, and features.

The game's publisher made it available on Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac devices. With a record of 4.4 stars, 240k+ reviews, and a download volume of 10M+, the game quickly gained fame.

last fortress underground  apk offline

Download Last Fortress: Underground latest version, 1.294.001, to enjoy the latest upgrades and changes. Much like Fallout Shelter, the game is free to download and play in its overall gameplay. It is available on android and ios devices. A simple search of Last Fortress: Underground free and Last Fortress: Underground Android would convince you.

Last Fortress: Underground is unique as it supports various game, like Last Fortress: Underground (for those eager to spend as they see fit) to the conventional Last Fortress: Underground apk, all supported by the developing house. This offer is rare as developers often frown at versions of their games, especially when they are built with in-app purchases.

Strategy enthusiasts who enjoy in Last Fortress Underground APK will appreciate the similar yet distinctively challenging experience in Train Station 2 APK.


Last Fortress: Underground is a realistic HD zombie apocalypse game in a decaying world of the dead. The sound, graphics, character design, and even technology are simulated to impressive levels. Hence it is the perfect option for a thrilling gameplay.

At the welcome display of the game, players are immediately taken through a series of tutorial sessions. These tutorials cover running, hiding, fighting, interacting with in-game characters, making and disbanding teams,  building. The basics are taught immediately, while the rest comes along as the game progresses.

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Missions range from simple yet surprisingly challenging tasks of surviving for the day, gathering resources, and mapping the area. Your duties include maintaining, securing your underground base, and clearing the zombie hordes as your shelter increases.

The game is set in a desert wasteland. Here, the player will experience the hardship of a dystopian world with limited resources and abundant undead enemies.


Some notable features of Last Fortress: Underground are;

In-app Purchases: The game's shop has several in-app purchase materials that require the use of real-world money to access. They are high-end resources capable of improving the gaming experience. The items have led to the rise in requests for Last Fortress: Underground apk.

last fortress underground  apk update

Card System: The game employs card systems where items are stored in the shop as cards. It makes for easy organization and accessibility of materials and their status before purchase and ownership.

Grow your food: Scavenging can be exciting and rewarding but at the risk of your character's life. Growing your crops in secured territories you have conquered and freed from the zombie rule is the best way to combat this risk.

Adjustable View: Running, maintaining, and securing a complex underground network of bunkers is no easy feat. It becomes more challenging with the constant human and zombie threats. Hence the game adopts an adjustable 3D view. Thus allowing the bunker to be rotated quickly and viewed from any angle for quick and easy maintenance.

Multiplayer: You are not alone in this world of the dead. In the multiplayer feature, players can team up and face hordes of the dead to reclaim the surface world. The multiplayer is made available upon reaching certain levels in the game

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Build and Style your shelter: The design, layout, and all other functionalities of your sanctuary depend solely on you as the leader. Be very careful with this, as a good layout design makes it easier to manage the state of emergencies in your shelter and monitor every nook and cranny.

HD Graphics

Team Play: Alone, no one will survive in this world. So, make teams with other skilled characters in the game to strengthen your fortress.

Venture into the world: Occasionally map out the area around your base. Conquer more territory and push the zombie horde back with exploration quests.

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Form Alliances: The multiplayer session is an interactive session of the game. Players can make alliances with other trustworthy players to fight with them when overwhelmed with the undead.

Suitable for most devices: LIFE IS A GAME LIMITED further makes the game more available by making it compatible and ideal for devices of android 5.0 and above as well as iOS devices.


Last Fortress: Underground is an exciting game for all lovers of apocalyptic simulation games. It requires strategy, teamwork, and skill. Create a haven for yourself in an already dead world and survive long enough to take back the surface in Last Fortress.

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