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Es File Explorer APK is a tool created majorly for managing files and apps. This app is top-rated among android users because of its many great features. In addition to its great features, it is free. Es File Explorer app free download is one of the best things that has happened to the android space; this app is compatible with all android devices. Many of the Es File Explorer APK users describe it as sophisticated, and this is because of its ability to manage local files and some other external files, like files across all of your devices, SD cards, cloud storage, and many others. This app helps you manage your files correctly and handle some more complicated tasks. With this app, you get so many configuration options. You also get to personalize this app however you like. If you wouldn't want to configure the app, you can also use the hands-free mode. There is built-in support for some cloud services like Dropbox, Google drive, Sky drive, and One drive. The number of additional features in this app is endless, and it can perform all the functions you'd ever require from a managerial app. You can use this app to stop running applications and get an FTP client on your PC and mobile device.

Es File Explorer APK Description.

Es File Explorer Pro APK allows you to manage your apps and files. Using the app, you can share videos, and pictures, make uploads, watch movies and even manage your data connection. With this app, you get all the regular options on a device, like paste, copy, rename,  edit, delete, create, cut, delete, and also you can send files to anybody via email.

You also get to compress and decompress files; with this, you can access documents in literally all file types. On the app, you get to manage your programs, install apps, monitor processes, backup apps and get information on the apps that are working on your device and how much resources they consume, like storage, battery, data, and many more.

es file explorer mod apk

Es File Explorer's latest versions have a library to make app management much easier; you can categorize your apps and create shortcuts to access them with this app. You also get an app cache manager and an auto-start manager. You get a complete log of everything happening on your device.

Es File Explorer Pro downloads, in simple terms, is a file manager, built-in cloud support, and also an installation and process manager. Es File Manager developed this app.

Features Of File Explorer APK.

Es File Explorer Premium APK has some unique features you should know about.


This app can do everything and more. If you wish your file management app could function a certain way, Es File Explorer certainly can; maybe the Es File Explorer older versions couldn't do certain things, but the latest version has all that you can think of, and it is for free. This app is a full-featured file management app that helps make your mobile phone experience more enjoyable.

es file explorer apk

Once you download this app, it can access all files on your phone, and you can easily pick them bit by bit; you can cut, paste and edit as you like until you get the level of organization that you require. You can bookmark, create shortcuts, rename, search, delete, copy and paste, send, share and create new folders and file until your app is coordinated, and you can easily access all that you need in a few click once you are on the app. With this, you can track your apps and the memory used, delete unnecessary files, and get an actively functional device.

User Interface.

Es File Explorer File Manager has an easy-to-use user interface for an app with so many functions, and you can get around all of its features in just a few clicks. This app was specifically designed to function well on mobile phones, and with just a few taps, you can manage your phone battery, apps, files, and many others.

tai es file explorer cho android

Es File Explorer mobile is a top management file on android devices. It is easy to manage apps and store them here because it covers the functions of so many apps; it makes operating your device more accessible, it can handle your music, videos, photos, and many others, and you dont need to download a separate app for that.  You can easily store everything on this app; it is straightforward when you want to access them. This app helps you access and clean up unused apps; This, in turn, helps your storage memory and supports your phone battery.

File Management.

File management is the overall purpose of the app. this app manages your device files in unique ways. It tracks all the resources your files are using and manages them; it manages both bookmarks and files. If your phone gets too full, you can use this app to declutter, as it would help you categorize everything you have on your phone into accessible compartments.

tai es file explorer mien phi

You can use custom images to bookmark for easy access to these files and programs in the future. Aside from your files and apps, use this picture to manage your photos and videos; you can also use the app to upload them.


Download the Es File Explorer APK and get access to this incredible mobile app manager. This app is a valuable tool for a sophisticated android user that likes to have full access to the device and explore it swiftly. This app is a free local application and network manager. It also serves as a file manager and media manager, and it is the best and the most vital files and program manager yet. The fact that you can get a free download Es File Explorer APK is one of the reasons users keep going for it. You do not come across a free, highly functioning app all the time; this app serves the purpose of 5 or more, depending on how well you maximize it.


Es File Explorer for android is a must-have for all android mobile device owners.

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