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Dan the Man has enough story to convince any hardcore gamer. Collect coins, break pottery, eliminate enemies to travel to new lands. Your opponents are very dangerous, they can use knives, guns and a lot of numbers. The deeper you advance in the levels, the tougher your opponents become. They are very flexible and always ready to help if they see their teammates being attacked. Use the weapons you collect in the level to break the enemy siege. Fight to the last breath to reach the end of Dan the Man's story.

Dan the Man APK Overview

Dan the Man Mod APK was released in March 2010. The game is not developed as an ordinary game but is released as a series of episodes on Youtube uploaded by Joho Studio. The game has attracted a large amount of interest because of this unique storyline and one-of-a-kind storytelling.

Dan the Man is the story of Dan, a guy who is living a happy life in a peaceful countryside with his girlfriend Josie when unexpected events strike.

game dan the man mod apk

One day, Josie was kidnapped by bad guys and imprisoned in a castle and forced to do hard labor. Meanwhile Dan will go on a journey to find his girlfriend, defeating and fighting the bad guys that appear throughout the game.

With that simple plot, but the enthusiasm in the idea of ​​making the film and the meticulousness in each film has made Joho  Studio receive a lot of positive reviews from the gaming community around the world.

And the peak of that success was in June 2016, Dan The Man game was officially developed and released on Itunes Store thanks to the cooperation of  Halfbrick Studio. Later, the game was also released a version exclusively for Android to meet the needs of the international market.

Dan the Man Game Instructions

Dan the Man APK  is the 8th part of the game. In this part, Dan's village is being invaded and  devastated by the forces of darkness. Dan's main task in this game is to fight to protect the city and continue to search for his girlfriend Joise who is kidnapped.

game dan the man apk phien ban moi nhat

In the story mode, the game Dan The Man will have a total of 12 main levels with many different levels of missions. In particular, players can experience the game from different perspectives such as that of Josie or Barry Steakfries (a guest character from the game Jetpack Joyride.

Like every other classic game, Dan The Man allows users to control the character with 5 basic buttons: move left, move right, attack, shoot and jump.

Players will be able to combine control buttons to create attack combos that are both beautiful and deal more damage to surrounding enemies. The fire button will allow the character to use lethal weapons from a distance such as pistols, knives, Shuriken, ..

game dan the man tai xuong mien phi

Unlike today's games, Dan the Man   has 2D graphics style and 8-bit game format. This is the typical graphic style for classic scene games. The characters in the game are carefully designed, somewhat cute and many different types of enemies such as soldiers, assassins, robots, dragons, .... will contribute to increase the experience. player's game to the next level.

Upgrade and add key skills for the character in the game Dan the Man

All characters have the same skills. Ultimate Combo, Advanced Down Kick, Highkick Basic, Grab and Throw, Sucker Punch and Power Attack are skills in Dan the Man. Text subtitles aside, the player is very easy to play, easy to understand when you see with specific images.

Each skill has its own role in each battle, level everything up to the max. When fighting the boss, you will clearly understand the difference after the character updates those stats. The random outfit tool generates new abilities.

tai game dan the man cho android

In Dan the Man you have to redeem tokens by watching ads or paying to open. Characters have additional combat abilities. The fight becomes stronger as you stand against the enemies in difficult levels. What skills should your hero have?

Final Thoughts - Dan the Man Android

Dan the Man currently has an impressive player base with over 10 million downloads and this number continues to grow every day. The game received the "Best Game of 2016" award for mobile devices. Are you ready? Let's download and go on adventure, save the princess?

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