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Perhaps the CH Play MOD APK application is no stranger to all smartphone users in general and Android operating system users in particular. This is a store specializing in providing software, books, movies, ... which have been circulated in more than 190 different countries and territories.

About CH Play Store APK

CH Play Apk, also known as Google CH Play Apk, has probably become extremely familiar to Android phone users around the world. This is a store, a platform, a digital distribution service developed and operated by Google LLC.

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CH Play Store Apk acts as an application store for the Android operating system. Here, users will be allowed to download applications and software developed specifically for this operating system.

Apps at CH Play including free and premium will be downloaded and installed directly on your Android device or through the Play Store app on your device for the best possible exploitation of the software capabilities. device hardware. This helps users have the best experience when using any software or application.

Besides applications and software, users can also use other services to search for books, movies, songs, ... easily with Google's application system.

Categories available on CH Play MOD Apk store

Apps on CH Play Apk

As of 2017, CH Play has more than 3.5 million different Android apps released on this platform. Those applications have also been and are being accessed by users in 190 different countries and territories.

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Developers in more than 150 locations can easily distribute and publish their apps on the Play Store. To distribute their apps, publishers must pay a specified fee of $25 for a Google Play Developer Console account. Developers will have full discretion to determine in which countries and regions the application will be distributed, as well as the purchase price of the application for each specific place. And when there is an application purchased by any user, the developer will receive 70% of the application price, the remaining 30% will be distributed to partners and the operating costs of the platform.

CH Play Apk Games

This is an online game service exclusively for the Android operating system. This application allows players to connect with other users, store data, leaderboards and evaluate player achievements.

Google Play APK Music

CH Play Music is an online music, podcast and music streaming service. Currently the application has more than 40 million songs from all over the world. In addition, the application also allows users to store up to 50,000 songs with completely free cloud storage.

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CH Play Books

Is a digital Ebook distribution service. The current app can make more than five million e-book titles available for users to freely choose, buy, and store. Besides, CH Play Books also allows users to download up to 1,000 owned Ebooks in PDF or EPUB format.

CH Play Movies & TV

CH Play Movies & TV is a service that provides movies and TV shows that are available. The service allows users to rent or buy depending on the availability of the movie or show.

Currently CH Play Movies & TV has been present in more than 110 different countries and territories. However, the service of renting and buying TV programs is only available in some countries such as Australia, Austria, the United States, France, Canada, the UK, Japan,...

CH Play Apk store highlights

CH Play Apk has a personalized system

When joining CH Play Apk, each user will have a personalized collection of apps and games based on the apps and games that he or she has downloaded and used in the past. Actions when playing such as: Completing the game, participating in events, ... will be kept and create a separate collection for each person.

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The editorial team of CH Play Apk will rely on this collection to recommend to users the best and most relevant apps and games provided at CH Play Apk

Security of user information CH Play Apk

One of the largest app sharing stores in the world. The development team always checks and updates the CH Play Apk on a regular basis in order to promptly detect and fix security system errors, thereby ensuring the safety of user information at the highest level.

Therefore, users need to regularly check and download the latest version of CH Play MOD Apk for free to avoid bad guys who can take advantage of old vulnerabilities to appropriate their information.


CH Play Apk is one of the top app stores in the world. Download CH Play Apk for free for phones using Android operating system such as Xiao, Samsung, Vivo,... to experience millions of interesting applications right away.

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