Block Craft 3D Mod APK 2.18.9 (Unlimited Money)

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Download block craft 3D APK to enjoy thrilling experience. Block Craft 3D is a Minecraft game of creation; you will build structures and display your creativity.

Description of Block Craft 3D APK

Block Craft 3D is an interesting simulation game that allows players to build in a Minecraft world. This game unleashes players' creativity with the ability to create, research, discover and explore the game world. Block Craft 3D engages players to construct many structures in their imagination. This game is the most famous building simulation game.

Players will get immersed in the display of their creativity while building their world. You can create anything in this game. As you play and progress, you will get different rewards. Block Craft 3D is suitable for anyone who wants to improve building skills.

block craft 3d apk new update

This game is also called arcade style, where players engage in building different structures. Block Craft 3D is majorly for people who love creating, building, and exploring their world. There are no complex activities in this game though players must think and strategize in laying out a structure.

Block Craft 3D is simple to play and navigate through. There are characters to communicate with hence making the game less boring and engaging. If you have played the common Minecraft game, you will understand the concept and gameplay of this game.

Players are provided everything needed to build a structure with convenience and a thrilling experience. Also, players can own a dream house or estate in the game. Fun games for free developed and published this game which has gotten popular with over 100 million downloads and users worldwide. As this game involves critical thinking and strategizing, the game is rated for 12 years old and above.

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Every character and the environment in this game is made in block shape; when you download Block Craft 3D APK, you will enjoy access to to purchase in-game items. Join millions of players to play and download this game.

Features of Block Craft 3D APK

Here are some outstanding features of this game;

Unique Gameplay

Block Craft 3D games do not have complex or complicated gameplay.  It is simple to play. Players explore their creative skills maximally in this game, and this skill will show significantly in what they have built. The game environment is a small village or estate looking realistic with its many activities.  Players will spend time and effort to build their dream house to a good taste. While playing the game, you don't only engage in building constructions but also interact with people making the game more interesting.

When you download the game, you will be guided through the basics of the game and how to go about the building. After you've done this, you will select a location or start your construction. Once done, you can easily access the necessary equipment at the bottom of the screen in a square shape.

block craft 3d apk latest version

This equipment consists of different materials to construct your building. In addition, the game shows where to place each block while constructing. When you start the game, you choose a building structure from the already drawn building els.

Multiplayer game e

The developers of this game made it fun and interesting with the multiplayer game feature that allows players to play with their friends and share their games. Players can visit the villagers, Friends and act like they are in the real world. In addition, players can join their friends to build their city in a provided layout.

Customize your character

Block Craft 3D allows users to engage in total creativity by customizing their characters. There are multiple options to choose from in this game to customize characters.

block craft 3d apk free download

There are many available facial expressions, colors, and many others to make this feature easy.

Simple and intuitive control

Block Craft 3D has simple controls. You can move each building block in the direction you want with your touch screen hence making the game easy.

Enjoy access to

Players must play and earn money to buy things in this game. Once you download the block craft 3D APK, you will enjoy access to buy things while playing the game.

block craft 3d  apk

You don't need to earn while playing in the APK, are available for you.

Unique characters

In this gaming experience, a wide array of characters is at your disposal, allowing you to carefully select and take on their roles. Every one of these characters boasts unique skills that directly impact the development of your in-game dwelling. A subset of these characters remains locked during the initial phases of the game. Nevertheless, as you progress, you will ultimately be provided with unrestricted and unfettered access to all of these characters through the Block Craft 3D APK.

Decorate and buy furniture

To make your home more perfect and beautiful, you can decorate the already drawn furniture, or you buy the furnished with the


Block Craft 3D is an interesting simulation game to download, and it is engaging and fun. Download the block craft 3D APK and enjoy its awesome gameplay and features.


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