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ARK: Survival Evolved opens with the story that begins with the awakening of a biologist named Helena Walker on an island called The Island. She gradually realizes that there are strange things on this island, creatures that no longer exist on Earth or only exist in novels.

About ark survival evolved

Referring to Ark Survival Evolved Apk, everyone calls it a survival game, so you will probably think of Minecraft, Terraria or Don't Starve. These games have pretty basic, easy and light survival gameplay that doesn't require much manipulation. It must be emphasized, however, that this impression is completely false.

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Although Ark is also a survival game, developer Studio Wildcard is almost aiming for an MMORPG - The game has its own official servers and your assets and characters stay in the server game even if you exit the game.

Although players have to do everything with their hands in the early days, but  by mid-game, you can't do everything by yourself. The game's "main characters" are not the flesh and blood people you control, but the dinosaurs and other monsters that roam the game.

Each of these species has unique abilities that make gathering resources and mining materials, transporting goods a lot easier. So to succeed in Ark Survival Evolved Apk you need to have an army of dinosaurs of all kinds, from flying in the sky, walking on land, swimming underwater. However, it is not recommended to play servers that use the official Ark: Survival Evolved rules because the game has terrible levels.

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A simple example: to tame a mediocre dinosaur in the game, you need to spend 2-10 hours (in real life) constantly observing the dinosaur and introducing food and sleeping pills. Dinosaur capacity is limited, maybe you (or friends in your tribe) have to constantly log in to the game to feed the animal, if  forget it will wake up and leave.

Some tips when playing survival evolved

Collect directed notes

This can be seen as a hidden secret location in Ark Survival Evolved Online, missions will be added automatically when you hand in the notes. Complete the mission in 10 minutes, you will get 100 experience points. If you do not complete the task within the above time, return to this location and start over.

Taking mission

The simplest way is definitely to complete the quests according to the increasing difficulty of the game. Although these tasks are time consuming, they are only for those of you who have been playing for a long time and are familiar with the game and how it works. Tasks are quick, fish

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Hunt animal

After hunting and killing the animals, you will get a decent amount of experience. But you have to be careful to stay away from big animals in the early stages because you don't have enough items to hunt them yet. To hunt crocodiles or birds, they often appear on the banks of rivers, swamps or caves.

Gain experience from crafting

Crafting an item in a specific Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay also gives you a lot of experience points. This is the easiest and takes the least amount of effort.

So the most efficient way to craft items in Ark: Survival Evolved is to collect as many materials you need for your adventure and after gaining x4 experience. Go home and craft all those materials when the experience points  you get, it will be huge.

Graphics and sound in Ark survival evolved

Character movements in Ark Survival Evolved Apk such as hunting and building houses are relatively stable, not inferior to versions on computers and laptops. Skill effects are also very vivid to help players freely experiment. For the ancient creature, bring a satisfying experience to the player.

ark survival evolved apk

Since this is a relatively difficult game, errors like floating structures are inevitable. However, game developer Studio Wildcard is still trying its best to bring the most satisfaction and convenience to players. The sound of each action, gesture or emotion of the character as well as the animation is shown very naturally and vividly.

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