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Now Angry Bird is probably no longer a strange name to our young people. The old version has brought players a lot of fun, with this new version of Angry Bird 2, it will also cause waves. Let's find out together

Detailed introduction to Angry Birds 2 APK

Angry Birds 2 APK is a bird shooting game provided by game publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation and currently has a dizzying number of downloads, surpassing 100,000,000 downloads. Because the audience is restricted in age, 4 years old can already play this game

angry birds 2 android

In the game you will see images of birds with angry faces and green pigs are lurking to take over the full basket of eggs of the other birds.

The game does not use modern guns, but uses a childhood slingshot as a weapon, your task is to choose the right bullet or bird to put in the position of the bullet, pull the string to get the exact coordinates. best so that when dropping the slingshot, this bullet will follow that pre-drawn trajectory and destroy those green pigs. After each victory, your achievement will be evaluated by the number of points you scored.

These are just subordinate pigs, guys, we still have to confront the boss pig. The task is not as simple as we think because those cunning green pigs don't stop when they act. First failed, but they are hatching bigger, more terrible plots.

angry birds 2 mod apk

Players will go with these cool-faced birds in succession through different levels, each level will increase the difficulty level. So be very careful when targeting your target.

The context in Angry Birds 2 will constantly have changes such as the movement of the wind blades that will change the flight of the birds, and the effect of strange flowers like cannibal flowers. This flower has the ability to "suck and release" objects that accidentally fall inside the other petals.

Along with the special features of the birds inadvertently create their harm, causing a threat to the enemy.

angry birds 2 apk

We will gradually enter the lair of those green pigs to save the stolen eggs and our friends. Deal with these minions and their boss to gradually progress to victory because after each level you will accumulate your points to spend on opening new guns with more powerful uses to support you. better in the process of killing these evil and sinister green pigs,

Highlights of Angry Birds 2 Mod APK

Vivid, epic 3D graphics with simple gameplay and fun sounds, angry bird 2 will give players satisfaction and enjoyment with the interface, how to create characters as well as the surrounding scenery. extremely cute, playful and colorful like 7 rainbow colors of birds.

You are allowed to choose the type of game, you play…You can solo compete with friends at home and abroad to prove your talent with Angry Bird 2 APK

The game is completely free, applicable to all smart devices. Play online or offline, you can play anytime you have free time.

Each bird will be equipped with skills, types of power suitable for each of their levels to create something new in the game.

Diversity of birds as well as battle screens, the context also changes constantly from islands to new lands to help increase the game's drama.

Combat equipment is also invested more.

For young players, the game publisher also wants to send the message "be brave, courageous, resilient and do not back down" before enemies or challenges that life offers.

angry birds 2 mien phi

New versions or additions of publishers to make the game Angry Bird 2 more and more complete are always updated regularly.


You will have to be bored with Angry Bird 2 to see, along with the new and unique things of the game to create achievements for yourself, gamers. Give yourself memorable moments of relaxation with this new game app. Download Angry Bird 2 Android now.

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