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Download Adobe Acrobat reader and enjoy using this utility app to view and ify PDFs. View, edit, create and share PDF files using this office app.

Brief description of Adobe acrobat reader

Adobe acrobat reader is one of the utility apps under the adobe umbrella. Adobe stands as a global leader in the field of creative software and productivity tools. While they initially focused on desktop-based applications, they've successfully transitioned to mobile platforms to adapt to the changing technological landscape. Among their mobile offerings, Adobe Acrobat Reader stands out as an invaluable tool for modern work environments. This application allows users to read and ify pdf files in a very convenient manner.

adobe acrobat reader free download

A mobile application that supports pdf reading and editing are very useless in this day and time as most people make use of pdf files. Apart from people in offices, students and other workers make use of pdfs to read reports, assignments, instructions, memos, etc. Pdfs are the most common reading format in recent times. Since there aren't many applications that support full pdf reading and editing, Adobe acrobat reader has become way more popular and used. The application has billions of users globally, and more people are joining daily. Adobe acrobat reader is a mobile application on every smartphone, and it is available for download on all platforms.

Originally launched on May 24, 2010, by Adobe, this utility app has undergone multiple updates since its inception. With a rating of 3+ on the Play Store, the app is accessible to nearly all smartphone users, offering valuable features that can assist in various tasks.

Using Adobe Acrobat reader, you get a whole new experience, a new feel of reading and ifying PDFs. As with this app, there is a lot that you can do to PDFs you create or collect from other sources.

Suppose you're looking for a top-notch app for manipulating PDFs and reading them as well as convenience. Then, the Adobe acrobat reader is your ideal choice.

adobe acrobat reader  apk newupdate

Remember that upgrading to the Adobe acrobat reader's latest version, 480, is your best choice to get the most out of this application, as you'll enjoy its advanced features.

What can you do with Adobe acrobat reader?

Adobe acrobat reader is a utility app used to read, customize and create pdf files. Every utility app comes with a lot of things you can do, and using this app, the main thing you can do is read and view pdf files. Reading a file on this app is easy as all you'll need to do is select the document on your device and open it with the Adobe acrobat reader app. You can also import the file to the app directly. Once you give the app full access to your file, it will scan it thoroughly, convert it, and then be viewed as a pdf file. This also works with other files on your device as the app has an option to scan your entire phone and display all files as pdfs, and this makes finding particular files more accessible and quicker.

One more capability offered by this software is the ability to generate your own PDF documents. With compatibility for various formats such as images and documents that are readable by Adobe Acrobat, creating a PDF is straightforward. You just have to pick your source files and transform them into a PDF. Moreover, there's a built-in editing suite. Utilizing these robust editing features, you can tweak aspects like layout, shade, typeface, and dimensions of your document.

download adobe acrobat reader for android

Adobe acrobat reader also allows you to import and export different files from any location on your phone. It is straightforward to share files and data on this app and download and access them. On this app, you can also merge different files through the cloud and download the documents to customize and upload them. You are allowed to access these documents on storage services like google drive, Dropbox, or other storage platforms.

Also, you are allowed to import files from your phone's storage or search by yourself from the files retrieval platform.

Besides the functionality for creating, altering, and reading PDF files, the application also offers the feature of sharing these documents with others within the platform. To simplify future access, shared files will be saved in a specific folder.

You can do a lot on this app but using the Adobe acrobat reader apk 1300 allows you to enjoy more advanced features such as creating files and editing them, as the free version only allows you to go through and share pdf files.

Adobe acrobat reader is easy to use as it has a very satisfying user interface. Anyone can start using this app and enjoy it.

Features to look out for

There are a lot of features that you can look out for when using this app. Some of them include:

adobe acrobat reader apk latest version
  • Conveniently read PDFs:

Using this app, you can read and go through PDFs. It is made convenient using liquid e and finding text fast.

  • Editing:

There is an option to edit your PDFs using many powerful tools.

  • Sharing your PDFs:

After converting and working on your PDFs, you can enjoy sharing them with other people to view.

  • Sign forms:

Using this app, there is the option to fill out forms and also add your signature to them. You can quickly sign on e-documents

  • Connecting to storage platforms:

This app allows you to connect to storage platforms like google drive and Dropbox, where you can upload saved data to and import files from your drive to convert to PDFs

adobe acrobat reader  apk
  • You are also given the freedom to store and manage files from your devices using this app


Adobe acrobat reader is a handy utility app with many features to help users properly use PDF files. The app features an interface that's both easy to understand and navigate, accommodating users from novices to experts. The graphical layout of the application is also worthy of praise.

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  • mubeen
    Whenever I install yours adobe acrbot reader : pdf editor mod apk it keeps telling us to update. So please let give the apk so that it doesn't show the updated version

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