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YoWhatsApp APK v9.90 is the best WhatsApp mod app with privacy and security features. Download it now to enjoy chatting with your friends and family.

Description of YoWhatsapp

YoWhatsapp is the ified version or app of the regular WhatsApp. It encompasses strong and attractive features to help users get the best experience while messaging their loved ones. Yowhatsapp can be shortened to YoWa, so anywhere you see it, you don't get confused.

Yoga is an online messaging app similar to WhatsApp because it was derived from the source code of the regular whatsapp. However, YoWa has strong features compared to the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a popular and commonly used messaging app; hence it is quite essential in our daily activities. However, there are some limited features in it that discourages users while using the app. YoWa has been created to give the best to users with regards to privacy and security, which you won't get while using the regular WhatsApp.

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YoWhatsapp is majorly designed to give users an easy, convenient and comfortable gaming experience with additional features while maintaining the normal features of the regular WhatsApp. You can customize this application according to your preference and design.

There are various features available for users to enjoy when they download this app. Users will have access to many themes, customize their conversation, block calls, use unique chat backgrounds, and many more

Though there are many unofficial versions of WhatsApp, YoWhatsapp stands out to be the best as it focuses on users' security and privacy. There are no paid features when you download and use YoWhatsapp Apk.

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If you find your regular WhatsApp boring or you cherish your privacy and data security, then you should download the YoWhatsapp apk; it has many features that will suit your needs. Let's discuss some of its outstanding features.

Features of YoWhatsapp

Here are the interesting features of the YoWhatsapp app;

High-level privacy and security

One of the major features that distinguish Yowhatsapp from WhatsApp and its other ification is its high keel of privacy. YoWhatsapp understands that users might want to keep their move on the app sage or underlay, so they protect users' privacy like hiding the read rock color, changing the last seen, locking chats, hiding texts, etc.

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YoWhatsapp understands the importance of privacy to users, which is why they have implemented this feature. Asides from the above-mentioned privacy feature, YoWhatsapp allows users to lock messages with a specific passcode. With this feature, no one will see your move, and you're rest assured that your data is safe.

Text and call anyone without saving their contact

Usually, on WhatsApp, you have to go through the stress of saving contacts before you can access them. There is no such thing as YoWhatsapp. You can call and communicate with anyone without saving their contacts. This is a great feature for you if you need to make a quick exchange or transaction with someone you don't want to get their contact saved. As long as the other party uses WhatsApp, you are good to go with this feature. This is amazing.

Pin more than three chats

YoWhatsApp has a great feature in that users are asked to pin more than three chats on their mobile phones. Usually, on WhatsApp, you can only pin three chats.

YoWhatsapp understands that there are times users need to prioritize many chats, this way, you will keep track of your essential conversations with no mix up.YoWhatsapp can pin over 10 of your chats.

Block incoming calls

Some users do not appreciate unsolicited messages and calls. On YoWhatsapp,  users can block any contact (known and unknown). This feature is easy to use and activate to avoid unnecessary texts and calls.

Chat customization

You are free to customize or change your chat layout on YoWhatsapp. This application has many designs, themes, and layouts users can explore or choose from, like colors, texts, font, and layout as they want.

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When you download the YoWhatsapp apk, you can easily configure or customize your WhatsApp chat. Like changing the font color to icon color, text size, chat wallpaper, etc. You can even use emojis to customize your WhatsApp. This feature helps you chat quickly with your contact as you already know the exact color or font size you used for each chat. Chat customization does not change your WhatsApp, and it only changes its aesthetics.

Multilingual function

YoWhatsapp is diverse and available worldwide; hence there are over 100 different languages to choose from. There is no language barrier on YoWhatsapp.

Large file sharing

Sharing large files on regular WhatsApp ain't an easy task. However, YoWa has made this easy, and you can easily send large files without constraints on the number of files, photos, size, and capacity. You have access to YoWhatsapp without a reduction in quality.

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In addition, your status word cooing has no limit. YoWhatsapp does not have a limit to the word count. You can write more than 250 words. This is super amazing and intriguing.

Additional features

  • Change the color of your group name
  • Hide chats by passcode or fingerprint lock
  • Remain private in chats and groups
  • Change the app icon
  • Get notified when your friends are online or typing
  • Message counter.


 If you want to add a twist to your regular WhatsApp, YoWhatsapp is the best option for you. You enjoy access to premium features.

Download YoWhatsapp apk now and enjoy these features.

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