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Chrome is the fastest, safest and easiest to use web browser. Designed for android and easy to download for electronic devices. Chrome is the most popular application in all countries and voted for 68% of the global market share.

Introduction to Chrome development history

Chrome applications are developed by Google based on the V8 Engine platform. The beta version of Chrome was released on September 2, 2008, in 3 popular languages.

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After a period of testing, on December 11, the official version was released. Until November 2011, Chrome was rated as the official 3rd ranked web browser worldwide. By May 2012, Chrome was at the top of the world, surpassing all other browsers.

Chrome App Highlights

Chrome was chosen as the fast web browser and less complicated login operations. When the user uses and enters the search data, the Chrome app will display results based on your search suggestions, and you can use the browser to browse the previously searched web pages one at a time. easy, fast way. Display suggestions for the fastest integration of search requests.

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Chrome also features a web browser extension in incognito mode. When users use Incognito mode to search Internet browsers without displaying and saving history. An even more outstanding feature is that the web browser is in private mode and users can delete search histories on all electronic devices.

Users can also log in to their accounts to synchronize Chrome on electronic devices to use. When a user is signed in to the default Chrome account, bookmarks, passwords, and settings will automatically sync all links across all electronic devices. You can instantly access the histories of all pages from your previously used phone, tablet or laptop.

With just one login, you can immediately use all the utilities you love. The Chrome app is not only a quick browser for Google Search, but it's also specially designed so that you'll be able to find all the content you need with a single tap. You can search multiple web pages at the same time using multiple tab windows at various news, movie, or social networking sites. Chrome also integrates “Tap to Search” features and voice search on web pages. Users can click on any keyword or phrase to start a search on the Google browser while still on the page the application is viewing.

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Chrome keeps electronic devices safe with Google's safe web browsing feature. This Chrome feature helps keep your phone absolutely safe by displaying warnings when users visit malicious websites or download dangerous documents to their electronic devices.

Chrome downloads files quickly, view web pages and videos without the Chrome network. Users can easily download videos, photos and entire web pages with simple taps. In addition, Chrome also has a dedicated section for files that you have downloaded right in the browser, where users can access all downloaded content again, even without a network connection.

Chrome supports Google voice search users. Chrome gives users a real web browsing experience where you can find everything in the simplest way. Users can use voice to search all the answers anytime, anywhere without any data and switch to hands-free mode. Users can browse the web and move faster by voice anywhere, anytime.

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Integrate Google Translate's all-inclusive Chrome utilities: Quickly translate all languages, whole web pages. Chrome has fully integrated the Google Translate service to help users look up and translate the entire website you need into the language you need with the simplest operation.

The content  of the Chrome app is intelligently suggested to each individual. Chrome creates shared experiences tailored to each of your needs and preferences. On the new service tab window page, users will easily find suggestions based on your previous search history, to suggest the fastest searches.


Outstanding extensions are integrated in one Chrome application, with just one login you can experience all the unique features. Use and experience Chrome on any electronic device for the most enjoyable satisfaction.

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