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Download stick war legacy apk and know what plays out during the ancient time wars and how the battles were fought using blade and shield.

An overview of stick war legacy apk

Stick war legacy apk belonged to the strategy game genre and was developed by Max Game Studios to give players a never experienced gaming and battle adventure on mobile. As the game is capped with lots of fun, so also there are lots of challenges that players will be confronted with. In the Stick war legacy apk, you will have your own country, which you are to improve and watch over for maximum protection, guiding it against intruding enemies.

To establish this territory, you will employ strategies that will work. And as you are doing this, you have to gain many resources and attack enemies who may want to encroach on your kingdom. You have to establish a battalion of armies that are powerful to confront enemies for you to gain more territories and expand your empire.

As a leader leading a battalion of armies, you have to be tactical and skillful to lead the army to fight successfully using their blades and shields. In your team army, you will have many war heroes with diverse skills useful on the battlefield. For instance, there are archers who are skillful at long-distance shooting. Some Mages are versatile and powerful in using magic in subduing enemies.

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To make your warriors perform to the best of their ability according to their possessed traits, you have to position them at the right place on the battlefront. Your character's skills can be upgraded for better performance by equipping them with more sophisticated weapons and armor.

Stick war legacy new update has gotten lots of unique and better features that can make your characters perform much better. To take advantage of the new updates, you will have to get stick war legacy latest version.

Unique features of stick war legacy

Dynamic Gameplay

In the stick war legacy for Android and stick war legacy online for other devices, you will act as the leader giving the legion of army orders. In your kingdom, the people are after peace, and they don't bow to objects of weapons as their gods. As a result, among the neighboring kingdom, you will become the center of focus to attack so that they can enforce their belief on your people.


As the kingdom head, you must arrange for your warriors to launch attacks on them before they penetrate your territory. The target of your attack should be the technological station of these neighboring kingdoms to strip them naked. You should take possession of all the stickmen, build units, and mine gold.

Game modes

stick war legacy menu comprises different modes that players can select from. Some of these modes are:

Survival mode: this mode requires that you survive the stick war legacy zombies' attacks. You must engage your fighting skills and techniques to the maximum to conquer the zombies. With this mode, you can authenticate your stick fighting techniques.

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Tournament mode: in this mode, you will be challenged to face a series of deadly battle confrontations. You must conquer your enemies in this mode to receive the Inarmota crown.

Campaign mode: this mode of the stick war legacy apk all has its setting in Inarmota with surrounding kingdoms that discriminate and have hatred towards your territory. These kingdoms are committed to expanding the technological innovations that will allow them to subdue others.

This mode requires that you develop a working strategy to defend your region from attack. This is because other nations believe in possessing weapons and their workforce for fighting. As a result, they want to dominate other nations and impose their system on them. Their attempt to do this will eventually lead to war. When the war breaks out, you are to use your armies efficiently with stick fighting skills to overpower your enemies and ensure a secured kingdom. 


Graphics and sound

The stick war legacy apk has friendly graphics with cartoon art styles. It has a realistic strategy and a grand-scale battlefront with different effects on the weapon. The game's interface is easy to relate to, and it runs smoothly with no lags.

stick war legacy apk

In the same vein, the sounds are realistic, and each mode in the game has sound effects that make it engaging. For instance, in a tense battle, you will hear the sounds of clashing irons. When gold is mined, you will hear the sounds as it is being done. The sounds make the game to be fun and realistic.

Get started with stick war legacy's latest version

Stick war legacy gameplay is one of the fantastic strategy games. To play this game, you will download stick war legacy apk for free. After that, install the game from the download source on your phone. With the stick war legacy latest version downloaded on your device, you can start enjoying the stick game and conquering territories to expand your kingdom.


Stick war legacy apk is a game that shouldn't be missing in any game lover mobile device. As you progress in defeating and securing your nation from attacks, you will be given stick war legacy unlimited gems. The experience you will get in playing this game is one of a thousand among strategy game genres. Stick war legacy uses ancient settings and arsenals to deliver a combat game.

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Stick war legacy apk has much perfection regarding the gameplay, graphics, and smooth running with no glitches. The game's storyline is simple but engaging, demanding your strategic thinking to conquer the neighboring nations before they bring you and your people down. The game will hook you up due to the challenges you will face, and you will want to finish up and become a champion in the stick war legacy game.

The stick war legacy apk is the best version you should download immediately. As you defeat your enemies, you will unlock more impressive features of the game.

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