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Solar Smash APK is a simulation game that allows players to utilize their weapons and destroy any planet in the endless galaxy. You can observe the planet's surroundings and choose the appropriate destruction site. At the same time, there will be more possibilities as you discover how to use these weapons and how often to use them. So you will spend your time exploring planets and repeating the destruction process.

Basic information about Solar Smash Mobile

Solar Smash Download is a simulation game in which the player examines a planet in space and decides its fate using destructive weapons. Each weapon is organized into five main categories and there are several alternatives available to you. So you will know how to destroy a planet in no time and otherworldly creatures will assist you. At the same time, don't overlook the places that you will likely visit when you own it.

solar smash  apk

At the same time, the game supports a joystick, so you will be able to adjust the camera and of course choose the attack position. Because this function has no limit on the number of uses, it is very useful when multiple weapons are combined to use at the same time for maximum effect.

Destroy a large planet in the solar system

When you launch Solar Smash Vietnam, you will see a planet appear in front of you, and your job is not only to explore it but also try to make use of the weapons you own. From there, each weapon will deliver a specific devastating effect on that planet until it is destroyed. The destruction process will be repeated with the reset button so the player can do whatever he wants. Simple gameplay that anyone can experience. At the same time, you can freely move your sights around your planet, and the purpose of this is to choose the location you want to destroy and use the weapon right after. When you use a weapon, you will not need to spend resources, determining how much you can use.

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With the above gameplay, you will be able to freely use the available weapons, and it is completely diverse in the latest Solar Smash download. You need to tap on a specific weapon in the list on the right side of the screen, and a few seconds later that weapon will appear and destroy the planet in front of you. Of course, the detail in the destruction will be increased when you narrow the area by zooming in on any area.

solar smash tai xuong mien phi

So each weapon will have a different method of destruction. When experiencing downloading Solar Smash for Android, the interesting point is that the planets will have relatively large sizes and characteristics. In other words, depending on the weapon, it will take you time to destroy them. So you will need to hit them in different areas, and some of them hit the core of that planet and make them explode. That can be considered as one of the effective ways that players can explore and use.

Experience the super fun feeling when owning a variety of advanced weapons

The weapons that players experience in Solar Smash free download are completely diverse in genres that they will quite love because many of them come from sci-fi movies. You can throw a specific meteor into an area of the earth, and corresponding to the number of hits, the number of meteors will increase.

solar smash phien ban moi nhat

At the same time, weapons ranging from rockets to high-damage lasers will give you a vision of the apocalypse when people use powerful weapons. it hit the core of its planet and caused it to explode. It doesn't stop there when alien creatures appear with worm-like or tentacle-like shapes. They will gnaw and take away some parts of the planet. Once in the solar system, we cannot ignore the black hole because it is very likely that some black hole will cause the planet to disappear.


As children, we can have a lot of fun exploring and trying new things. However, nowadays, people mainly play mobile games with rather complicated gameplay. Play Solar Smash Online now if you want to go back in time and enjoy the thrill of exploring this vast universe. This is a really fun demolition simulation game, treat all your worries as miniature planets in this game.

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