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Scary Teacher 3D APK is a thrilling and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours. Download it for free and play now!

Scary Teacher 3D Mobile Overview

Scary Teacher 3D is a mobile game about a highly intellectual high school student and possibly the worst teacher you can imagine. The genius girl has a lot of trouble because the teacher is always threatening students and giving them physical punishment. Moreover, she is also found to be torturing students at times.

In Scary Teacher 3D, that horrible teacher has moved in as your new neighbor. This plot is your opportunity to teach her a lesson for all the abuse she has ever done.

So, what could possibly be the ideal revenge? For a scary teacher, scaring her sounds like the real deal. In the game, you are the protagonist and you have to complete various missions and tasks without being caught.

There will also be a timer for each task and you must ensure that you don’t take too long. The Scary Teacher is also known as “Miss T”. What’s creepier is that her house has 15 rooms and each room has its own unsolved mysteries.

scary teacher 3d apk

On your journey, you will have to retrieve photos of victim kids, pets she has threatened, and some desserts as your reward. Don’t forget, there is also a terrifying basement in her house and it’ll be a shocking experience for you.

How to Play Scary Teacher 3D APK

Scary Teacher 3D APK is an exciting game that has just the right touch of thrill mixed with loads of fun. Playing Scary Teacher 3D APK is relatively easy. When you start the game, you enter a simulation with a creepy background music and a few on-screen touch controls.

The game starts with your scary teacher becoming your neighbor, and you infiltrating her home to explore mysteries. Moreover, your main objective is to scare her as well. However, it is not that easy since she is a monster herself.

The game employs a stealth gameplay. That is to say, you can’t just run around but you have to be very sneaky when you trespass her property. As aforementioned, the main objective is to spook her.

Your gameplay will involve numerous tasks that come up while you explore. These tasks will come with an on-screen timer. You have to ensure that you complete them before time runs out otherwise, you will be caught.

Scary Teacher 3D APK is simple. Once the teacher catches you, it’s game over. Since, it is entirely revenge based, you’ll also be given a good enough background story to motivate you. Unlike other 2D games with only left and right controls, here you have a 3D environment.

download scary teacher 3d for android

Therefore, make the best use of elements to hide from the teacher if she comes in.

Experience New Pranks with Scary Teacher 3D Download

It’s free for all in Scary Teacher 3D APK! That is to say, when you get the download and start the game, don’t hold back. The whole point of the game is to teach the nasty teacher a lesson and make her as miserable as she makes her students.

When you play the game, you’ll have to wait for opportunities. For instance, while she is playing billiards or something. Wait for the right time and play ruthless pranks to torment Miss T. Don’t worry, she’s too evil for you to feel bad for her.

Your pranks will include replacing her hair product with hair removal cream to make her go bald. Similarly, you can give her electric shocks and burn her hands.

The mechanics of the pranks are same as real life. Just make sure you do not get caught, otherwise it’s really going to give you some nightmares.

Scary Teacher 3D Online Different Levels

Scary Teacher 3D can be downloaded online from our site. Once you have the game running, you’ll be able to play career e. This is basically the story e, where you have to progress by pulling pranks.

scary teacher 3d free download

You’ll be able to collect items for your inventory while solving numerous puzzles to get ahead of the game. Each game level comes with its own set of pranks. For example, you’ll replace sticky goo as her bath water or throw pie or exploding hotdogs on her face.

As for the online bit, Scary Teacher 3D also has a multiplayer e. This turns the game into a “hide and seek” battle. You can either play as Miss T or the genius girl. If you have played dead by day light and realized you do not have the heart for it, then give this one a go.

Is Scary Teacher 3D Free to Play?

Yes, Scary Teacher 3D APK is 100% free to download and play. You do not have to spend money on anything unless you want some exclusives from the in-game app. Even if you don’t purchase anything, there is plenty of fun in the game.

What to Expect From Scary Teacher 3D New Update?

The Scary Teacher 3D new update comes with some exciting features. Here’s a quick overview of the main updates:

  • 15 New rooms
  • Basement mystery
  • New chapters have been added in career e
scary teacher 3d newupdate
  • Explosives and other items to take revenge on miss T.

Download Scary Teacher 3D For Android and Become a Prankster!

Download Scary Teacher 3D for Android and experience a unique hide-and-seek gameplay. It’s exactly the same! Only difference is that, in Scary Teacher 3D APK, you can pull numerous different pranks on the seeker.

Final Thoughts - Download Scary Teacher 3D Latest Version

If you want a game that brings you just enough thrill without leaving you nightmares, then download Scary Teacher 3D latest version. You’ll be welcomed with 15 mystery rooms that will engage you for hours.

It’s safe to say that thanks to the simple control-system of the game, anyone can play Scary Teacher 3D APK. If you need something to kill time offline, then this is it. Download Scary Teacher 3D APK and embark on a mystery filled journey.

The beauty of simulation games like Scary Teacher 3D APK lies in their intricate details – a feature also prominent in Burger Please! APK. Why not give it a try?

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