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When you get lost on a deserted, unfamiliar island, you have to acclimatize on a raft. You have to rebuild huts to spend the night, look for food to overcome hunger, late at night have to fight wild animals to protect yourself. In the game Raft Survival you will experience all those challenges.

Introducing the game Raft Survival

Game Raft Survival is simulated adventures on the vast ocean. You have to go through many difficulties, fight storms to protect yourself. The game is built on the platform for all electronic devices and operating systems android, IOS.

The story that the game Raft Survival wants to give everyone is very meaningful, in order to protect the vast seas of the whole world, you will be transformed into heroes, not afraid of the dangers approaching. . Fighting with storms as well as monsters of the ocean, it is not difficult for the unyielding will of the warriors.

raft survival  apk

The game is designed with virtual reality 3D graphics, creating extremely vivid and sharp images and sounds, attracting players to immerse themselves in the action in the game Raft Survival

How to play Raft Survival game

Raft Survival is a survival game genre, adventure, you and all other players have to live on a raft floating in the ocean. You must fight enemies right on the ocean, players create all kinds of weapons and items, explore new lands and unknown islands.

Many adventures are created waiting for you to experience: survive on an uninhabited island, explore the vast ocean with just a small boat. You will have to explore and find ways to survive on your own, players will have to find food from hunting sharks and exploiting other resources from the ocean, building bases, accumulating weapons by rudimentary items.

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Suddenly you will encounter crates of items such as chests, wooden sticks and countless other resources. Those are also seen as items that players are given, to re-equip boats, rafts, items, weapons, to hunt and fight dangerous creatures that are stalking you.

In the game Raft Survival you can experience your creations to build a boat as desired, craft your own armor, players can throw a hook to fish on available products in the ocean to cultivate. Increase resources for your base.

Your combat role is to tame the vicious shark, which always disturbs the peaceful and beautiful sea. With rudimentary weapons that you create and practice fighting skills to be able to defeat the demons of the vast ocean.

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Join your friends, link up to be able to survive the storms of the sea, protect yourself by building a boat into a solid, solid fortress. Design more advanced weapons by upgrading them through each level, a larger boat, higher walls, more powerful weapons, then you will surely overcome all the difficulties that are lurking.

With the fairly simple gameplay of the game Raft Survival, but stimulating the curiosity of players for the vast ocean, and unique creations in the game have made waves, attracting the online community to find Find and experience interesting.

To challenge yourself to overcome all difficulties when wandering in a remote, completely unfamiliar place, requires you to use all your inherent abilities to be able to survive. In addition, you also have to fight the animals that are stalking to harm you, you have to upgrade your skills to fight.

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You can form a group to play, in addition you can play the game offline anywhere. You will have to do all the challenges to compete on the leaderboard of the sea.

To turn your dream of building a deserted island into your secret base, download the game Raft Survival right away to make that dream come true.

Raft Survival is free to download on the Play Store and App Store, although it is free, Raft Survival has images and builds a very special and meaningful story. For all ages, stimulating curiosity and creativity.


Let Raft Survival satisfy your desire to dominate a land. Fight with friends to bring peace to the vast, beautiful ocean, with beautiful mermaids. That land will bear your name, you deserve to be undefeated heroes.

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