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Download now Pubg Mobile Mod APK - one of the hottest survival games today, play the role of fighting, surviving and winning right away.

Origin of the game Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile - Playerunknow's battleground mobile is a worldwide favorite survival shooter game researched and developed by Tencent & BlueHole.

Feeling the heat of this game, only about 5 months after Pubg Mobile released Nguyen Bao Digital Content Co., Ltd. has developed a version of Pubg Mobile in Vietnam managed by VNG company.

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Not to be expected, since its launch, Pubg Mobile Mod APK has been extremely welcomed by Vietnamese gamers, always keeping the No. 1 position in the hearts of the gaming community since its release.

The "special" highlight of the game Pubg Mobile VN APK

Spectacular graphic design and HD standard sound

Pubg Mobile VN is developed based on the terrible Unreal Engine 4 technology, so players can experience moments of explosive entertainment just like other games.

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Stunning 3D images, true to every detail. The sound system is most vivid when fighting with other gamers. Guns and whistles sounded, the sound of bombs exploding was extremely realistic.

Players experience the first-person FPS action role-playing game like that of an American blockbuster full of suspense and fierceness.

Exquisite styling and costumes

From the smallest details in the game are also meticulously cared for by the designers. Create shapes for the characters in the unique survival shooter Pubg Mobile VN APK. So when gamers transform into the character, they will definitely have unforgettable impressions.

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At the beginning of the game, you will be free to choose for yourself the character to participate in the battle, create your own face and choose for yourself sophisticatedly designed fashion costumes such as trendy costumes, dancers and costumes. With a variety of unique and beautiful colors, you can freely coordinate and create your own style.

Satisfy the burning passion for guns

It can be said that guns are endless inspiration in this game because when you have a gun next to you, you can easily defeat opponents from afar. Collect modern modern guns to continue to fight and survive in a gradually narrowing circle.

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There are also other special weapons that also accompany the Pubg mobile brand such as the Holy Pan, Hat 3 or Armor 3, etc. These weapons help players combine with tactics to create compelling stories. lead within bo.

Exchange and make friends with friends from five continents

When playing the game, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with friends all over the world with the voice chat feature in Pubg VN.

This feature helps you always feel shared, heard, accompanied and supported. That's why when playing games, there are gamers who meet the other half of their life.

Now there is the latest version of Pubg Mobile with more attractive features for users.

Summary of how to play the game Pubg Mobile VN

When the game Pubg Mobile VN starts, you will and 99 other players parachute onto a deserted island to participate in the battle for survival.

After parachuting down, try to run as fast as possible to find as many weapons and belongings as possible to serve the battle when encountering the opponent.

mod pubg mobile vn

Then you can go find the opponent to defeat them. Using the shooting modes, hit through the reticle icon on the right edge of the screen of the machine. When you are injured or lose too much blood, you can simultaneously open your backpack to get healing items, equip additional equipment or change your position of movement, ... in battle, hide in the bushes or houses so that the opponent does not detect them. then find the most accurate aim to defeat the opponent, making them unable to react.

Once you have defeated the enemy, you can proceed to open their box to collect items to continue fighting. The fewer players, the smaller the circle will be. So you not only go to find an opponent, but also have to combine running in a safe circle to not be contaminated with toxic gases outside leading to sacrifices.

The game will end when your team or the opposing team is killed and the last survivor is the winner of the battle.


With efforts to develop more new features for the game Pubg Mobile VN Mod APK for players to have great entertainment moments VNG has upgraded and updated the free version for Pubg Mobile. Let's download it to experience it.

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