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Download Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK, the prime version of Nova Launcher, which gives users access to more exciting features and allows them to do much more.

An In-Depth Description of Nova Launcher Prime APK

As stated above, Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK is the prime version of Nova Launcher that allows users to the app’s full potential and gives them access to more exciting features. This app was published by TeslaCoil Software and gives users power over their Android phones as they can give it a whole new look. The Original Nova Launcher allows users to customize different aspects of their folders, home screen, and icons. Since this is the premium version, users can access more customization features and a fast user interface for Android.

Nova Launcher Prime Latest APK is an app that you surely do not want to miss out on as it is suitable for any user due to its premium customization. If you are keeping up with today's trends, you should be aware that mobile personalization is becoming more popular as many people are doing it. If you are the type who likes their smartphones to express who they are fully, then the Nova Launcher Prime app is a perfect choice. It is a practical application that supports many functions and features and a smooth and fast interface design so anyone can operate it easily.

nova launcher prime tai xuong mien phi

Nova Launcher Prime APK Android allows users to do so many things with the app – they can create custom tabs in the app drawer groups to keep everything organized, they can hide apps without having to uninstall them, they can execute custom commands with gestures (swipe, double tap, pinch and do so much more) and they can assign custom icon swipe gestures to folders or home screen icons for custom actions. Apart from these exciting features, there are so much more (unread counts, scrolling effects) to look forward to.

Nova Launcher Prime Online is an elegant and versatile app that allows users to have a different home screen with so many possibilities. It is the perfect choice for lovers of Android customization and is extremely easy to use due to its best-rated interface. Users can also make a backup of their settings, import them to other devices, and customize the icons on their different desktops – what more could you ask for? Our site offers a straightforward Nova Launcher Prime download process so that you can get right to it.

Nova Launcher Prime APK

As stated above, Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK is the prime version of Nova Launcher and gives users access to more exciting features. Our site offers a modified version of the application that provides users with access to the prime features (no additional key required) and many other mouthwatering benefits.

nova launcher prime phien ban moi nhat

With our modified version, users are sure to enjoy their customization experience to the fullest. So what are you waiting for? Access our Nova Launcher Prime download button for a more exciting customization experience.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK

Now that you know about Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK let us look at some of this customization app's exciting features.

  • Design Your Actions: as stated above, Nova Launcher Prime online has a fast interface that allows users to have a smooth customization experience. Users can improve user gestures by designing personal actions to open the app. You can see this feature as a shortcut when you want to use a specific application, which allows you to save time.
tai nova launcher prime cho android

For example, if you want to go to an application on your phone, you do not need to navigate to where it is on your phone and directly touch the icon to open it. You can do something like swipe down from the top, and the app will automatically open.

  • App Drawer Groups: with app drawer groups, users can make folders to keep their home screen more organized. You can put an number of applications in one icon and click on it when you want to access them. A cool point about this feature is that when users swipe up, an application on their phone will open, and when they touch the icon, a different application will open. This means users can customize different action gestures for every app with the same icon.
  • Transition Effects: Nova Launcher Prime APK is a miniature animated world with many exciting features to show for it – users can and open different applications with different effects. The app offers a wide variety of transition effects – 3D and 2D included – that users can apply to each application on their device. This will surely make your customization experience a lot more exciting as you can add different effects to the apps on your device so that each will open using a different effect.
nova launcher prime mod apk
  • Change the Theme: as expected, Nova Launcher Prime APK allows users to change the theme of icons on their phone, thereby giving their device a fresh and fashionable look. Anytime you are bored, you want a change, or you are tired of looking at the same old themes, you can download the themes you love and apply them to your device. You can also do much more than changing the theme of your icons – you can resize them to meet your eye level for a more comfortable experience.
  • Reminders: this is one of the beautiful features of Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK. It is normal to forget that you have not read some messages and emails. Sometimes, you forget that responding is embarrassing as you have left the message unread for so long. Nova Prime features the TeslaUnread plugin, which will show you the number of notifications and messages you have not checked on each app. With this feature, you can never miss any new notifications.
  • Hide Apps: sometimes, you do not want to see an app on your device, but at the same time, you do not want to delete it. Nova Launcher Prime gives users access to a hidden app drawer where they can move those unimportant apps. This way, you are not uninstalling them but rather storing them so that you can access them later if you ever want to. This also helps you to keep your device tidy.
Nova Launcher Prime mod free
  • Increase in Operation Speed: we tend to use as many apps as possible simultaneously while leaving numerous apps running in the background. Due to this, our devices have a reduced performance level. With Nova Launcher Prime, users are guaranteed the best performance by using fixed bugs that maximize the application's performance.


With all that is written above, it is no doubt that Nova Launcher Prime APK is a fantastic customization app that gives you access to tons of features and tools to make your device look organized and fashionable. Download Nova Launcher Prime for free through our site, which offers a straightforward download process so you can get to it.

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