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Muslim Pro APK is a mobile application designed specifically for Muslims around the world. it provides important features that help users to perform religious activities

About Muslim Pro App

Muslim Pro is a highly renowned mobile application designed to cater to the comprehensive needs of Muslims globally. Since its inception, it has been a go-to platform for over 70 million users seeking assistance in religious obligations and daily Islamic lifestyle.

Built with precision and a deep understanding of Islamic traditions, it merges technology with spirituality to offer a range of features including prayer time notifications, Quranic recitations, Qibla direction, and dual calendar system. Moreover, it extends beyond spiritual aids to provide useful daily life tools like weather updates and local Halal restaurant guides, carving a niche as an all-encompassing app for Muslims.

Adhering to high standards of user privacy and security, it has established itself as a reliable application for individuals from diverse geographical locations. It is more than an app; it's a companion aiding Muslims in seamlessly integrating religious practices into modern life.

Overview Muslim Pro Free

Muslim Pro is an app meticulously crafted to assist Muslims globally in carrying out their religious duties, such as praying and utilizing the Hijri calendar. Garnering over 70 million users, it has entrenched itself as a vital instrument in the daily routines of Muslims worldwide.

muslim pro latest version

Engineered to disseminate essential details regarding prayer schedules and various religious events predicated on the user's locale, Muslim Pro stands as a pivotal religious tool. Users are at liberty to toggle between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars seamlessly. Furthermore, it facilitates finding the Qibla direction (towards the Kaaba in Mecca) to simplify locating the prayer direction.

A standout feature is its repertoire of Quranic recitations by diverse readers, aiding users in memorization and enhancement of Quran reading proficiency. Moreover, it delivers religious lessons to deepen the understanding of Islam’s numerous facets.

Going beyond spirituality, Muslim Pro offers local weather and time updates, affording users the ease of time tracking. An integrated notification function alerts users to prayer times and the commencement of Iftar during Ramadan.

Prioritizing user security, Muslim Pro maintains stringent policies against sharing user details with third entities, thereby safeguarding user privacy. It enhances security through features like fingerprint or password unlock, ensuring restricted app access.

Best Tips while Using Muslim Pro Mobile

Personalized Notifications: Make the most of the app by setting personalized notifications for prayer times and important Islamic dates to keep your religious activities well-organized.

Leverage the Learning Resources: New to Islam or looking to deepen your understanding? Utilize the religious lessons and diverse Quranic recitations available in the app to enhance your knowledge.

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Explore Halal Eateries: Utilize the Halal restaurant feature to discover and try out different Halal eateries in your locality, and don’t forget to leave a review to assist other users.

Save Your Favourite Recitations: Found a Quranic recitation that resonates with you? Save it to easily access it anytime and enrich your spiritual journey.

Utilize the Qibla Direction Tool: Ensure you always have the Qibla direction tool handy, especially while traveling, to find the correct direction for your prayers effortlessly.

Battery Optimization: To avoid rapid battery drain, manage the app’s location settings appropriately, possibly restricting background location access when not in use.

Regular Updates: Keep the app updated to enjoy the latest features and optimal performance. It’s best to have the latest version installed to ensure a seamless user experience.

Feedback and Support: Encountered an issue or have suggestions? Use the feedback option within the app to communicate directly with the developers.

Highlighting Muslim Pro Features

Hijri and Gregorian Calendar: Furnishes both Islamic and Gregorian date and month views.

Precision in Namaz Timing: Determines the precise solar timings for Namaz based on your present location.

Qibla Direction: Assists in pinpointing the Qibla direction to ease your Namaz sessions.

Quran Access: Grants access to various Quran translations, facilitating easy reading and text searching within the Quran.

Multimedia Content: Houses a library of audio and video resources for Namaz, Quranic recitations, and spiritual hymns.

Halal Guide: Catalogs Halal eateries nearby with user reviews.

Reminders and Alerts: Enables setting reminders for Namaz timings or significant Islamic calendar events.

Pros and Cons of Muslim Pro Latest Version


  • Comprehensive Features: Muslim Pro offers a plethora of features catering to both religious and daily life needs, from precise prayer times to local Halal restaurant suggestions.
  • Dual Calendar View: With both Hijri and Gregorian calendars, users find it easier to track dates and events.
  • Enhanced Security: High emphasis on user privacy and security, with no third-party data sharing and added biometric or password protections.
  • Diverse Quranic Recitations: The variety of readers makes it ideal for users with different preferences in Quranic recitations.
  • Local Adjustments: By using the user's location, the app provides accurate prayer timings and Qibla direction, tailored to each individual's location.


  • Connectivity Dependency: For several features to function optimally, an active internet connection is required.
muslim pro  apk
  • Potential Learning Curve: With a myriad of features, new users might find it slightly overwhelming initially.
  • Battery Consumption: Continuous use, especially with location tracking, might drain battery faster than usual.

Design and User Experience


Muslim Pro boasts a design that's both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. It amalgamates modern app design principles with Islamic motifs, resulting in an interface that feels both contemporary and culturally resonant. The use of serene colors, particularly shades of green and gold, evoke a sense of tranquility, aligning with the spiritual nature of the app.

User Experience:

The user journey in Muslim Pro is largely streamlined. Features are well-categorized, making navigation a breeze. There's a conscious effort to minimize clutter, and tooltips are employed strategically to guide new users. The inclusion of both visual (like Qibla direction) and auditory (like Quranic recitations) elements ensures a multi-sensory user experience, catering to different user preferences. The only minor hiccup might be the plethora of features that can seem overwhelming to some, but with regular use, most find their way around comfortably.

Closing Thoughts

Muslim Pro emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering a range of features including precise prayer time alerts, religious event updates, dual calendar functionality, Qibla direction assistance, and a rich collection of Quranic resources. Its commitment to user security and privacy is unyielding, making it a trustworthy companion for Muslims globally.

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