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Muslim Pro Mod APK is a mobile application designed specifically for Muslims around the world. it provides important features that help users to perform religious activities

Muslim Pro Overview

Muslim Pro is an application specially designed to help Muslims around the world perform their religious activities, including praying and viewing the Hijri calendar. This application has become an important tool in the lives of many Muslims around the globe, and is used by more than 70 million people.

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Muslim Pro is designed to provide information about prayer times and other religious activities of the day based on the user's geographical location. The app offers both Hijri and Gregorian calendars, allowing users to easily switch between the two. In addition, Muslim Pro also provides information about the qibla direction (the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca), so that the user can easily find the direction of the prayer.

The application also includes a collection of Qur'an recitations with voices from various readers, making it easy for users to memorize and improve their Qur'an reading skills. Muslim Pro also provides religious lessons, helping users to better understand different aspects of Islam.

In addition to religion-related features, Muslim Pro also provides weather and local time information, making it easy for users to track the time of day. The application also has a notification feature, allowing users to receive notifications when it is time for prayer or when the lunch time begins during Ramadan.

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One notable point of Muslim Pro is its security. This application does not share user information with any third parties, ensuring the safety and privacy of users. In addition, Muslim Pro also provides fingerprint or password unlock feature to ensure that only the user can access the application.

Some features of Muslim Pro

Hijri and Gregorian Calendar: Displays the date and month according to the Islamic and Gregorian calendars.
Accuracy and timing for namaz: Calculate solar accuracy and time for namaz at your current location.
Qibla Direction: Shows the qibla direction (the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca) so you can orient yourself when doing namaz.
Quran: Provides various Quran translations so that you can read and search the texts in the Quran.
Audio and Video: Provides audio and video for namaz, Quran recitation, and other religious songs.

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Halal Menu: Show Halal restaurants in your location and customer reviews.
Reminders and notifications: Reminders can be set up to remind you of namaz time or important events in the Islamic calendar.

Final Thoughts - Download Muslim Pro MOD APK 

Muslim Pro provides many useful features such as information about prayer times and other religious activities, Hijri calendar and Gregorian calendar, information about qibla direction, collection of Quran recitations and lessons about direction, weather information and local time, notification features, while ensuring security and privacy for users.

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