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Hater Dating App was previously renamed to an application called Kasual, then the publisher continued to change the official name to Hookup & NSA Dating - Kasual, is a unique dating app that matches people based on their mutual dislikes rather than shared interests. Launched in 2016, it gained popularity by taking the swiping feature that made Tinder successful and turning it on its head.

The Unique Dynamics of Hater APK

Hater Dating APK is not your typical dating app. It flips the usual concept of finding love based on shared interests on its head by matching people based on mutual dislikes. Imagine bonding with someone over your shared aversion to reality TV or your mutual disdain for pineapple on pizza. This unique approach sets Hater APK apart from mainstream dating platforms. Unlike apps where you swipe right for similar interests, here you swipe for similar dislikes, creating a novel way to connect with like-minded individuals.

hater dating for android

This unconventional method appeals to those who appreciate an anti-mainstream twist on the traditional dating scene. Brendan Alper, the mastermind behind Hater Dating, transitioned from a career in banking to comedy writing, which eventually led him to develop this app. Alper’s idea was inspired by a comedy sketch and supported by a 2006 study suggesting that people bond more deeply over shared dislikes than shared likes. This unconventional approach resonates with users who find authenticity and genuine connections through shared negative experiences. Alper's vision was to create a platform where outspoken individuals could find others who oppose the same things they do, fostering deeper, more authentic relationships.

Key Features of Hater Dating APK

Swiping Mechanism

Hater APK’s swiping mechanism is intuitive and engaging. Users swipe left, right, up, or down to indicate their feelings about various topics. This four-directional swiping allows for nuanced expression of opinions, making the matching process more precise. The app’s algorithm then uses these inputs to curate potential matches, ensuring that users connect with individuals who share similar dislikes. This filter mechanism makes the app a haven for those looking for like-minded connections based on mutual aversions.

Topic Diversity

The diversity of topics on Hater APK is one of its standout features. From everyday nuisances like slow internet speeds to more controversial subjects like political opinions, the app covers a broad spectrum. There are currently about 3,000 topics to choose from, and they are regularly updated to reflect current trends. This targeted approach allows users to express their opinions on a wide range of subjects, making it easier to find connections based on shared dislikes. The app’s emphasis on authentic and genuine interactions through these topics is a refreshing change from the superficial nature of many dating apps.

hater dating app

Icebreaker Features

Hater APK offers unique icebreaker features like "Send a card" and "Fill the blank," which make initiating conversations easier. These features help users overcome the awkwardness of starting a chat by providing engaging prompts related to their dislikes. For example, "Send a card" allows users to share a topic card in the chat, which they can both swipe on to see if they oppose the same things. These interactive elements not only make conversations more fun but also help users find compatible matches based on their shared dislikes.

Profile Customization

Users have a lot of flexibility in customizing their profiles on Hater Dating APK. They can upload up to five photos, modify their age range preferences, and update their likes and dislikes regularly. This level of customization ensures that profiles reflect the user’s true self, enhancing the chances of finding like-minded connections. The app’s emphasis on user autonomy and authenticity makes it a preferred choice for those who value genuine interactions over superficial matches.

User Interaction

Hater APK enhances user interaction by limiting the number of messages that can be sent per day, encouraging users to be more thoughtful in their communications. This feature, along with the app’s innovative icebreakers, ensures that interactions are meaningful and engaging. Users can see how others have voted on various topics, adding a layer of transparency and authenticity to the matching process. The app’s community is highly active, with users frequently updating their profiles and engaging in conversations, making it a vibrant platform for like-minded individuals.

Hater Dating App Interface and Usability

Hater Dating boasts a clean and intuitive interface that makes navigation a breeze for users of all tech-savviness levels. The app’s design is user-centric, ensuring that even new users can quickly get the hang of it. The swiping mechanism is straightforward, and the profile customization options are easily accessible. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall user experience, making Hater APK a preferred choice for those looking for a hassle-free dating app.

Signing up on Hater Dating APK is quick and straightforward. Users can register through their Facebook account or phone number, with the option to receive a one-time SMS verification. This seamless sign-up process ensures that users can start swiping and matching within minutes. The app imports basic information from Facebook, which can be easily modified to reflect the user’s preferences. This ease of registration makes Hater APK accessible to a wide audience, including those who are not tech-savvy.

hater dating apk

The Social Impact of Hater Mobile

Building Unique Connections

Hater App fosters unique connections by focusing on mutual dislikes, leading to deeper conversations and stronger bonds. This approach resonates with users who find it easier to connect over shared aversions than common interests. By encouraging authentic and genuine interactions, Hater APK helps users form meaningful relationships based on similar values and beliefs. This focus on authenticity makes Hater Datign app a standout platform in the crowded dating app market.

Breaking Stereotypes

Hater APK challenges traditional dating app stereotypes by encouraging users to be honest about their dislikes. This contrarion approach appeals to those who value genuine interactions over superficial matches. By focusing on what users don’t like, Hater Dating APK creates a space where outspoken individuals can connect with others who share their views. This unconventional method of matching not only breaks the mold but also fosters more meaningful connections.

Community Building

Hater Dating creates a sense of community among users who share similar dislikes and perspectives on various topics. This targeted approach to matching ensures that users are part of a like-minded community, enhancing their overall experience. The app’s emphasis on authentic interactions and shared dislikes fosters a strong sense of belonging, making it a preferred platform for those seeking genuine connections. The community aspect of Hater APK is one of its key strengths, differentiating it from other dating apps.

Hater Free Access and Subscription Plans

Free Features

Hater Dating APK offers a plethora of features at no cost to its users. You can start by setting up your profile, complete with photos and personal preferences. The app’s unique swiping mechanism allows you to indicate your likes and dislikes across a variety of topics, from mundane pet peeves to more serious issues. Messaging is another free feature, enabling you to connect with other users once a mutual match is made. Profile customization is also available, letting you adjust your settings to reflect your true self. This authentic connections approach is what makes Hater APK stand out in the niche dating market.

Subscription Options

While Hater APK offers substantial functionality for free, it also has several subscription plans to enhance your experience. Users can opt for a one-month plan at $29.99, a three-month plan at $19.99 per month, or a six-month plan at $14.99 per month. These plans unlock premium features, such as unlimited messaging and advanced search filters. The subscription model aims to cater to users who seek a more targeted and curated dating pool, ensuring they connect with individuals who truly align with their values and dislikes.

The Latest Version of Hater for Android

Recent Updates

The latest version of Hater Dating for Android has introduced several new features and updates to improve user experience. These updates include a revamped user interface, making navigation smoother and more intuitive. The app now supports more languages, broadening its accessibility to a global audience. Additionally, new topics have been added to the swiping mechanism, keeping the content fresh and engaging. These enhancements reflect Hater Dating APK's commitment to evolving and staying relevant in the ever-changing landscape of niche dating.

Improved Performance

Performance improvements in the latest version of Hater Dating App have significantly enhanced the user experience. The app now runs faster and is more responsive, reducing lag and improving overall functionality. Bug fixes have addressed common issues, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for users. These improvements demonstrate Hater APK's dedication to providing a high-quality platform for belief-driven connection and shared negativity app interactions.

New Features

Several new features have been introduced in the latest version of Hater APK. Users can now enjoy enhanced profile customization options, allowing for more detailed and personalized profiles. The app has also added new icebreaker features, making it easier for users to start conversations and connect with others. These new functionalities aim to facilitate authentic connections and foster meaningful interactions, reinforcing Hater Dating APK's position as a leading contrarion match platform.

hater app

Engaging the Hater Mobile Community

One of the most compelling aspects of Hater APK is the success stories of users who have found meaningful connections through the app. These stories highlight the app’s ability to facilitate authentic connections and foster relationships based on shared dislikes. By showcasing these stories, Hater Dating app not only demonstrates its effectiveness but also inspires other users to explore the app and find their own connections. These user stories are a testament to the power of genuine interactions and the unique approach of Hater app.

Hater Dating organizes community events and meetups to foster offline connections among its users. These events provide opportunities for users to interact in person, deepening their relationships and building a stronger sense of community. By organizing such events, Hater APK reinforces its commitment to facilitating authentic connections and creating a supportive environment for its users. These community events are a key aspect of the app's engagement strategy, helping to build a loyal and active user base.


Hater Dating app stands out in the crowded dating app market with its unique approach of connecting people based on shared dislikes. This unconventional dating platform offers a refreshing change for those tired of the superficiality found in many mainstream apps. By focusing on what users don't like, Hater Dating APK fosters authentic connections and genuine interactions that are often missing in traditional dating environments.

The app’s combination of innovative features, user-friendly design, and continuous updates ensures a dynamic and engaging experience for its community. Whether you're looking for a casual chat or a deeper connection, Hater provides a space where like-minded singles can meet and build relationships based on shared negativity and values-based dating. As it continues to expand and innovate, Hater APK is poised to remain a standout option for those seeking a unique and meaningful approach to online dating.

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