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Download Clash Royale if you enjoy combat games. It engages players in a real-time combat game mode. Clash Royale is a video game whereby players destroy towers.

Description of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a combat, real-time strategy game that engages players with fighting enemies. This is a combat video game whereby players destroy towers in the few minutes time frame of the game.

You can either play alone or with other friends. Once you download Clash of Royale Apk, You will enter the game area alone or with your friends and achieve whichever mission you are given.

The game's main aim is for players to destroy many towers as they play, most especially the King's tower of the other opponents; once this is destroyed, you win the game.

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As the player, you rank up as you progress in the game by the number of times achieved. There are 13 battle arenas in Clash Royale. Each arena has its trophy to be won, and after this, you get to a particular number of cards.

Clash Royale immerses players in an interesting gameplay in which when a player joins a clan. They get to participate in 1v1 or 2v2 battles through an Internet connection. Joining a clan allows players to participate in clan wars which are chiefly at level 8.

Supercell developed this game, and the developers outdid themselves on the game features. Clash Royale has gotten over 100 million downloads and players worldwide. This game is rated for seven years and older, this is because of the violent content.

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This game is divided into two parts where you okay by cards or by joining a clan. Join millions of gamers to play this game with its many engaging features.


When you open the game, you can join a clan to engage in clan wars and 2vs2 or 1vs1 friendly games. When you engage in clan wars and win, you will get a special chest.

Most clan wars are divided into two; the collection and the war day. Clash Royale mod apk has upgraded clam war features, making the game interesting.


If you are playing the game by card, you have to build a deck of mostly eight cards to defend and attack your opponent's cards. Once you open the game, you will start with four cards, and in the run, you pick randomly from the eight-card prepared.

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There are several types of cards based on levels and classification. By level, there are five groups of cards.

Epic, Rare, Common, Champion, and Legendary.

  • Epic - is a purple card with a high-level and resource-full card. Soldiers in the card have high speed, blood, and damage
  • Rare - A yellow card. It is highly ranked than the common card. It takes up a lot of resources to use.
  • Common - This card does not take up many resources. It is a blue card which contains the lowest speed, blood, and damage of soldiers.
  • Champions - Here is the highest card with golden color on it. You can this card when the King's Tower reaches level 14.
  • Legendary - This card is rare, and it is only seen in super magical chests, or you purchase it for 40,000 golds. With Clash Royale mod apk, you have access.

On the other hand, by classification, the cards are classified into troops, spells, and building cards.

  • Troops - Divided into two parts; Flying Soldiers Cards, you will find soldiers capable of flying here like witches, archers, baby dragons, etc.
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Ground Soldiers Cards: Collection of soldiers that can walk on the ground. Soldiers here vary in damage, blood, movement, and defense.

  • Spell: we have direct damage cards and multipurpose cards. A direct damage card is used to damage soldiers or buildings, including their towers. In contrast, the multipurpose card is a collection of cards used to increase speed and freeze items.
  • Building card, which involves a defense card and attack card. The defense card has many defense functions to protect from attackers in the castle area. At the same time, the attack card is used to attack enemies.

In addition to all the cards, there is a multipurpose card that serves a general purpose, and you can use it to do every function of the other cards.

Interesting And Engaging Gameplay: Defend and Attack

Clash Royale has interesting gameplay. Each game player has three defensive towers, and each of the towers defends a side of the map. Also, each player has eight different cards to use. Your aim is to destroy the enemy team with the defense tower and cards and the main house.

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The game ends when the king of a team's side is destroyed. Therefore, you must use your army or clan to destroy the king tower of your enemies while you protect yours. The Clash Royale match takes three minutes to be over though there is extra time if it's needed.

Multiplayer Game Mode

Clash Royale has two game modes which make the game interesting to play. There is the 1vs1 mode or 2vs2 mode. You can also play with other players worldwide. This feature gives players an engaging and interactive game mode.

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