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Creatures have been extinct for a long time, but now you see them in games, not through the pages of books or documentaries anymore. That is a very attractive experience, for those who love the world of wildlife, in the game Jurassic World you will satisfy those curiosities.

Introduction to the game Jurassic World

During the Ice Age, people only heard about it through books and documentaries, but no one actually witnessed it. So a lot of curiosity goes to this period, the giant elephants, the brutal flying dinosaurs. The harsh, cruel contexts are reproduced in the game  Jurassic World in the most realistic way.

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Game  Jurassic World is built based on the plot of a famous movie of the same name. Published by Ludia and launched to the netizen community on August 3, 2015. When the game was released, it was very well received, with hundreds of thousands of downloads, quickly becoming one of the top games. most favorite.

The game is free to download on the Play Store and App Store, the application is developed for all Android and IOS operating systems, the game is for all electronic devices.

The plot in the game will lead players to participate in the construction of an amusement park with giant-sized animals such as tyrannosaurs, elephants, flying dinosaurs ....

Gameplay of the game Jurassic World

Players will have to research and create creatures with strong fighting power, to train to participate in matches.

After each battle, players will collect achievement cards, to unlock more powerful dinosaurs to add to their collection of undefeated warriors. In addition to the card, you also receive other gifts such as meat, DNA .... for your further studies.

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In order for your dinosaur warriors to become invincible, players need to collect and feed them a lot of premium meat, upgrade them to high, so that stats such as blood, energy increase, then your dragon's frame You will gain more strength and fighting ability.

When you have equipped yourself with a strong warrior, you will participate in matches with other animals, you must show trained skills such as biting, tearing, tailing the opponent... to win. surprise.

In addition, when the month in each battle, then you will receive another task and have to complete, to receive more dinosaurs from other breeds, giving the park more variety of species.

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In addition to fighting, players still have to perform other tasks such as collecting game cards, food ... to be able to quickly complete the construction of the park.

What's even more strange is that players can completely expand the park area, to upgrade their work to a new level, with more special things.

The construction of the park is very simple, players just need to drag and drop the necessary boxes into the position they want, rearranging the animals, as well as the trees has never been so easy.

Players will build food factories, to create an abundant food source for their dinosaur park, a new large food source that ensures fast dinosaurs grow and can upgrade them in a fast time. best.

Players can watch the developer's promotional videos to collect more surprise gifts. Besides, you can also top up cash to buy necessary items.

Game  Jurassic World is invested with 3D graphics configuration, with sharp, realistic images, vivid sound, helping players role-play in the most authentic way. The sounds in the battle are shown very vividly, the roars, the biting sounds of the tyrannosaurs, making us feel like we are in a real battle.

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The item market in the game is very invested by the developer, rich items for players to freely shop, items also have unexpected sales, try walking around the market of Jurassic World.

Try to experience a dream of owning the most epic dinosaur park of your dreams. And dominate the battles, with formidable tyrannosaurs.


Let's   Jurassic World experience the unexpected experiences in the game right away. The game is free to download on the Play Store and App Store, and is for all ages. Let's build a giant park with a variety of animals you research.

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