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Grow Castle is an excellent strategy game that you should play this summer. The main objective of the game is to defend your territory or property by impeding an enemy attack or preventing the enemy from accessing the exit, usually by placing defensive structures on or along the line of attack. their merits

About the game Grow Castle APK

If you are a fan of tower defense games, you absolutely cannot ignore the game Grow Castle APK. Breaking all the limits of classic tower defense games, Grow Castle creates new elements, bringing excitement to gamers.

The plot of Grow Castle APK revolves around a kingdom about to be invaded by monsters. Monsters have taken down other neighboring kingdoms, and now they're targeting yours. You have some time to prepare, but not too long, before the first monsters enter the kingdom territory.

game grow castle  apk

The graphics in the game Grow Castle APK are 2D graphics, but no less interesting and sharp than today's 3D graphics games. Shaping in the game is designed to suit the majority of players' tastes, combined with unique sounds, giving gamers an unforgettable experience.

Quests in Grow Castle

Grow Castle Apk will have more than 120 characters. Each hero will have unique skills and different effects. Therefore, you need to use different strategies for each of them. They will help you repel enemy ambushes. For example, magicians can use magic to freeze enemies, while witches can summon thunder and skinheads can throw slingshots. big rock. After purchasing a hero, you will need to level them up to improve stats like damage, duration, and attack. No matter how many heroes you have, always keep them in their strength.

Military system in Grow Castle

Military includes:

Archer: A soldier who stands behind a wall and shoots arrows. The higher an Archer's level, the more damage that team deals with weapons (e.g. bows to pistols).

game grow castle apk phien ban moi nhat

Heroes: Are characters standing on the wall, possessing a unique ability, creating useful effects for teammates. Heroes can also be upgraded to increase their strength and learn more skills with stronger effects.

Watchtower in Grow Castle

Branch towers in Grow Castle are towers built along the enemy's path to deal damage to them. Each watchtower also has its own skills such as shooting fireballs, ice balls, summoning teammates. It can only deal massive damage to flying enemies without dealing damage to ground troops.

Graphics and sound of Grow Castle

Grow Castle Apk is designed with interesting graphics, players will feel when participating in the game, for example, the shaping of the characters will not have faces and emotions. Instead, the game's effects are a carefully crafted and unique design with explosions or lightning attacks.

game grow castle tai xuong mien phi

In addition, the player can participate in the endless e, where the battle will take place if enough floating points are reached in a certain amount of time to advance to the next level. In addition, the game allows joining guilds and recruiting soldiers to help players bond with each other more.

In-game play e

If you only have basic defense levels in battle e, don't think this is an easy game. The real battle only begins when the map is opened. Red Town, Black Town, No Name Arena are names that are not easily defeated.

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If you secure victory, you'll gain command and earn the reward. Opt for a fortress with weaker defenses initially to avoid being overwhelmed by adversaries.


When downloading the apk version of the game Grow Castle, players will experience many features, then can freely buy soldiers and open features in the game. Grow Castle will be an entertainment drug that gives players moments of relaxation. Kingdom defense battles and monster extermination battles were always hot topics. Download the app now to experience the fun.

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