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GB WhatsApp Pro is the best mod for WhatsApp, with tons of new features and customization options. Download it today and see for yourself!

About GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK represents a significant stride in messaging technology, enhancing the globally beloved WhatsApp platform with additional functionalities. Tailored for a generation that craves more from their digital interactions, this version is a testament to continuous innovation in communication apps.

This APK format, not present on the Google Play Store due to its unofficial status, has to be downloaded via third-party sources. Its introduction in April 2018 by Antfas Hoak marked the beginning of a new era in enriched messaging experiences. Designed to be inclusive, it is rated for everyone, making advanced messaging accessible to a broad audience.

Overview of GB WhatsApp Free

GB WhatsApp Free offers a glimpse into the realm of enhanced messaging without any cost. It mirrors the premium features of GB WhatsApp APK, offering users a taste of advanced functionalities. The latest updates in this version focus on improving user interaction and expanding the customization options, maintaining its relevance and appeal in the fast-evolving world of mobile applications.

Features of GB WhatsApp for Android

GB WhatsApp for Android redefines messaging with its cutting-edge features, elevating the standard WhatsApp experience to new heights:

  • Advanced Privacy Options: GB WhatsApp offers unparalleled privacy control, allowing users to conceal their online presence, blue ticks, and typing status. This feature provides a layer of anonymity and privacy that's absent in the standard version.
  • Boundless Customization: With over 700 themes available, GB WhatsApp empowers users to personalize their interface like never before. This array of themes and fonts enables users to tailor the app's aesthetic to their individual taste.

gb whatsapp apk latest version

  • Augmented Media Transmission: GB WhatsApp elevates the realm of media exchange, allowing the dispatch of up to 90 images in one go and the transmission of video files as hefty as 50MB. This advancement transcends the constraints imposed by the original WhatsApp, forging a more potent avenue for the dissemination of visual narratives and data.
  • Automated Correspondence: The auto-reply functionality emerges as a pivotal tool, particularly for entrepreneurs and professionals. It enables users to perpetuate seamless communication by providing preset responses to incoming messages during periods of preoccupation.
  • Message Scheduling: With GB WhatsApp, never miss sending timely greetings or important reminders. The message scheduling feature ensures your messages are always sent out on time.
  • Expanded File Sharing: GB WhatsApp transcends typical media sharing by allowing the transfer of various file types up to 100MB, making it an indispensable tool for both personal and professional exchanges.
  • Dual Account Management: Seamlessly manage multiple WhatsApp accounts within GB WhatsApp. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who need to switch between personal and business communications.
  • Extended Group Names: Personalize your group chats with names up to 35 characters, providing more room for creativity and clear group identification.
  • Discreet Status Viewing: Check out contact status updates without revealing your activity, allowing you to stay informed discreetly.
  • Polyglot Support: GB WhatsApp embraces a cosmopolitan audience by incorporating an extensive range of languages and typographic styles, thereby enriching the app's approachability and customization potential.
  • Conversational Safeguard: Intensify your chat security by implementing a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint blockade on selected conversations. This feature injects an additional stratum of safeguarding, ensuring the sanctity of your digital dialogues.
  • Anti-Message Revoke: Stay in the know, even when others delete their messages. This feature ensures that you never miss any critical communication.

Best Tips While Using GB WhatsApp Mobile

  • Regular Backups: To safeguard your data, regularly back up your chats, maintaining the integrity of your conversations.
  • Theme Exploration: Regularly explore and update your theme to keep the app's interface vibrant and aligned with your current preferences.
  • Optimize Privacy Settings: Tailor your privacy settings to meet your needs, whether it’s hiding your last seen or disabling read receipts.

gb whatsapp free downloa

  • Strategic Auto-Replies: Set up auto-replies smartly to handle common queries or to stay responsive during your busy hours.
  • Safe Downloads: Always download updates from reputable sources to protect your device from potential malware threats.
  • Notification Customization: Customize notification sounds for different contacts for easy identification without needing to check your device.
  • Leverage Media Sharing: Utilize the enhanced media sharing limits to share high-quality images and longer videos for a richer conversation experience.
  • Schedule Messages Strategically: Use scheduled messages to never miss out on sending greetings or important reminders on special occasions.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly update GB WhatsApp to access the latest features and security improvements.
  • Explore Hidden Features: Dive into the settings to uncover and utilize hidden features such as message revocation, pop-up notifications, and more, to enhance your overall user experience.

Pros and Cons of GB WhatsApp Latest Version


  • Extraordinary Personalization: Plunge into a realm where tailoring every aspect, from the aesthetic of themes to the elegance of fonts, is possible. This novel edition proffers an array of over a thousand themes, transforming your messaging application into not merely a functional entity but an echo of your distinctive flair.
  • Augmented Privacy Mechanisms: The introduction of advanced privacy elements, such as the ability to obscure online presence, conceal blue ticks, and even typing indicators, bestows a veil of obscurity, empowering you to steer your virtual trace.
  • Unfettered Messaging: Dispatch voluminous files, a plethora of images, and even extensive videos. This enhancement in media sharing capabilities liberates you from the traditional confines of digital communication.
  • Programmed Messaging and Automated Responses: Invaluable for the perpetually occupied, these features allow for timed message dispatching, like midnight birthday greetings, and replying to messages during engagements, all seamlessly managed by GB WhatsApp.
  • Support for Multiple Languages: Engage in conversations in your language of preference. The application accommodates a wide array of languages, addressing a diverse, global clientele.
  • Advanced Group Interaction Features: Enhanced group management, characterized by the ability to assign group names extending up to 35 characters and increased group capacity, renders group conversations more engaging and structured.


  • Potential Security Hazards: As GB WhatsApp is not hosted on official app platforms, obtaining it from alternative sources might risk exposing your device to malicious software and security breaches.

gb whatsapp  apk newupdate

  • Peril of Account Suspension: Utilizing GB WhatsApp carries the risk of contravening WhatsApp’s usage policies, potentially leading to temporary or permanent account deactivation.
  • Absence of Formal Support: Lacking official support infrastructure, users might encounter challenges in resolving issues or glitches within the app.
  • Necessity for Frequent Updates: To access new features and maintain security, the app requires regular manual updates, which could be cumbersome for some.
  • Data Privacy Uncertainties: Being an unauthorized modification, concerns linger regarding the handling, storage, and possible dissemination of user data.
  • Compatibility Complications: Certain users might face issues with device compatibility, leading to erratic app performance or crashes.
  • Questionable Encryption: Differing from the official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp's provision of end-to-end encryption remains uncertain, raising alarms about conversation confidentiality.

Design and User Experience

GB WhatsApp APK features an intuitive interface, blending visual allure with practicality. It offers an invigorating user experience through its vivid graphics and lively layout, elevating messaging from a mere necessity to an enjoyable activity.


GB WhatsApp APK distinguishes itself as a premier choice for those in pursuit of an enhanced, personalized messaging journey. Marrying innovative functionalities with an approachable interface, it appeals not just to the younger, tech-savvy demographic but to anyone desiring a more engaging and tailor-made communication platform.

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Other Versions
Version Size Requirements Last Updated
GBWhatsApp Pro v17.52 57 MB Android 6.0 19/10/2023
GB WhatsApp Pro v17.55 70 MB Android 5.0+ 20/10/2023
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