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Android 4.4+
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GB WhatsApp Pro is the best mod for WhatsApp, with tons of new features and customization options. Download it today and see for yourself!

Overview of GB WhatsApp APK

Developers relentlessly innovate, bringing modifications to various apps every day. Among these, a recent standout is the modification to one of the most globally recognized platforms - WhatsApp. This version offers additional functionalities, making WhatsApp even more engaging for its users.

GB WhatsApp APK is globally recognized, boasting billions of active users. Given WhatsApp's immense popularity as a social media messaging tool, a modified version with enhanced capabilities is undoubtedly a game-changer. This application can be found on almost any smartphone and is available across all platforms.

gb whatsapp apk latest version

However, due to its unofficial modifications and certain policies, GB WhatsApp APK is absent from the Google Play Store. Hence, enthusiasts need to download it via an APK file.

Though GB WhatsApp APK is a tailored version of the mainstream WhatsApp, it holds its individuality. It wasn't crafted by the original developers of WhatsApp. While it retains the familiar interface, what sets it apart are the plethora of new features and the solutions it brings to persistent user complaints.

Launched first in April 2018 by Antfas Hoak, GB WhatsApp APK has experienced regular upgrades. It's an 'Everyone' rated application, ensuring a broad audience can savor its benefits.

GB WhatsApp APK provides a unique twist on the traditional WhatsApp experience, introducing features absent from the original platform.


For those seeking to elevate their messaging experience, GB WhatsApp APK stands out as the top contender. Its interface is not only user-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing, characterized by vibrant graphics and a dynamic layout.
download gb whatsapp for android

It's essential to note that opting for the GB WhatsApp apk version 14800 is a smart move, unlocking its full spectrum of features.

Capabilities of GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK, being a modified WhatsApp variant, offers unique perks. For instance, a "do not disturb" mode ensures uninterrupted moments by temporarily blocking messages, calls, and updates. Additionally, this version introduces improved privacy settings, like anonymous message typing, status viewing, and voice note recording.

Another significant attraction is its capacity to send up to 90 images concurrently, a substantial jump from the original limit of 30.

For the creatively inclined, over 700 themes can rejuvenate the app's look. Users also enjoy the liberty to customize text colors, sizes, and fonts. Status character limits receive a boost, allowing up to 256 characters, and there's the added bonus of notifications when someone checks your status.

Unique to this app is the ability to access deleted messages and easily retrieve old conversations.


Anticipate even more intriguing attributes when downloading GB WhatsApp version 11100000.

gb whatsapp free downloa

The simplicity and efficiency of GB WhatsApp APK ensure a smooth user experience, catering to all.

Initial Experience with GB WhatsApp APK

Post-installation, the app prompts for phone number registration and verification. Post-verification, users can customize their profiles, fine-tuning settings from interface design to privacy preferences. For seamless continuity, chat backups from the original WhatsApp can be restored.

This app promises an enriched experience, paired with intuitive usage.

Noteworthy Features

GB WhatsApp APK is a treasure trove of advanced features:

  • Extensive theme gallery for interface customization.
  • Extended status character limit up to 250.
  • Retrieve deleted messages.
  • Transmit up to 90 images simultaneously.
  • In-depth statistics on WhatsApp group activities.
  • Enhanced privacy settings, including anonymous interactions.
  • Notifications upon status views by contacts.

gb whatsapp  apk newupdate

  • Preview media without downloading.
  • Upload longer videos.
  • This just scratches the surface of what GB WhatsApp APK offers.


GB WhatsApp APK is a stellar choice for those yearning for an upgraded WhatsApp experience. Its advanced features promise an unparalleled messaging journey, enhanced by its vivid and interactive interface.

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Other Versions
Version Size Requirements Last Updated
GBWhatsApp Pro v17.52 57 MB Android 6.0 19/10/2023
GB WhatsApp Pro v17.55 70 MB Android 5.0+ 20/10/2023
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