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Free Fire Max has been tested in Brazil and Indonesia or some other countries Free Fire MAX is an upgraded version of Free Fire in terms of quality as well as images to make the App more beautiful and impressive. This new version gives us quite a bit more promise. Not picky about the model, for all mid-range devices, it also gives you a smooth experience.

Detailed introduction of Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Max is an improved version of Free Fire, an action game released by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED, belonging to the fascinating survival genre.

With the increasing downloads, it has become the driving force for the application to improve and improve

The game is built on an imaginary ideal, set in a fictional space about this world when there is no longer anything of value or no resources for people to explore anymore, they begin to want to invade. encroachment and struggle for power.

free fire max for android

Technology developed along with this time weapons are also gradually more powerful, a series of advanced technological equipment has also been created since then.

Free Fire Max has since formed 3 opposing factions, with different strategies and countermeasures

Whether it's on a phone device or a smart device, as long as we have iOS and Android installed, we can download them easily.

When the game starts, players  will engage in fierce survival battles with different players. You will have to aim and choose the right weapon so that it stands by the main character and supports the character to victory by surviving as long as possible.

The average duration of each game will last about 10-15 minutes. In addition, as the circle narrows, the risk of you facing an increasing number of enemies.


Over 10 minutes, players will scramble for weapons and supplies and take out any of the 50 enemies that stand in their way. Take advantage of the surrounding environment conditions to use tactics such as: Hide, hunt, fight ... and become the last person to survive and win.

In addition to the single battle mode, Free Fire Max also supports many other game modes for players to go from surprise to surprise. The application includes 9 modes with its own operation that requires players to be observant to grasp to be able to pass the screen.

The diverse character system helps players have more different options because each character will be equipped with different weapons that are both beautiful and powerful.

free fire max download free

Not only equipped with weapons, but  Free Fire Max will also equip the character with 1 cngw jar to accompany.

These pets both act as companions and bring vitality and become effective assistants.

Free Fire MAX helps players role-play with the purpose of real survival

We can invite teammates to double swords, shoulder to shoulder to fight together, a group of up to 4 people and we can communicate with each other using the voice chat system. Let's write our name in history together.

Outstanding Features of Free Fire Max

With special HD graphics that bring special effects and many realistic, vibrant and extremely beautiful animations.


Can both fight and communicate with teammates by Voice chat.

free fire max latest version

Completely free to download.

Customize the cooldown of the skill. Game quality in Free Fire Max is significantly improved, making the application run smoother, more seamless and stable, no longer lag or jerky like the old versions.

The sound in Free Fire Max 99 999 diamonds is also perfectly adjusted to help players feel like they are fighting for real, in a real environment, leading to the battles of Free Fire Max taking place vividly and wickedly. stronger and more soulful.

Players customize the time to turn on or off active and passive skills on the map.

You can choose your own team members.

Diverse devices to download Games without weighing the device down.

free fire max mod apk

With Free Fire Max you do not need to create a new account if you have been a Gamer of the previous version of Free Fire. What is in Free Fire such as jewelry, weapons ... you still have and just upgrade them without having to rebuild from scratch.


Let's explore the special features and participate in the exciting matches with the upgraded version of Free Fire Max. With Free Fire Max and dramatic matches, players will be able to relieve stress after a long day of hard work or hard study sessions.

Come on, what are you waiting for, "war".

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