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If you are an adventure enthusiast, passionate about discovering the mysteries of the stickman hero theme, then Anger of Stick 5 APK will definitely be the right choice. Join the game now to fight and destroy the zombies quickly.

About Anger of Stick 5 APK

Anger Of Stick 5 is an action game series published and developed by J-PARK. With the desire to bring the best experience to players, game manufacturers always research, develop and upgrade the game to new versions to replace the previous old versions.

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When participating in the Anger Of Stick 5 APK game, you will in turn complete important tasks with the ultimate goal of rescuing the hostages and bringing peace to the city from the terrifying zombies that appear in every corner of the world. nooks and crannies of the city. It's time for our heroes to rise up and fight against evil to bring peace to the people.

Download the latest Anger Of Stick 5 apk for android to rescue people.

The ultimate Anger Of Stick 5 game

Each game when released has its own attractions for players and how to keep the heat of the game is what game makers always think about.

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And Anger Of Stick 5 APK since its launch has not disappointed the gamers community with its unique gameplay, attractive game es, and super smooth sound graphic design.

Unique gameplay:

The uncompromising war between you and the zombies has begun. You must constantly fight, destroy them to win the chance to survive. Just a minute of neglect and you can be bitten to death by zombies. And not only you, other innocent people in this city too.

Therefore, stickmen warriors, need to fight to destroy the evil elements and rescue those who are in danger. Players need to overcome many gates and challenges. And depending on the level, the number of enemies as well as their strength will also be different.

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In the first stages, everything is quite easy, convenient until the higher poison level, the more zombies will be. They come rushing in, pounce on you, try to attack you with many different skins and skills to create the fiercest, most terrifying battles.

Exciting game e:

Game es in Anger of Stick 5 are extremely diverse. In addition to the usual game e of overcoming and rescuing hostages, in Anger of Stick 5 version, there are many other attractive game es and gameplay with many interesting features.

When participating in the rescue of innocent people, players have to face hordes of extremely aggressive zombies that have the ability to move, attack and withstand extremely strong injuries. Therefore, killing these undead will not be easy. That stimulates the conquest of gamers with the spirit of decisive victory with those brutal zombies.

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Not only the variety of game es Anger of Stick 5 APK also gives you a rich weapon system to help players freely choose from low to high damage weapons such as pistols, rifles, squirrels. jars, etc. make it easier for players to kill zombies.

Download Anger of Stick 5 apk for free also allows you to gather up to 6 allies to join the fight with unique weapons to destroy the enemy, find and bring the uninfected people. safety.

Crisp sound and graphic design:

Graphics game Anger of Stick 5 APK is designed very simply with stick people characters. But the shots, moves, and movements of the character are extremely eye-catching to make the game more attractive and interesting. Perhaps this is also the intention of the game designer to arouse the curiosity of players.

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The battle sound effects are extremely impressive with punches, kicks as well as powerful kicks that make the game more dramatic. The barbaric sounds emanating from the zombies push the game to new heights.


Anger of Stick 5 APK download can be said to be an extremely suitable choice for those who love action and adventure games and want to transform into heroes to save the world. Joining the game will definitely bring you moments of great entertainment. Download and experience the day with Anger of Stick 5.

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