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Farming Simulator 16 APK allows you to manage your own realistic farm in detail. Planting and tending then harvesting and selling five different crops, raising cows and sheep, and logging. Buy fields nearby to further expand your farm. you can also simulate control of harvesters, plows, tractors with pre-programmed male AI, you just need to rent them with your money and enjoy the results. This is the latest game in the Farming Simulator game series. Very standard farming simulation game. The game also features large tractors and other machinery from more than 20 brands of large and small agricultural manufacturers around the world.

About Farming Simulator 16 Online

This series of farm and garden games is improved and released once every 2 years. The new version always has new features and tasks and better graphics to serve you. In the game Farming Simulator 16 Download, you will transform into a real farmer with the task of planting and taking care of small seedlings, then using mechanical equipment to harvest.

tai Farming Simulator 16 cho android

Take care of the seedlings so that they achieve the highest yield. After harvesting, based on the excess money you can buy more land to expand your farm further.

Style play

We know farming is work to be proud of, and most of the time farmers are willing to do all the work alone. If that's your style, we'll certainly respect that, but please give us a chance to introduce you to the name that best suits you as your second-in-command: the new and improved BlueStacks up! Download Farming Simulator 16 for free and maximize your full output and profits by relying on the amazing advantages that only the fastest and most powerful gaming engine can offer!

Farming Simulator 16 phien ban moi nhat

A true farmer has complete control over what happens on his land. You should play this game like a real farmer. Just think of it as a simulation of the real life of farmers.

Outstanding Features

The latest mobile version of this farming game series is Farming Simulator 16 APK. In this version, there are many optimization updates compared to the previous version. Let's see what they are:

  • Extremely beautiful and detailed 3D graphics. You can clearly see each flower in bloom displayed clearly and vividly.
  • Lots of plants to grow and take care of such as: Canola, corn, wheat, sugar beet, potatoes.
  • Raising cattle is parallel to growing agricultural crops, then using cattle manure to fertilize the fields. You can choose to raise cows and sheep, and then extract milk and wool from them.
  • Harvesting agricultural products is mechanized. You will no longer need to harvest manually like before, but you can harvest by machines from many reputable companies in the world simulated in Farming Simulator 16 Online.
  • You can also hire an AI virtual assistant to help you in the monitoring, care and harvesting process to achieve the most optimal agricultural output.
  • Mutil player e allows you to connect and play with your friends via bluetooth or wifi.

Your mission in the game

All you need to do is transform into a real farmer. Sow farm crops, take care of them and then harvest. Sell agricultural products for money and then expand your farm even more.

Farming Simulator 16 tai xuong mien phi

However, accomplishing all of the assignments can be quite challenging. In Farming Simulator 16, there are automatically generated missions where players engage in a variety of tasks within a specified time window. These tasks can range from mowing the lawn to fertilizing the fields or transporting goods. Upon successfully completing a mission, players receive monetary rewards, along with additional bonuses determined by how swiftly they finish the task.

Configuration required

Because this is a game with quite detailed and eye-catching graphics, its capacity is not light at all. Therefore, it also requires a phone with a good, good configuration or higher. So before Downloading Farming Simulator 16 for Android, you need to check if the game can run smoothly on your device or not.

Farming Simulator 16  apk

Besides, the game also supports up to 43 languages to serve you during the game.

Every simulation game offers a unique perspective. If Farming Simulator 16 was your introduction to this fascinating genre, then Farming Simulator 20 is the next chapter waiting to be explored.


If you are a hard fan of the farm and garden game series, download the latest version of Farming Simulator 16 today to experience the process of being a real farmer.

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