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The tower defense genre has been famous all over the world and has been downloaded and experienced by game lovers with countless titles of the same genre. Dead Ahead Vietnam with ern improvements will certainly not let you down.

Dead Ahead APK Overview

Zombie is a character that has been present in many stories, movies and games for a long time. They take on scary, creepy and disgusting features through bizarre movements, attacks and cannibalism. Zombies are formed through many different effects depending on the story. It may be because humans turned into poisons or viruses from the laboratory, dead people suddenly come back to life because of some supernatural effect, ...

At Dead Ahead download, scary zombies are included in the plot. Zombies in this game are going in groups, attacking the human city to usurp control, cannibals and become the highest rank species. They were summoned from a leader of the army. He rarely participated in the war, but just stood on the sidelines, calling out the fearsome undead, approaching the human town like large waves attacking aggressively.

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We humans never give in. City dwellers do not need to wait for government help. They are self-reliant, using the most rudimentary weapons to attack and fight the scary zombies. Together to protect the beloved homeland, everyone is in high spirits, and you are the leader of that battle flame.

Various characters

On the side of the human cause, there are warriors who are city dwellers. They can be anyone. The young man in shorts and T-shirt holding a sharp shovel rushed at the enemy, the policeman with a baton, a pistol ready to sacrifice himself for the beloved people,... Everyone gathered here to hold out the city. city, protect the elderly and children, protect the future of mankind.

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On the opposite side will be scary undead zombies. They have different types, it can be simply a slow-moving undead with a weapon of sharp teeth heading towards the city, zombie witches possessing supernatural powers, or zombies. Big, aggressive, muscular, muscular...

Each character will have different strength and fighting power. That brings new experiences to players that only Dead Ahead online has. You need to grasp the warrior's strengths and weaknesses to bring peace to humanity and justice. I know I know I won a hundred battles.

New Attack Weapons

The zombie faction has monsters with such special fighting power, humans also have warriors in their hands who are destructive weapons with significant wide-area attack power. A marksman with sniper rifles, machine guns firing continuously at the enemy, special forces soldiers with bombs exploding zombies are also an important warrior of mankind.

dead ahead apk

The help from the game such as effects from special weapons will also help you resist the huge waves of attacks from the opponent. Use weapons in the smartest, highly tactical way to destroy the undead.

New way to play

To initiate the summoning of brave warriors, gold coins are required. As you start the game, a specified amount of gold is allotted to you, a sum that increases as you eliminate numerous undead. Your warriors' interface is situated at the bottom of the screen. To bring them into action, simply tap on this interface, prompting them to emerge and engage in battle instantly.

Not only does it cost a certain amount of gold, you also need to wait a while to summon 2 of the same warriors consecutively. This increases the fun as well as the difficulty of the game to a new level, which will definitely bring new emotions to players when downloading Dead Ahead android.

On top of each character including zombies, there will be a red health bar. The health bar will gradually decrease if the character is attacked by the enemy team. You need to make the enemy team lose health as quickly as possible, keep your team alive and win the game.

Great help

There will be difficult levels with special monsters, more advanced fighting power that makes you unable to turn back. Dead Ahead mobile is here to help you. The corner of the screen will have help such as increasing combat power, calling bombs, ...

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And they will certainly cost you a certain amount of gold, or if the help is high damage, it will require either diamonds or rubies. You need to use them in the most intelligent way to bring victory to mankind.


Dead Ahead APK for free has an old plot, but with improvements from characters and new ways to play, has won the hearts of global players. Download the latest version of Dead Ahead and experience the ultimate thrill today.

For enthusiasts drawn into the riveting story arc of Dead Ahead APK, Bloons TD 6 APK offers another compelling tale interwoven with strategic challenges that promise to captivate your imagination.

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