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Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of WhatsApp with new features, privacy settings, and themes. Download it for free today!

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Overview

In the simplest terms, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a revised form of WhatsApp, the famous messaging app. It is created by third-party developers and contains many capabilities not present in the original WhatsApp.  

The Blue WhatsApp APK is rather quite popular among WhatsApp users who love to be in charge and fully customize their experience. 

The ability to customize the appearance and feel of the app is one of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK's standout features. You could indeed choose from a variety of themes and customize the text size, color, and style. The APK also provides the option to ify the app icon, which isn't possible in the original WhatsApp.

blue whatsapp plus apk latest version

The APK also includes a range of messaging possibilities, offering the ability to transmit larger files and disseminate messages to numerous recipients simultaneously. It further empowers you to alter the hue of your chat bubbles.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK embodies a rendition of the renowned WhatsApp messaging application, infused with new functionalities and customization avenues for users. Originated by autonomous developers, this APK has garnered a following among users who aspire for a more tailored and affluent messaging ambiance.

Here are some of the key features of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK: 

  • Customizable themes 

The ability to customize the appearance and feel of the app is one of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK's standout features. The APK provides a variety of themes from which you can change the color scheme, background, as well as other graphic elements. you can also design your themes or download themes designed by others. 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, nevertheless provides a variety of font and text style customizable features. 

  • Enhanced privacy features 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK offers added privacy features, giving you greater control over their online presence. You have the option to hide the "typing" indicator and the "online" status to operate the app more discreetly. The APK also allows you to set a passcode or pattern lock to gain permission to use the app, adding a layer of protection.

  • File sharing 

One of the previous WhatsApp app's limitations is the file maximum size for sharing. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK circumvents this restriction by letting you send larger files of up to 50 MB in size. You can also share a wide range of file types, such as APKs, PDFs, and others, using the APK.

blue whatsapp plus apk free download
  • Customizable chat bubbles 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to change the appearance of chat bubbles, including their colors and shape. You can select various bubble styles and colors, as well as set different colors for various chat threads. This feature allows you to personalize their sending messages experience and make it simpler to distinguish between various chats. 

  • Advanced messaging options 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK unveils a series of avant-garde messaging alternatives absent in the primal application. It facilitates the forwarding of messages to a plethora of recipients in a solitary move, thereby simplifying the dissemination of information to a broad audience. Besides, the APK endows you with the proficiency to affix up to 100 conversations at the pinnacle of your chat compilation, aiming to streamline the reach to habitually engaged chats.

  • Anti-ban feature 

The possibility of account suspension or ban is one of the risks of using a ified version of WhatsApp. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK has an anti-ban feature that aids you to avoid being blacklisted or suspended by WhatsApp. The APK accomplishes this by adjusting the app's code to stop WhatsApp from identifying that it has been ified. 

What To Expect From Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Features?

With Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, you can expect a more personalized and feature-rich sending messages experience. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a ified version of the widely used messenger app WhatsApp that contains several new features not found in the original app. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK users may expect a more personalized and configurable messaging experience.

download blue whatsapp plus for android

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK provides numerous customization features. To ify the appearance and feel of the app, you can select from a variety of themes, fonts, and text styles. This enables you to customize their messaging experience according to their preferences. 

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a ified version of WhatsApp, the famous messaging app. It includes many new features not found in the original app, giving you more control over their sending messages experience. Blue WhatsApp Plus APK features advanced customizability, the potential to hide online presence or typing identifiers, as well as the capability to share larger files and file types that the original app does not support. 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

Everything is ified and premium in the latest version of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. This version includes many new premium features and enhancements over past editions, giving you an even more personalized and configurable messaging experience for free.

blue whatsapp plus apk

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK now supports file sharing. You can now share files larger than 100 MB in size as well as a broader range of file types, making it easier to share photos, videos, as well as other files with friends and family. 

Final Thoughts - Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a fantastic app, and its anti-ban feature is one of the most appealing features, preventing you from being suspended or banned by WhatsApp for using a ified version of the app. This is a significant advantage over other customized WhatsApp apps, as users who use these apps may face suspension or even lifetime ban from the platform. 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK's anti-ban feature ensures that you can continue to enjoy the enhanced benefits and features of the ified app without being concerned about losing access to your WhatsApp account.

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